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mens designer watches

mens designer watches

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hermes mens shoes

Posted at 16:30 on 27/7/2012
Like some others have stated, the purchaser company the following truly stinks. A single of the SA's http://www.hermesheart.com/hermes-kelly-32cm-calf-leather-6108-handbag-light-blue-gold-p-503.html even lied and stated they don't do cost adjustments. Essentially I come in and ask some questions and they reply with snide remarks, nevertheless when I head to the register to pay out they commence to cozy up to you so you make the acquire. I had a bunch of garments to try out on but due to the rude treatment method didn't even hassle to obtain from the store. During the friends and family occasion I noticed a pair of sneakers I liked and asked for my measurement. The guy arrives back and states "we really don't have it in that dimension any more, this is why you buy them complete value." Um, you could have just said sorry we're out, THEN Don't HAVE A SALE. Dissatisfied and enraged, the good thing is I went on the web and identified them on sale on Zappos! Certainly, these sales associates don't make enough income to be capable to set themselves in customers' shoes when it comes to high stop shopping. Keep letting your (unjustified) moi get in the way of producing commission $$ and cease dealing with buyers like we're all dense, Saks is not the only store that sells superior finish as there is lots of competitors / alternatives.Study to handle consumers as Clients. We are interested in Saks merchandise and we do not arrive below to cater to you, or your income. If you can't emphasize with us, we undoubtedly won't reciprocate. My experience has deterred me from obtaining from Saks Boston. I will only occur in to browse then possibly shop on their site or other retailers.I am really let down with my experience at Saks. I've lived in Boston for a lot of many years and have gone the following occasionally, for make-up and their costume jewelry. Soon after yesterday's expertise, I will not be returning. I was on a mission to discover Chanel sun shades and I realized Saks would be a ideal location b/c they had a huge assortment. It was rainy yesterday, so I had on my black free fitting rain coat and I admit, my curly hair probably seemed a very little ratty simply because of the rain/humidity. I was so excited to get my sunglasses while, I didn't care that my appearance may well not match into Saks. Though Andrea was very sort and patient in assisting me choose which pair to get, I was there for a good 5-10 minutes prior to any of the three product sales people today in the division offered me their aid. Yet another saleslady, Carolyn, was really snooty, I was shocked by how fake she seemed. Right after Carolyn assisted yet another consumer, I needed a 2nd impression on the eyeglasses I was striving so I asked Carolyn "Do you feel these search as well major for my deal with?" She just coldy stated "no." Wow, sorry to trouble you! She walked absent at that position. So I ended up obtaining a black pair, and was fairly satisfied. I went to the Dior counter to get a new bronzer and then realized that I probably must have acquired the brown pair of sun shades, due to the fact I always bought black pairs. Considering that I was however there, I figured I'd go again and exchange. However for me, Carolyn was now at the register. She gave me no dilemma about the exchange but I was shocked she was about to
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