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Michael Kors Factory Outlet Store

Michael Kors store set to open in MacArthur Center

09:12, 2/4/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Women’s fashion designer Michael Kors plans to open its first
Michael Kors bags

Hampton Roads boutique at MacArthur Center. The downtown Norfolk mall will boast the state’s only Michael Kors store outside of Northern Virginia. The company has an outlet store in Williamsburg. The mall’s website lists the store as “coming soon.” Karen Winters, MacArthur Center’s marketing director, said she had no information about the opening date. The store will take space on the second floor near Nordstrom, the site of the Bag & Bags store, which has moved downstairs, Winters said. Designer Michael Kors founded the brand and design house and is known for handbags, shoes, sportswear and jewelry. The company has executive offices in Hong Kong and U.S. headquarters in New York.

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Michael Kors store set to open in MacArthur Center


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