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promotional jackets to their employees and the customers

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The panies have started feeling that it does not make
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sense to spend more on campaigns and promotions to get little much of profit. Instead, they spend less money on promotion to get more business. This new strategy is practically possible if the panies use the concept of giving away corporate gifts to the potential customers, customers and employees. There are varieties of corporate gifts available for the panies to select. Depending upon their need and budget, the panies can select any particular gift. Some of popular corporate gifts are Michael Kors Bags, key chains, pens, fridge magnets, note pads, sticky notes, caps and other such materials.Many panies find it convenient to use printed caps for their promotion. Unlike other materials, the printed caps enjoy their own charm. All sorts of people, man or woman, child or adult, old or young, like to wear caps. Depending upon the need, the printed caps e in different designs and colors. It is always advisable to have the printed caps in bright colors with eye catchy pany logo and business slogans. As it is general habit to notice the caps worn by the other people, the messages that are imprinted on the printed caps would definitely help the pany to get visibility to a great extent and spread the business in more effective and efficient way.The printed caps are inexpensive. Hence, from the cost perspective also the panies consider the printed caps as suitable gifts that can be given away to a large number of employees. It will ensure that the pany logo and business message get maximum visibility.Promotional jackets can be thought of as the best apparels to promote the business. In the olden days, the panies used to spend for promoting the business by installing bill boards. However, they are all costlier options. Nowadays, some panies give away promotional jackets to all of their employees. They also make their employees to wear these promotional jackets on a particular day every week. As all the employees wear the similarly looking promotional jackets imprinted with the pany logo and business messages, there is a high possibility for the pany to get the maximum visibility across the entire city. The surveys claim that these options always turned out to be very successful. Of late, more and more panies are moving away from the traditional campaigning style and move towards giving away useful corporate gifts such as promotional jackets to their employees and the customers.

Maruti Cervo ing this June

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If the Maruti officials are listening then it
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is for them to know that their low-cost car Maruti Cervo is being eagerly awaited in the Indian market. Maruti Cervo is targeted at the young generation and therefore emphasis has been laid on the designing of the car. The looks of Maruti Cervo are stylish and include an arching roof-line, sporty headlamps and fog lamps. The high mounted tail lamps also lend it a peppy look. The car does have some disadvantages like the rear seat of Cervo is sufficient only for two passengers and the luggage box has space to carry daily shopping Michael Kors Bags only. Braking system in Maruti Cervo will be conventional type that will follow front disc and rear drum brake. We can't expect ABS system in this price range. The car will also house newer shock absorbers. The suspensions are responsible for smooth driving which not only increase riding pleasure but safety also.But the Maruti Cervo has created lots of curiosity among buyers and other car makers are very keen on entering this segment. The Maruti Cervo has been conceptualised to fill the gap left after the phasing out of Maruti 800 and it would be the closest petition to Tata Nano till the time Bajaj-Renault-Nissan launch their Rs1 lakh car. The Maruti brand name promises better mileage by optimising fuel consumption. As per estimation, the car would give around 20-24 kmpl of mileage.Maruti Cervo is all set to pete with higher models of Nano and the Maruti Cervo would be priced between Rs 1.5 – Rs 2 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The car is expected to roll out sometime in the month of June 2010 and industry observers are claiming that it might repeat the success of Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto. Maruti might reduce some features from the original Cervo model available in Japan. Maruti Cervo is a five door hatchback model and has a spacious passenger cabin. It would e with a 0.7L, 660cc petrol engine. Also brand Maruti is known to deliver good performance and fuel efficiency and thus the car is being awaited eagerly by the lower end customers.

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promotional jackets to their employees and the customers
Maruti Cervo ing this June


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