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Tiuiowae blog

fear if God sorcerer or even simple

Posted on 17/12/2009 at 02:24

“ dream I came to the new Azeroth, legend has it that the people here have no magic called technology things ”

to future generations a distant alarm wow gold clock me from dream to reality is myself, one of world of Warcraft asleep..

My name is Wei/I so this year, although the age of 21 and it is also possible but I desire to feel the warmth and life as there is a package of shares is not part of my stuff in both Chris and I look at large glass Windows as if deep in thought I had a strange dream.. I am in my dreams. So excited to lashagainst keyboard overnight wrote the 2page, God of war nationalists 1 legend dancerous, God of war 2 ” but the third page never write up

My death toelaboratespeech removed sleep went into the bathroom to brush my teeth reminiscing dreams on one side is really a strange dreams and true mirror the handsome one but it seems that you're too tired eyes full of bad. last night.

But.. Why do my eyes, and much more on the event would have changed colors? that's in the bloodspear eyes, God of war!

“ hehe what dream what is reality for you when you heard of the beliefs of the human race reached a certain level will become true ” a voice

” “ Ghost! Teardrops from hand toothbrush fallin'on floorwas produce a “ who insidethecarriage? ”

Two wrongs you should ask the “ why are you so thinking ” “ sound very interesting question to say don't you know? is your soul force transformation who created the body of another I have all the skills you might think I am I am your you're my soul force ” “? really so amazing? ” I lahuve road

“ of followers of the faith by converging fear if God sorcerer or even simple in spirit the personnel die branchof heart killing even gold wow without hands the quirky ideas extracts can be used even without the eyes for the blind to see the world even without bodies there are soul! hero of such a thing can be the role of the media as an students'willpower can also be viewed as the relationship between mind and matter is above the material as long as you believe that you can bring up the myth as long as you believe is possible. ”

circles on - a circular pattern within a Big Horn

Posted on 29/10/2009 at 04:26

Bernard looked up and saw a huge steel great people, great amazing.

"To, ah, Xiao Zaizai." Iron and steel giant one foot in the past.

Bernard started to run, wow gold and was desperate to run again and again escaped the stampede, as long as a stop, his body will be crushed.

"About Gesa Long this idiot, I would certainly want to make him look good." He scolded They leak. However, that the giant's foot hit him at any time. In accordance with the current pace is just like a giant ship in a boat chase, but that is not like a giant Man Fan status.

"Haha, fun, fun." Clearly, the Giants are among the entertainment.

"You will not let me lose face with you follow you?" Baldur asked.

"I was think of a way!"

Just then, Bernard aware of the danger, he hastened to turn right side Lianpao roll with a flutter for several laps, Xian Xian's escaped Nazhi Bigfoot. He may not have time to rest on the ground, he climbed up, there is no running, just Baldur slipped in the snow.

"Flames of the emblems, imprinted in the bumper of the chest!"

He shouted, worn fur coat has been blown up. Steel giant shudder to look at now is not a small point, he was sure his body can no longer move, completely froze. Eyes down move, he has a gut to see his foot in a big knot of golden circles on - a circular pattern within a Big Horn.

At this time, Bernard jumped out of wow gold kaufen bright light, Bernard has been firmly grasped hilt. Enchantment pattern became restless, golden light climbed up, and soon crossed the giant's knee. All the light, without any intent to iron and steel giant chest, forming a circle.



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