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Michael Kors Owns the Internet, Deborah Needleman Apologizes for Tí«s Lack of Diversity, and Modelsí» Salaries Exposed10/4/2013
Michael Kors bags

love (cool) Michael Kors. The mega-designer and much-missed Project Runway judge beat out Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch as the most sought-after American fashion brand on the Internet. {WWD} How much cheddar do models actually make? And no–we aren’t talking Gisele. Hard facts this way… {Refinery29} Ok, now we are talking Gisele: Watch the supermodel mama look gorgeous and glowy as ever in this teaser for her new Chanel beauty campaign. {Grazia} Read it and weep, short-haired girls everywhere: Michelle Williams is growing out her pixie. {US Weekly} T Magazine’s new editor Deborah Needleman says she’ll try to include more people of color in future issues (there was one in her first), but what the hey? Good journalism is more important than ethnicities anyway! {NY Times} Doutzen Kroes looks perfect (as always) in pink cheeks and Prada on the cover of April’s Vogue Japan. {Fashion Gone Rogue} The Donald (Trump) gives a piece of his mind regarding that massive petition against his Macy’s business partnership. {WWD} Thanks for the memories, New York fashion week! Here are 100+ silly/endearingwarming backstage beauty snaps to bring you back. {Lucky} For the first time, Burberry is releasing a line of nail varnish! First up? Stone, Poppy Black, and Oxblood–the one used on the fall runway. {Fashionista Inbox} Could it be? Kim Kardashian in (gasp!) actual maternity wear? {HuffPo} Start saving up those pence! Here are 20 bags from London fashion week you’re really gonna want. {PopSugar Fashion} Tragedy: Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine might be on the rocks because he took his mom to the Grammys. {NY Post} Here’s a handbag that charges your cellie on the go. Genius. {SheFinds}
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