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MB worldnews

Time flies when you are having fun right. Happy new year.

Posted on 22/1/2013 at 07:32

It’s been a while since my last blog. Time flies when you are having fun right.

Since the last time we had Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year and the confession from Lance Armstrong. That is a lot and I only mentioned some of all what happened.

Last weekend I saw both interviews from Oprah with Lance and I was disappointed. The questions weren’t that good and the answers were, as far as I can tell, still not all according to the truth. That he used dope was almost inevitable since everybody used or is still using but the way he behaved himself over the years I think is really revolting. Everybody who was saying, under oath , that he was using doping he was bringing them to court. Breaking peoples good name and careers like Frank Andreu with his wife Betsy or Emma O’Reilly or the journalist David Walsh.

I also remember the tour of 2009 where his teammate at that time, Alberto Contador, was better than him but he couldn’t stand it therefore he behaved like a child. All team members had to be on his side and in the end Contador won the Tour de France almost on his own.


Another topic which makes you wonder is the military action in Mali. Is France doing this because they care about the country and its people or is it because of the raw material like uranium that they care about? No one is taking any action to help Syria and I am sure that is not just because China and Russia don’t want to because they are afraid that their business in the weapon-industry will go down but also because there are apparently no valuables in Syria except a little bit of oil and also some gas but not enough to attack (under the UN flag) and help the innocent people.


Anyway to come back to the trivial things in life, the “Elfstedentocht” (11 City Tour, a traditional speed-skating race of almost 200 kilometers in Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands) won’t come any time soon. The ice layer is not big enough and there is too much snow on it. Everybody in the Netherlands can calm down again. Every time when the temperature goes down big part of the Netherlands gets nervous, will the Elfstedentocht come or not, the last Tour was in 1997.

Another topic you hear a lot about lately is the Fyra Highspeed Train between Amsterdam and Brussels. There are a lot of problems with this train. The latest is that the train is broke because ice that fell of the trains on the tracks damaged the bottom of the trains. The rail service is being maintained by the Belgian NMBS- and the Dutch NS Railroad companies, the trains were made in Italy by an Italian company. Question now is who to blame the failure and what can be done about it. Let us just wait and see how this Saga ends.

Personally I had a very Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Year. Nothing exciting because I had to work in between the Holidays but it’s always a special time at the end of the year. At work the Year End finished pretty well. Main part of the issue we had were for Italy again but at least we survived and a new year with good business can start again.

A bit late maybe but wishing you a happy and healthy year 2013.

November 6th my birthday and the US elections

Posted on 6/11/2012 at 13:00

Today it’s November 6th, my birthday and the day we will find out who will be the new President of the United States, perfect time to write a new article on my blog page.


If I go through some of my tweets from the past month it gives you a nice overview of what happened the last month. Not that I pretend to be the greatest “opinionator”  on earth but at least besides commenting on certain programs I also like to watch the news and give my opinion on that. Like this past month my tweets are of course also about the US Elections or as we call it on Twitter #election2012 or #elections2012. Hopefully the Americans will take the right decision.


Yesterday we had the inauguration of the new government here in the Netherlands. Since the Public TV station (sponsored by the State) wasn’t finished on time with the commercials, indeed you read it correctly the commercials, they had to do the inauguration again. Now the Commercial TV station (broadcasting company), who lives of commercials, was on time but not the public/state broadcasting company who’s budget mainly comes from our tax-money, it’s the world upside down.


Another topic that is being talked about a lot right now is of a boy  called Tim Ribberink, age 20 from a village called Tillegte who committed suicide because he was bullied (#pesten) at school and on the street. His parents put a obituary (hope this is the correct translation, in Dutch it is a “rouwadvertentie”) with a part of his farewell letter that said:

“Dear mom and dad,

My whole live I have been bullied, made fun of, being left out. You were great, I hope you are not angry with me.

See you again,


Since this is getting a lot of attention on Twitter and in the press his parents will give a press conference this afternoon. It is terrible that things like this happen. Why are people like this? Indeed it starts when you are young but still even when you are young you realize that this is painful for the other person. Everybody would hate it if this happens to him/her no matter what age you are.


Another big discussion here but when you read above paragraph it puts it all in perspective, is the whole news about the plans of our government where for instance they want to make the health insurance premium income depending. The more you make the higher the premium which of course is not a bad idea but for some people, like myself, it means I need to pay 320 Euro’s a month extra which is a bit much I would say, right? I understand I need to pay more than some others but this much?


Anyway, today is my birthday and we go to the new James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ which I am looking forward to big time. I will let you know how it was.

MB worldnews - the beginning of my own blog

Posted on 18/10/2012 at 09:39

It is October 18th and the elections in the Netherlands (September 12th) and the local elections in Belgium (October 12th) are over. We still have the US Elections left on the 6th of November, my birthday, but for the rest it’s the big black hole for politic junkies like me and therefore the perfect time to start my own blog.

When I look outside it’s pretty depressing, 10.35 AM and only slowly getting a bit lighter outside. I can hardly imagine that this afternoon and the next 2 days will be good weather and pretty warm for this time of the year.

Since we go to Antwerp for the weekend I am happy the weather predictions are like that. Tomorrow afternoon and evening we will go out with our god-child who studies in Antwerp since September, indeed little girl getting mature, that also says something about your own age I am afraid. We will go to the Museum Mas ending the visit with the nice view from the top of the building on Antwerp, then dinner and a movie.

On Saturday we will do some shopping and Sunday after a late breakfast we slowly go back home since on Monday duty calls again and I want to be on time for Studio Sport at 7PM.


For now I keep it short, although I must say this is long enough, because I need to go back to work, my coffee break is over.


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