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Home business opportunity

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How I love working from home with Carbon Copy Pro (CCP) I love to help other people running an online business succesfully. I am not here to recruit you so you can let your guard down. I am just here to share my experiences with you. I was lucky to find a really professional online business like CCP, which is not Multi Level marketing (MLM). With MLM your income is dependent on how well your downline is doing which can be extremely frustrating. With MLM the commissions are so small that you need to recruit hundreds of people before you get some serious paychecks and financial freedom. Which is very hard because most people quit within half a year. With this business I am in Full Control, which is how it should be. This business is based on the GPT concept which means: Get Paid First. I am Not dependent on how well my downline is doing. If I sell a product I get paid the full price and I Don't have to share my commissions with 10 other people. The good thing about CCP is that everything is completely automated. I only need to do the marketing myself. Once I get an applicant the CCP system takes over completely. That means that I don't have to do any selling at all. A very experienced sales consultant will contact the prospect and close the deal for me. I do contact the applicants because I think it is important to connect with the applicant myself. But I don't have to if I don't want to. What was also very important to me is that CCP is completely focused on helping other people. They find it very important to give to charity and less fortunate people, and on putting back into society all its knowledge and skills. So it is no surprise that the basis of this company is completely focussed on the wellbeing of their members. They also give you all the information you need on how to become a better person: financially, physically and spiritually. They can even help you to get out of dept and pay of your mortgage four times faster then you expected. When I started this business I received an extensive online business training, this included personal development (often overlooked) and online marketing training. This was absolutely amazing, I don't think I could have done it without this. Just the amount of training is already worth every penny I spend! I also realised that if I wanted to start an online business myself I would probably have to spend at least 10 times as much, creating a brand, a website, buy stock, store the stock, create packaging, the list can go on and on and on.... If you like to know more about this amazing business opportunity with great earning potential then now go to: http://ItMarketingPro.info Or contact me on: MikiBosman@ItMarketingPro.com

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Miki Bosman doet thuiswerk met Carbon Copy Pro
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