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It's a static lullaby

8/6/2010 - Snakebite Heart With A Bubblegum Smile

Oh hi. : ) I may need to hire a prison warden or perhaps a ferocious professional wrestler with a great resume and a long brutal history of showing no mercy. Someone to stand guard outside my front door and make certain that I get lots of things done while I’m enjoying the sun with summer rushing through my veins. The weather couldn't possibly be nicer, and thus, as a result I am far more distracted than usual. Bikes deserve to be ridden, beaches deserve to be sprawled upon, pizza deserves to be eaten and sauce spilled everywhere, vacations deserve to be taken, next door neighbors’ kiddy pools deserve to be swum in, footballs deserve to be kicked over the house and not stuck in the phone lines. Frozen french fries deserve to be cooked in the oven and irresponsibly burned to death. Summer deserves to be fun. And fun deserves to be had. It rained today. I love the way the air smells right after it rains. I don’t love running around with bare feet outside and stepping on the occasional hapless and ill-fated earthworm, but as unfortunate as it is inauspicious, accidents do happen. I am not a malicious girl but my goodness, shouldn’t night crawlers be tucked into bed during the day with their little tasseled sleeping caps on their little heads? What is it with worms and driveways anyway? I've had troubles sleeping lately, and for some sick reason I don't mind. I do not mind at all. I like staying up at night, although it's probably not that healthy, especially at my age. But I just love looking at the people still walking 'round, thinking about their lives and how they make it through the day. If they have kids and a lovely husband or wife, or if that boy sitting on that bench underneath my window will ever realize that one day everything is going to be alright. Maybe I should walk up to him once and talk to him, find out how he feels about this great, weird thing we call life. I think it's time for me to go to bed, and - if that's possible, actually get some sleep tonight. xo, Allyson Summer.
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