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Michael Kors Factory Outlet Store

Daily Trade Flow Review for Michael Kors Holdings

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Michael Kors bags

YORK (AVAFIN) -- Unsual volume of put contracts traded on the exchange. Put's outpaced call contracts in a 4.0 to one ratio. The average ten day put volume is 6,555. However, todays's activities yielded 28,049 put contracts. Investors use options to manage risk and to speculate on price changes. Options can provide significant leverage if the stock moves in the right direction but aslo end up worthless if it doesn't. KORS is trading above the 50 day moving average and higher than the 200 day moving average. Shares of Michael Kors Holdings closed at $61.19, up $0.67 (+1.11%) in the last trading session. Today's volume of 6M shares is greater than the average volume of 5M shares. When was the last time you made 530% on a three day trade? Our subscriber, Maxine Brand, a small business owner in Charlotte, N.C. told us she made a three day +530% gain on one of our recommendations in October. And over the past three years, we’ve seen quick gains of +310%, +250% and +287% on individual stocks. Not bad for a free service. Click here to get our single best trading idea every week...

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Daily Trade Flow Review for Michael Kors Holdings


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