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The honour of music

• 2/2/2014 - hi!

Hi everyone!

I don't know yet if I'm going to write my blog in Dutch or English, because I'm afraid I'll make too much mistakes:p

Well, I'm Merel and this is the first time I'm writing on my blog. Firstly, I'll tell you guys what this is all about.

The next 3 years, i'm going to put all my time in a project called 'the honoursproject'. It's a national project for 'zelfstandige gymnasia' (a type of school in Holland).

You can choose yourself what your project is about and you can kind of do whatever you want. At the end, you (hopefully) earn a certificate if you succeed the 8 competences.

My project is about music styles, how to recognize them and is it true that certain people like certain music? At the end of all, I hope to compose a song for the piano in my favourite style (firstly

I'll have to find out what that is).

I know music is a very wide subject, so i've chosen 4 styles to discover. Pop, classical music, reggae and R&B. All those styles have lots of 'subgenres', so this will be quite a job.

Righ now I'm going to listen each style for 1 month. Hopefully I'll find out which style I like the most, but more important, the distinctive characteristics of each style. How is it possible that when you listen to a song, you automatically know in which style it is written? I have no idea, maybe it has something to do with the chords, instruments or speed? I'm gonna find out!

So, i hope of course you're all going to like it and please subscribe if you have any kind of tips!


x merel

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