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Posted at 22:46 on 25/11/2009

I have been running around with this idea for some time now, but never really got around to it. My objective is to digitize most of my paper collection and store it on my Home Server. This includes invoices, memo’s, manuals, letters, etc. Objective is always available, traceable and accessible. In order to achieve this I needed a tool to support this. A Document Management System (DMS).
So my hunt started. And oh yeah, I did not want to pay more than max $200. I quickly found some tools, but none of these seem to fulfill my requirements completely.  Some have free tools available, some are professional $500+ enterprise systems. Although only a few are often mentioned, I was able to find some less listed tools… below my results up to now:
  • Nuance Paperport Standard / Professional
  • Docsvault Home (free)
  • Docsvault Professional
  • DocuCabinet
  • Dokmee Home / Professional
  • 42Tags
  • Gdoc
  • Sohodox
I started off with Docsvault Home, a free version that is quite strong, and hey – free! Problem only is that it did not run problem free in Windows 7 (it needs Net1.1), and I had a region problem (date problem on the first of Oktober – 10-1-2009 in the US, 1-10-2009 in The Netherlands).
As Docsvault Pro also gave an error installing in Windows 7, I needed to continue my quest. My primary requirements are:
  1. active support (I am going to put my complete paper collection into this tool, so it should not break)
  2. efficient scanning
  3. OCR
  4. Tagging
  5. Preferably no database storage, but in a windows folder structure. In this way I could also access the documents via explorer.
At the moment I am exploring Paperport Pro 12, as it seems to have it all. I did find (a lot of) negative feedback on the internet which makes me a little cautious. It appeared to be slow and instable, but up to now I did not really have these problems and I am quite content.
Second best I think is Sohodox. This tool popped up by surprise, and I really like the interface in the speed of the tool. It only did not comply to my 5th requirement (as it uses a database to store the files).
But as my quest has not finished yet, I am interested to hear your experiences....
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Posted at 18:21 on 24/11/2009


Hello world!

This is the start of my new blog. My intention is to write about my interest and researches on gadgets, computers, tools, etc.etc. what is fun for me. As I am quite thorough in my search for new gadgets etc., I hope to help others who are looking for answers....

I will be back soon!


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