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G2rams Wins ZIGTECH Activation Mandate from Reebok

The WPP – owned G2rams, one of the leading marketing services agencies in India specializing in brand response for clients, has won the activation mandate for Reebok’s latest running shoes –ZIGTECH One of India’s leading marketing services agencies, G2rams’s previous work and reputation won them the Reebok ZIGTECH consumer connect initiatives.
Reebok’s latest launch ZIGTECH shoes with an Energy Boost. Its unique sole propels you forward, while reducing & tear up to 20% on key leg muscles, thereby enhancing quality workout and performance.
To extend the ZIGTECH experience to its prospects,, G2rams has created ‘Activity Circuits’ where potential customers get an opportunity to complete a specially designed activity module, “The Reebok Energy Circuit,” wearing ZIGTECH shoes. The Reebok Energy Circuit will be created at gymnasiums and malls across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
Commenting on the win, SAMEER MUTREJA, MD, G2rams said “The activity allows the unique ZIGTECH brand to connect with its audience and allow them to touch, wear and “test” the shoe itself. It will give consumers the opportunity to compare ZIGTECH with a regular running shoe and impress the wearer with the technology’s ability to reduce stress, wear and tear in the user’s musculature in lower legs.”
G2rams clients include BMW, VW, Chevrolet’s, Pepsi, Star TV, Vodafone, Coke, Nokia and PERNOD RICARD.

Posted: 13:35, 10/12/2010
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Reebok Unveils New ZIGTECH, Signs John Wall

With its ZIGTECH and Easy Tone franchises propelling Reebok in the fitness and training categories, the brand is ready to get back in the basketball game. And according to President ULI Becker, that is just the beginning.
Reebok officially welcomed future NBA player John Wall to its roster and unveiled the athlete’s signature basketball shoe, the ZIGTECH Slash, at a media event in downtown Manhattan Wednesday. Wall, formerly at the University of Kentucky, is expected to be the first-round pick at the NBA draft, to be held later on Thursday. His multiyear contract with Reebok — estimated by some to be a five-year, $25 million deal — will make him the face of the Canton, Mass.-based athletic company’s hoops program.
While Reebok has dabbled in basketball in years past — Alan Iverson and Yao Ming have worn the brand — it recently positioned itself more in training and fitness with the Easy Tone and ZIGTECH franchises, which launched this spring.
“The timing is right, and we have the technology to differentiate ourselves in basketball,” Becker told Footwear News about the company’s expansion of the ZIG construction. “We don’t want people saying this is just another shoe deal. It’s not another shoe deal. It’s part of the strategy.”
Becker said Reebok would invest significant marketing dollars to promote the new ZIG product, just as it did with Easy Tone: “For your product to be seen, and for the consumer to pick it up, you have to [spend].” According to Reebok’s head of sports and ZIGTECH Slash on ESPN during Thursday’s draft. “We wanted to make the statement that we are in basketball again,” he said. A tweaked version of the commercial will run during the major brand campaign — which includes TV, in-store and social media components — to support the shoe’s Oct. 15 launch at retail. “It’s our lead story for holiday,” KRINSKEY said.
Wall also will be the centerpiece of campaigns during the February All-Star season. And down the road, he could be used in ads that model the off-court training and lifestyle applications of the ZIG technology.
Becker said that adding new athletes to the stable wasn’t going to be a priority moving forward. “It’s not about quantity,” he said. “We know what we need. I don’t need John Wall plus 10 other players. I just need John Wall.” And that goes for other sports, as well. (Reebok already has relationships with the NHL’s Sidney Crosby and NFL’s Chad OCHO CINCO and Peyton Manning). “I don’t see any other sports where we don’t have a face,” Becker said.
But, Becker added, do expect a third technology from the brand. While the exec was tightlipped on details, the company should be ready to talk about it in the next 12 months, he said.  A catchy slogan that resonates from JOHN WALL ’s first 30-second spot that will air during the NBA Draft tomorrow night. And if it’s one thing Wall is going to bring to the franchise is energy. As the festivities got underway, it was only fitting that Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” blasted from the speakers as Reebok loudly announced their reintroduction, right before Wall arrived to another apt Jay-Z anthem: “A Star Is Born.”
“I’m going to stop the first kid I see wearing them,” says Wall. “It will be crazy to see high school players and other guys wearing my signature shoe.”

Posted: 14:16, 9/12/2010
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Find a pair of appropriate footwear for your feet

What would you do if you had more energy? Run faster? Training longer? On March 11th, Reebok allows athletes to find out with the highly anticipated launch of ZIGTECH, the brand’s most technically advanced running and training shoe. ZIGTECH allows your key leg muscles to do less, so you can do more. Simply put, it’s like an energy drink for your feet.
Everything about Reebok’s ZIGTECH footwear is designed to conserve and return energy to the athlete for a soft and springy ride. The one-of-a-kind ZIGTECH bottom unit features an innovation, lightweight foam that is engineered into a dramatic, geometric, zigzag shape. This unique zig-shaped sole absorbs the impact of heel strike and sends a wave of energy along the length of the shoe to help propel the athlete forward with each step.
“Traditional energy return is focused only on the vertical impact of the heel strike,” said Reebok’s Head of Advanced Innovation, Bill McInnis. “In contrast, ZIGTECH is designed to transfer energy horizontally along the ZIGTECH so the athlete gets that energy back in the forefoot.”
The lightweight, flexible bottom unit, minimalist upper, and whisper-quiet ground contact also contribute to making ZIGTECH a new standard in running and training footwear. In fact,
by wearing Reebok’s ZIGTECH footwear, training longer just got easier. The technology causes up to 20% less wear and tear on key leg muscles, especially the shins and hamstrings.
“Shin splints are extremely common for pro athletes like me,” said NFL superstar Peyton Manning. “Wearing ZIGTECH give players a bounce, an energy that lets us train longer with less strain on key leg muscles, like shins. This ultimately enables athletes to stay healthier during the season.”
Reebok’s ZIGTECH footwear collection is available for men and women in an array of bold, bright colors that will truly stand out in the gym. Edgy, trend setting athletes like football Chad are big fans of the aggressive design. “I had my ZIGTECH in the locker room and all my teammates were trying to check them out,” said OCHO CINCO. “ZIGTECH stand apart from any training shoe out there. They are bold and confident, perfect for an athlete like me.”
Manning and OCHO CINCO are joined by last year’s Super Bowl MVP, SANTONIO HOLMES, 2008 Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, World Series star pitcher ANDY PETTITTE, Cy Young Award winner TIM LINCECUM, Stanley Cup winner Sidney Crosby, NHL All-Star ALEXANDER OVCHKIN, boxing great “Sugar” Shane Mosley, basketball icon Allen Iverson, homerun king David Ortiz, soccer standouts Thierry Henry and RYAN GIGGS, and hundreds more athletes who run and train in Reebok’s ZIGTECH footwear.

Posted: 14:15, 9/12/2010
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Reebok shoes is your best choice

Reebok is an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women's categories. The brand is committed to designing products and marketing programs that reflect creativity and the desire to constantly challenge the status quo.
Reebok is dedicated to providing each and every athlete-from professional athletes to recreational runners to kids on the playground-with the opportunity, the products, and the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. We all have the potential to do great things. As a brand, Reebok has the unique opportunity to help consumers, athletes and artists, partners and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought un-reachable.
Reebok understands that people are, above all, unique. Reebok's positioning reflects this; celebrating the distinct qualities that make people who they are - their unique points of view, their individual style and their remarkable talents and accomplishments. Reebok celebrates their individuality, their authenticity and the courage it takes to forge their own path to greatness. While some may call them crazy or eccentric, Reebok calls them visionary and original.
For decades, Reebok has been the name that kids look to show off their sense of athletic style. Finding the perfect balance between that style and performance is easy with Reebok. From the versatile silhouette of the Kids Classic Leather shoe, to the funky colors and fun design of the Freestyle Hi sneaker, you can't go wrong. Parents find ease in their products, and children love their looks. With both lace-up shoes and hook-and-loop shoes available, you always have a suitable choice. It's a win-win situation for boys and girls everywhere when they've got Reebok on their feet.
From the fashionable Far East to the wondrous West Coast and everywhere in between, the iconic Reebok Freestyle Hi and the Reebok Pump have spent countless years making hearts race just a little faster with their adrenaline-inducing one-of-a-king silhouettes. The Freestyle Hi has been a beloved go-to shoe for women whose style is anything but made for the masses. In stupefy bright neon, mind-blowing unique prints, and awe-inspiringly magnificent metallic, the Freestyle Hi is designed more to truly be a piece of art you just happen to wear, instead of shoes that happen to be a little artsy. Those searching to breathe some life into their otherwise fashion-deflated wardrobes need only to pump up some Reebok resuscitation with the notorious Reebok Pump. Originally released in 1989 as a basketball high-top shoe, the ubiquitous Pump can now be seen on the courts and on the streets.
Commitment to Corporate Responsibility is an important legacy and hallmark of the Reebok brand. For two decades, Human Rights, through the Reebok Human Rights program was the primary focus of this effort. Reebok has expanded on what had been built and created a Global Corporate Citizenship platform with a purpose for the brand that will help underprivileged, underserved youth around the world fulfill their potential and live healthy, active lives.
From a technical front, Reebok is breathing new life into the footwear industry with the creation of Easy Tone, a balance ball inspired technology with moving air that creates micro-instability, toning and strengthening key leg muscles as you walk. Easy Tone creates 28% more of a workout for your hip and up to 11% more for your hamstrings and calves. Better legs and a better butt while you walk!

Posted: 11:06, 6/12/2010
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About Reebok ZIGTECH shoes

The Reebok ZIGTECH has finally been tested out and to say the least, it is a VERY interesting piece of footwear. While simply walking in the shoe it makes you actually move faster. Don’t believe me? Try them on for yourself, I have never felt this ever in a pair of sneakers. I don’t know if it is a good thing, or a bad thing. They are comfortable, Adidas Titan Bounce, not as cushioned at the Nike Air Max 2009, but the comfort was still very good (also keep in mind the air max 2009 costs 60 dollars more. back to the ZIGTECH. While your walking in the shoe, Adidas JS Wings x Jeremy Scott, it as if some invisible person is helping to propel you forward. The uppers are very light weight and roomy. These fit pretty true to size, but I would recommend going a half size up as they get narrow around the toe area. The uppers felt very breathable. The uppers felt lighter than that of the 2009 air max, Air Jordan Winterized, but the sole of the shoe is much more substantial and thus adds more weight to the shoe. In conclusion I would say if you are an athlete or a very active person this is definitely the sneaker for you, Reebok ZIGTECH, the performance of this shoe is something you would expect from a shoe that is much more expensive. Technology that seems to drive running and training shoes seems to come and go like songs on the pop station. Rarely does a technology come along that lasts, Adidas JS Wings 2.0 x Jeremy Scott, with the exception of a few of course. The fact is most of us don't really have a way to prove or disprove whether or not a new platform is functional, Adidas Porsche Design P'5000 Sport BOUNCE?:S L, so the possibility of a ground breaking system is usually just like a sugar pill -- if you believe that it works, that's all that matters in most cases. Sure we can slip on a pair of running shoes or trainers and see how they perform at the gym, but it comes down to personal preference as to whether it works for you or not.
The most notable creation in Reebok's history is undoubtedly Pump Technology. Back in the day, the Pump Technology was viewed as nothing more than a gimmick by many. Yet the fact that it still exists in even modern shoes proves its success at least in some way, not to mention the celebration of 20 years just last fall that brought the original Pump back to the forefront of sneaker culture. Although Pump Technology has been a mainstay among collectors, Adidas JS Wings 3 Tongue x Jeremy Scott, it's definitely not the only one to come from Reebok's Massachusetts headquarters as of late. I'm sure we all saw how well the Easy Tone technology works and has been received.
The latest technology buzz from Reebok is ZIGTECH. The concept behind ZIGTECH is using a wavy foam platform that transfers energy from the heel area towards the forefoot as pressure is applied through foot strike. The idea seems to make sense, and the idea of the shoe giving back the energy that you put into it not only is intuitive and easy to understand, but also gives an extra mental reassurance.

Posted: 11:05, 6/12/2010
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The designs of Nike blazers are very scientific

The designs of Nike blazers are very scientific so that it is very useful for sports. On the other hand, it is also very comfortable to wear them in the daily life. Now there are many sports shoes manufactured by many well known shoes manufacturers but the most well known one is Nike. People can draw in a wall without break the law, manufacturers can draw their painting in the shoes, any one can make their body beauty by tattoo. So many things to translate their mind into products. So as Nike blazers. Simplicity at it’s best ladies and gentlemen, it’s just unfortunate once again that these have been release only as a GS model.
The Weekly Drop presents us with another nice detailed look at an upcoming release which should catch the attention of some of you. White leather (which looks like it could be patent leather) is fixed along the base of the upper as well as on the Nike Swoosh and heel tab which features Purple Nike embroidery. Turbo green finishes up the toe and lace panels which include a tonal safari print and an added touch of Club Purple is thrown in on the tongue tag, laces and outsole. Select Nike retailers such as Wish have the sneakers in stock and ready to ship to your door so hit up now if your interested. Making use of one of Nike Blazer Low Brown Yellow White designed the shoes using a Copper Chroma material throughout the upper with Black suede on the toe, lace panels, tongue and heel tab. Black leather was then stitched up to the Nike Swoosh and heel spine, and another piece of Copper Chroma was added to the tongue tag.
The Chroma material is by far one of the crazies materials we’ve seen as it gives the sneakers an entirely different look depending on the angle of light hitting them, making them a pretty tough subject to photograph for thankfully Nike Blazer Low did what he could to give us a look at the shoes at various angles since pictures speak louder then words. The fabric isn’t quilted but it does appear to have a coarse texture to it. Click here to peep a few more photos of the detailing. Got some good news here for anybody who wanted to cop a pair of the Scantron Nike Blazers but were bummed when they found out they were only available in GS sizes. One with an outstanding lizard mimic upper, sandy midsole, and patent leather back tab. The other Blazer playing a low key style but just as superb with lashes on the upper, perforated swoosh, shimmering scale-like, and banding back tab. Taking que from the cheongsam’s Nike put together a three-pack consisting of a Nike Blazer Low which are stylized just like the dresses with silk floral printed uppers on each one.

Posted: 14:27, 4/12/2010
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Nike blazers are used for casual wear as well as sports wear

Nike blazers are used for casual wear as well as sports wear. Nike is a hot favorite brand of the young generation and specially those who are sportsperson. Nike shoes are quite hardy so that it can endure the wear and tear that occurs due to the heavy exercise. Nike shoes are available in different sizes and colors. A spiked Nike shoes is used for track running. As we have reported before these Nike Blazers carry a design which mimics the football helmets of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The sneakers feature a silver/chrome upper which has been designed to appear scuffed up like a football helmet. Grey suede is used on the toe, lace panels and heel tab. Numerous round logos of a football helmet with two dumbbells crisscrossing behind it are included throughout the heel section of the upper.
Accenting the all otherwise grey/silver sneakers is a red sole unit. Nike has defiantly surprised us with the Blazer over the years. From strapless models to designs which incorporate the use of a belt to vulcanized versions, the classic basketball silhouette from 1972 has received a number a makeovers, some more welcomed then others. This time though Women Nike Blazer Low Classic x Liberty White Red didn’t add anything unusual to the sneakers, instead they played with the shaping of the paneling on the upper to create a rather unique looking Blazer Hi. While majority of the kids out there dread the day school begins it does bring some positive things, such as a new Nike Pack. It may be difficult to play one of the Blazers against the other seeing as though both are super proper for different reasons. Black leather was then continued up the lace panels and out back onto the heel with fin-like shapes stitched into the paneling half-way up the lace panels and just above the Swoosh.
Last but not least is a dab of purple on the lining and tongue tag branding. The last Blazer High we took a look at featured an outlandish design, reworking the shapes of the paneling throughout the upper to create one of the most original looking Women’s Nike Blazers in the recent months. Or even years, you can only bring something like that out once in awhile though, so for their Blazer release for the month of May, Nike transformed the sneakers back to their classic styling that so many have come to love. With the use of colors such as Sport Red, Neptune Blue and Vivid Pink as base colors the sneakers blend in perfectly with the theme of the pack given the fact red and blue are amongst two of the most popular colors for cheongsam’s with pink just being a general color for women’s releases.

Posted: 14:27, 4/12/2010
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Nike Dunk SB Shoes-Best Footwear for Basketball and Skateboarding

Since the Nike Dunk shoes were launched in 1998, it had become more and much more popular. Initially, the Nike Dunk footwear had been created type the canvas, and this design Nike shoe were introduced to individuals as a basketball shoe. However, after the fashion shoe was utilized the leather to created, and converted to much more sporty footwear, the people who buying for that Nike Dunk footwear is dropping, even the production for dunk SB was yet stopped. Of course, after that, there is new element add towards the Nike Dunks, the new type from the Dunks win a lot of individuals.
Now let us share some word about the numerous styles and colors from the Nike Dunks. The Nike dunk has a lot more than 65 various varieties of styles and color types. Some are commonly known as reduced dunk, higher dunk SB pro, Nike dunk SB, premium dunk, so on and so forth. The Nike dunk includes a mixture of dull and bright colors, both incorporated into a stylish pair.
Then we possess a look about the technology of the Nike Dunks. Using the zoom air sole and bloated tongues, the Nike dunks really meet the comfort needs completely. The lower single is absolutely thin so as to permit better grip about the surface and feet for the players. The Nike dunk is considered to become ideal footwear for basketball. The Nike dunk includes a reduced profile single and greater stability in order to supply the wearer using the greatest feel and comfort
At final, let summarize one popular design from the Nike Dunk SB footwear, which is the Nike Dunk SB shoes. The SB on this product stands for skate boarding as this brand was released towards the marketplace keeping in the skate boarding community in look at. Nike entered the skate boarding market later than other competitors, but has gathered recognition very rapidly.
Of program, initially Nike was concentrating about the basketball market although other companies had their sights on the skate boarding market. As a matter of truth, basketball and skate boarding have a lot in common.
All in all, the Nike Dunk SB shoes are not only can put on as the basketball shoes, but additionally can put on since the skateboarding footwear, at the exact same time it efficiently long lasting and most reliable. So if you are a people who adore playing the sports game, then the Nike Dunk SB shoe it’s no doubt that the fantastic choice for you.

Posted: 15:26, 3/12/2010
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Nike blazers wholesale is a service that some online companies offer

Nike blazers are also available in different shapes depending on the foot types of the athletes. Nike shoes have been holding the highest position in the market for years now. This is only possible due to the various strategies adopted by the company to stay at the top position. These strategies worked in favor of the company and now the position of the Nike shoes is hard to be overtaken by other competitors. The Copper Foamposites are so much a fan favorite that they’ve inspired numerous brands and individual artists to capitalize off the sneakers and feed off the energy. We’ve come across quite a few t-shirts honoring the shoes, some of which we’ve showed you over the past couple of days and now we’ve been provided with some images of a custom Nike blazers inspired by the Copper Foams.
JBF Customs, the brains behind the Adidas and the Nike Blazers just hit us up with some shots of what he calls the Copper Penny Blazers. Featured here is one of the sneakers which will be included in the new pack for the school season of 2009/2010, a pair of Women Nike Blazer High It Is All About Love known as the Scantron Blazers. Phone orders are accepted the expected release is set for August 8th. Have all your friends baffled when you roll through with the Scantron Blazers after they all thought they were only offered in kids sizes. As a release exclusive to the Asian market, Nike has produced the Cheongsam Pack honoring the centuries old one-piece silk dresses worn by Chinese women. Click here to peep a few more photos of the detailing. Got some good news here for anybody who wanted to cop a pair of the Scantron Nike Blazers but were bummed when they found out they were only available in GS sizes.
This time a pair over Nike Blazer High have appeared at retailers using the ever popular freshwater color on the sole unit and on the Nike branding on the heel. Other then that the entire upper is completely black with a white Nike Swoosh. Black is used on the toe while black leather panels with small impressions make up the rest of the upper. For May’s offering the Blazer High comes caped in a dark obsidian base with some sort of maze-like pattern printed throughout a large portion of the side panel and on the white tongue. Slightly accenting the upper is a white leather heel tab and white contrast stitching on the Nike Swoosh. There’s also a single dab of red on the tongue tag. The Nike Blazer High continues to arrive in new designs for the holiday season. The white swoosh adds contrast to the upper with matching laces but can be easily played up with laces of your choice.

Posted: 15:26, 3/12/2010
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WomenĄŻs Nike air force 1 high black & red patent leather

In commemoration of the NBA 2011 All-Star Game, Nike air force 1 shoes continues to fill up the sneaker racks. Exclusive for women, the air force 1 shoes is has new available pairs in patent leather and in colors red and black. In addition to the high-end fashion due to materials of these shoes are the designs on the heel and toe with a touch of white as well as the ankle lining that is slanted. The buckle that passes through the white ankle strap is also reshaped. Grab a pair now if you think that this trendy style fits your own. Do you guys remember the PS3 inspired Trainer 1 Mid? Well this Trainer 1 that you see kind of looks like the PS3 version. Mostly because that all the colors used on this sneaker. This Nike Trainer 1 Mid is dubbed “Multicolor ”. This sneaker is also an unreleased sample. As you see the colors used on this sneaker are crazy! A couple of shades of yellow are the only true colors on the sneaker. Other than that, the rest of colors are barely used on the shoe. The midsole is done up in white, while the inner features pink. As mentioned before, these are an unreleased sample. Here we see yet another color way of the Nike cheap Nike air max 1 ND. This latest cheap Nike air max 1 ND comes in an Columbia Blue/Grey color way. This color way is real nice, and is probably one of the cheap Nike air max 1s I have seen so far this year. This sneaker features two materials, suede and mesh. Columbia Blue is seen throughout the shoes including on the outsole, Nike Swoosh, toe, and tongue. Grey is seen on the side panels and heel, while white mesh is used on the toe box and ankle. White is also placed on the midsole and shoes laces. Hints of orange are seen on the tongue tag and top lace holders. Stay tuned for release info.

Posted: 13:15, 2/12/2010
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Nike Dunk high supreme-the latest news on Nike SB Shoes

Nike Dunk has become a popular model collectors worldwide. With the special edition Nike Dunk. Nike to design a new set of co-operation designer. Introduced year after year, so that people can be on the defensive. Smith Optics is now the first to have your company logo, by laser, brand shoes, Nike, Dunk High-level Panel etching. It always the first person to buy a sensible pair of shoes the other assumptions, their livelihood. Nike endurance online sales, if you need it, do not miss the opportunity to buy, because the online store of Cheap Nike Dunks to show you the quality and reasonable prices. Dunk shoes comfortable women’s fashion, to your satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? When you select dealers for the best of the best Nike Dunk testing and using various brands of 65. Is the most popular styles and distributors to provide some very small number of brokers to provide all the Nike dunk mode. Nike Dunk is satisfactory, because it is a dual-slot board, leather, high quality, so do not let the faithful down. In addition, Nike also offers long-lasting support and comfort to the ankle. Security shoes Nike dunk, share a significant market share in safety. Is widely recognized as basketball shoes, Nike’s leading supplier of Nike Air Jordan Retro 3 I particular. Let the latest new version of the latest summer dunk, dunk high color. At first glance, these two men might think that the famous pigeons’ dunk you down. You can leave a dunk on someone guess what, they lost their balance. Instead, you should adjust your game, you will soon take the opposition will be affected. Otherwise, they rely on them, unfortunately, in the face for you. The option buyer the right to choose him. Brand shoes, a pair of shoes, Nike dunk SB – because all the popular fashion footwear comfort and warmth of the age. Nike Dunk Low light orange and black, mainly Nike dunk for sports and most of the world. Popular models, including security experts, Nike Dunk, Nike Dunk High, Nike Dunk Low, Nike Air Jordan II, Nike Dunk Middle East and other countries and regions. In fact, the Nike Dunk Nike Dunk look even better sign of the lack of high level features means that the line is clean. Nike Dunk Low god of war, between sweet and one absent some interesting signals, the biggest difference, the price is very low. In the lace, in addition to low-Nike – Nike’s other products are set by the relative panda shoes “in the period of time (I remember that thing about 18 holes -) It is clear that the development of products such as Nike dunk, and often low-line mechanism, in recent years, the number 3 hole (6 holes). Of course, there are holes in the threads have no choice, ‘If this is what you want. This is a new Nike Dunk Low ash fall fashion season with your muntjac fur hat set the tone of a delicate orange flower button. Appear in the vortex, white, gray, the bottom three sports and flavor again. All signs lining the white version of Nike in the past. The first movement is in suede and orange dark gray, architectural majority, but black and gray color combination second feature. Third, the production designer shoe shown here is the dark blue gray base. Nike Dunk High Line continue to produce, fashion, high-detail sport shoes. The latest collection of these special shoes, sports shoes, Nike Air Jordan 4 Shoes fragments form design. Hiroshi Fujiwara Fragment Design is the brand over the years, and the silhouette of the Nike Dunk cooperation confidence, as a matter of high “mixed” relevant. Caught in two colors, logo design, an external heel clip for each component design of high X Nike Dunk line of sight, but it is through the use of different and unique inverse color blocking the main features of the color of the shoes. A Navy Nike SB, black shoes, blue, red, black, white, features a pair of white and pink and yellow on the use of the face and back of the color second. In order to catch up with the Nike Dunk high-level segment is once again we check the images after the jump and stay more updated Nike dunk sale adjust the design of the eye.

Posted: 13:14, 2/12/2010
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Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis ¨C investment in your future fashion

The purchase of a Louis Vuitton Vernis Monogram is an investment in your future of fashion. The LV monogram and four flowers and lace are especially popular. In fact, the name of the Louis Vuitton brand name of one of hp? Re the world, independently are expecting from the product. However, as the R? Realization of a brown and Beiget? NEN monogram Louis Vuitton bag is a fashion accessory of choice, you’re always a bag brown and beige. It does not go with the little black dress, and he is too smart f? R sc? Not like a box? You at night. Gl? Cklicherweise steps of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis, L cke this? Under w? Fill Affordable Auction f?. This line of bags? Handbags? Hand combines the monogram emblem? Matic Louis Vuitton with the gl?-Gloss paint? which was very popular in France under the r? Reign of Louis XV. Zun? Chst c ‘? A silent copy of Chinese lacquer that one? T? the area with the rich and M suspicius? on the continent. Lv Today this style has made him-m? The glow Me Clear pockets. This is not only to produce the glossy? Luster, but it created the possibility for erm? The Orig? Accessible richness of the leather gl Coins? by. Leather is not standard, but brown. There are red, orange, blue, green? N, pink and black. Clear bags are monochrome, any color combination w? Rde the Jewel Tones always broken. The monogram is engraved? in the leather and the gl? Complementary surface? che erm? created the possibility for it if the light? re it strikes? right. In this way? It, k? You can the V? Ritable Louis Vuitton bag, no? Consistent with the Orig? Accessible style of Louis Vuitton. F? R the size? Nde daf? R? Num? R? LV Monogram Vernis bags are above one of the mod? Among the most popular in the world, pocket? Hand location. Since so many women covet these bags haute couture, but do not k? Can couture prices online rental services have emerged to women? Bag borrow or steal bags erm? were like? Designer hand f? R a night or a week. The lacquer finish is id? Al f? R this service, because the paint has a bottle? Che r? Persistent? Z? Must ro r? Sister? Des Sch? Normal ES wear-?. F? r people who can afford poss k?-of-pocket Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis? hand, which covers blo? e pr? presence of the pocket on the arm of a large number of p? ch? s. For example, Lil Kim is usually a disaster mode control. It Ar? recently? t? photographed in one? airport, his usual style of bad taste, however, all sporting t p? ch? S? t? forgiven? s mode? s noted that the paparazzi? seen the blue T-run at his alma? shoulder. With the press? the case? t, other c? s? Brit? s like Amanda Bynes, Ashley Tisdale and Cheryl Tweedy have? t? sports their bags, Monogram Vernis. Lv Monogram Vernis bags are af? s? Brit? the must-have fashion house has created? two styles, a tribute to the best shopping and clubbing? Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and Roxbury. Monogram Vernis Louis Vuitton Bags erg? nzen the youth of luxury? LV end Home Fashion.

Posted: 13:28, 1/12/2010
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Louis Vuitton bags are simple design but never out of fashion

Louis Vuitton bags are simple design but never out of fashion; avoid those expensive treatments and medications. The natural supplements are not just cheap but also deliver lasting effects. Yeast infection can be cured, you can lead a normal fashion with Louis Vuitton bags.
White high quality gold build detail, the best way to relax yourself is traveling, you can enjoy your journey better with the help of Louis Vuitton bags which will offer you more detailed information about traveling. For fashion women, there are no more wonderful thing than carry your favorite brand handbags and walk on the street.
An established and reputed source which has worked for many will ensure that you don’t waste time and money on something that does not work. Remember, the replica handbags are cost less than the origianls , so they are the better reasonable choice. And look out for references.

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The design style of Louis Vuitton

Wholesale Louis Vuitton Steamer launched a lightweight flexible bag, becoming a pioneer in later handbags. In 1909, the Louis Vuitton handbags wholesale family, made of silk and wool Kashmir travel blankets, scarves and later became a pioneer quilt cover. A good brand is always inspiration for the future has unlimited power, at the same time, a good brand has always been done in the classic years of the process.
In 1914, discount Louis Vuitton bags, the world finally famous Champs Elysees in Paris, opened 70 of the world’s largest travel leather goods shop. Amazing 7 storey building.
Adhering to the original concept, based on Louis Vuitton also insisted on the continuous innovation, Keepall handbag, handbags overturn the concept of people, while a soft canvas addictive. Louis Vuitton’s first perfume is born in surprise, “Heuresdabsence” is a romantic name, represents a new exploration of Louis Vuitton.
Hundred and fifty years of Louis Vuitton brand has always been to advocate refined, quality, and comfortable “travel philosophy”, as the starting basis for the design … …
Louis Vuitton the name spread throughout Europe as a symbol of the finest travel products. Up until today, regardless of later extending out of leather goods, scarves, or watches, pens, and even clothes, are based on Louis Vuitton hundred and fifty years advocating fine, quality, and comfortable “travel philosophy”, as the starting basis for the design.
LV then joined the Group in 1997 as Director of Art and Design in New York designer Marc Jacobs, For the Louis Vuitton The traditional symbol of Paris boutique brand to inject new vitality. March 1998 that he never produced clothing for the LV, that “from scratch” minimalist philosophy, access to the global fashion industry a positive affirmation. The American-born young designers progenitor is not small in fact, last year he once again found the modern women’s lives, simple and refined design, re-”America’s Best Women’s Designer Award.” In March 1998, he was the production of clothing from the LV, to propose a “from scratch” minimalist philosophy, and indeed the global fashion industry are very positive affirmation.

Posted: 09:19, 30/11/2010
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Air Max Nike sports shoes Shox and technical differences

The design concept in the design of running shoes that was on its head. Nike Air Force Shoes On the 4 Shox running shoes about 2.5 cm high elastic column, forming a square matrix, which for the wearer to provide a strong elastic. When the basketball players in the field high-intensity exercise, Shox shoes show enough flexibility in column stability. Nike Air Force Shoes So the researchers shortened the length of the pillars, carved in the inside of the scratch so that they can increase during compression to the internal bending, but also reinforced the top and bottom of the liner, Nike Air Force Shoes and an increase in the shoes of a link between the rear layer lining the belt. Then use the first pair of basketball shoes Shox technology at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games Nike Air Force Shoes last year show in the world.
ZOOM - ZOOM is a high-tech crystal Nike Air Force Shoes, through NIKE ZOOM shoes with friends definitely invincible Jiao that have very good damping affect, how to describe this effect? NIKE ZOOM and without shoes with a price difference between ZOOM technology, Nike Air Force Shoes a few hundred dollars, we can see the value of this technology. AIRMAX — air max is the main Nike shoes same style, there is the reputation of the king of air current air cushion, the best should be MAX to see the name to know, MAX is the largest meaning of the strongest. Nike Air Force Shoes MAX cushion has a high capacity and very strong pressure, is widely used in basketball shoes, mostly for inside use, because it provides a good damping. is not suitable for light weight player. MAX cushion has also been applied in some running shoes Nike Air Force Shoes.
SHOX is the use of high-density PU foam columns to replace the real spring. Air force 1 Low It can absorb impact energy and its transformation. As kinetic energy. Often called column, in fact, is not in compressed air, Air force 1 Low usually with ZOOM AIR forefoot to ensure a reflection of its rapid speed of the start. AIR MAX somewhat similar, and that people do not have enough weight in the column pressure could not move it, Air force 1 Low it can not rebound from it to get more power. The following players 80KG weight is not recommended to wear. In addition, Air force 1 Low SHOX biggest drawbacks is  that it is based on the cost of health in exchange for your jumping height. Air force 1 Low Long-term wearer, ankles, knees, and even spinal injuries are more easily fall. Carter is the best proof.

Posted: 09:18, 30/11/2010
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Louis Vuitton Ads Banned for Implying That Bags Are Hand-Stitched

Louis Vuitton has been ordered to sack two of its latest ads over claims that they mislead customers into believing that the hot handbags are hand-stitched.
One offending advertisement features a Cate Blanchett look-alike sewing the handle of a handbag, with the text, "The seamstress with linen thread and beeswax. A needle, linen thread, beeswax, and infinite patience protect each over-stitch from humidity and the passage of time."
The other ad shows a woman making a wallet, with the questions, "What secret little gestures do our craftsmen discretely pass on? How do we blend innate skill and inherent prowess?"
According to the Daily Mail, the Advertising Standards Agency received complaints that the ads were misleading, so it challenged the folks at Louis Vuitton, who confessed that sewing machines were used to make their pricey purses because they made items "more secure and [were] necessary for strength, accuracy, and durability."
Louis Vuitton -- whose bags can cost up to $45,000 -- added that its artisans were trained over many years and that the models featured in the ads were instructed on how to pose by experts.
The ASA, however, found the venerable French line in breach of the truthfulness clause, saying that consumers would interpret the images of the women in the ads to mean that Louis Vuitton's bags were hand-stitched and their wallets handcrafted.
'Because we had not seen evidence that demonstrated the extent to which Louis Vuitton products were made by hand, we concluded that the ads were misleading," the ASA stated. As a result, the ads were banned and ordered not to be used again.
While StyleList isn't a fan of anything that fools shoppers, at least these Louis Vuitton promos would explain those months-long waiting lists!
In similar news, read about another ad that was banned earlier this year.

Posted: 09:23, 29/11/2010
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Nike Air Force Shoes Give You Power

The products of Nike Sports Series are very popular in the world. Nike Air Force Shoes is depended on its super strong endurance and its good quality. As everyone knows \, Nike is the World No.1 brand among the sports world. In 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 became the first basketball shoe to feature Nike Air. And it just take a few years to gain the sports shoe market ,what’s more ,Nike entered into the market of South America and Europe soon .Nike Air Force Shoes possess the whole market of the world at such a high speed which is beyond the people’s image . Nike Air Force 1 is the symbolize of Grand, durable, surpassing, heroic, coherent and pure. Nike Air Force 1 conquered the earth by its strength..
Nike Air Force 1 Sale brings people a brand new conception of basketball sport. Nike Air Force Shoes are refer to the best sneakers of all the time in the world. To persistent on innovation and technology are the principle of Nike International Corporation. These two simple principles are all with its growth from the first day of the company is established. And in fact, Nike made it. Nike Air Force 1 Sale always product the greatest quality products and all the produces are all in the leading edge of sports fashion.
Air force 1 Low is a precious treasures which Kilgore leave for the common people .It’s his contribution to the sports fashion world. What he did all follow a simple principle: for better performance! Now, Nike show the cream of basketball to all the people who likes the sport of basketball since it went into the world. At the same time, it became a indivisible part of the basketball culture.

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Louis Vuitton Cabas Ipanema PM Handbag

With the fashionable, contemporary actualization and the applied function, there is no agnosticism that this Louis vuitton is something you could tote from the bank to the city. This bag is absolutely branded, so those who do not wish too abundant of Louis Vuitton on their accoutrements would apparently not accept to accept it. But on added thought, is there an LV bag that comes plain?
Another catechism is, is there any Louis Vuitton bag that is priced cheap? Sadly, this bag is addition of those Cher LV purses. Despite getting crafted from affection canvas, this bag still charcoal big-ticket for $1,080 and you apperceive the cast has to do with it. Well at atomic you’ll be searching like an “it girl” as you tote this anyway. So there, as said, this bag is still advised with the acclaimed Louis Vuitton Monogram arrangement canvas. There are aswell bland covering trimmings and able pleating that adds feminine appearance to its rather apparent shape.
And back this could accompany you anywhere as you yield your vacation, the admeasurement of 20 x 12.2 x 6.7 inches should be abundant to authority just about what you charge to complete your day or two. It comes in breeze angle cease with aureate assumption pieces, which would accessible to a bolt lining with corpuscle buzz and collapsed pockets on the inside. It aswell comes with a ambiguous abridged on the alfresco with continued covering cull for added storage, additional an added ambiguous accessory that hangs from the inside.

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Reds re-sign catcher Ramon Hernandez to 1-year deal

The Reds have agreed to a 1-year, $3 million deal with catcher Ramon Hernandez, who started a team-high 85 games behind the plate last season. Hernandez, 34, batted .297 with seven homers and 48 RBI. He missed time with an inflamed left knee. We wanted to provide our young pitching staff with some continuity," Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said in a prepared statement. "We felt all of our pitchers were comfortable pitching to Ramon. We also like his production at the plate. Our catchers were very solid last year offensively.”
Last season, Reds catchers led the NL with 168 hits and a .296 batting average. Ryan Hanigan and Corky Miller also were part of Cincinnati’s group behind the plate. They also ranked second with 91 RBI and third with an on-base percentage of .375.
"I wanted to come back," Hernandez told mlb.com from his home in Miami. "We've got a great group of guys, a great pitching staff and I like to be around good people. I can trust them, and they are loyal. Anyone wants more than one year but it is what it is. I didn't want bounce around from team to team. I like Cincinnati. At least I am back next year. It's the same (money). I'm happy with what I've got and (to be) back with the team. We all know each other. We know what it takes to be a winning team. We got a taste and know what we have to do to get to the next level."
Hernandez, 34, was acquired by the Reds from the Baltimore Orioles, along with cash, during the 2008 Winter Meetings in Las Vegas for utility player Ryan Freel, infielder Justin Turner and infielder Brandon Waring.
In the last two seasons, he hit .278 in 178 appearances, including .297 in 97 games last year.

Posted: 07:37, 27/11/2010
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Giants catcher Buster Posey wins NL Rookie of the Year award

Buster Posey has a trophy to go along with his World Series ring.
The Giants' young catcher showed the leadership of a veteran as he guided a talented pitching staff all the way to the first championship in the franchise's 53 seasons in San Francisco. His acumen also made him the clear choice as the NL Rookie of the Year, as announced by the Baseball Writers Association of America on Monday.
Posey easily outpointed another kid from Georgia, Atlanta Braves right fielder Jason Heyward, drawing 20 of 32 first-place votes to become the Giants' first recipient of the award since pitcher John Montefusco in 1975.
Posey joined an exclusive club of Giants to win the award -- a Hall of Fame-studded group that includes Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda and Gary Matthews.
"It gives me chills to be mentioned with those names "... and to be one of few Giants to win the award," Posey said on a conference call. "Those guys were unbelievable players and great ambassadors to the game and they still are. I'm extremely humbled to be mentioned in same category as them."
Votes were due before the playoffs began, so the Giants' run to the World Series wasn't a consideration. It was expected to be a close vote between Posey and Heyward, each of whom was named on 31 of 32 ballots.
But Heyward received just nine first-place votes along with 20 second-place votes and two thirds to finish with 107 points. Posey had nine second-place votes and two thirds to finish with 129 points.
"I knew he would win this, with the year he had," Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. "Here's a guy that hit in the heart of our order, handling our pitching staff. We threw a lot at him, but what a great job he did. No question in my mind, I'm very happy for him, and what a storybook season. The kid is an incredible talent as we know, and his tremendous makeup makes him even more of a special player."
Posey, 23, said it was "surreal" to win the award, adding that he didn't think about it until after the season.
"I was just trying to make an impact with the team and get some wins," he said.
Posey's impact was undeniable. The Giants promoted him May 29, after he tore up Triple-A pitching, and he played mostly first base before the club traded catcher Bengie Molina on July 1.
Posey responded by hitting .417 with seven home runs in July to earn NL Player of the Month honors. During the month, he also put together a 21-game hitting streak -- the longest by any NL player in 2010 and one short of matching the Giants' rookie mark set by McCovey in 1959.
The Giants were 40-38 at the time of the trade; they went 52-32 after that, and Posey guided a pitching staff that held opponents to three runs or fewer in 23 of their last 26 regular-season games.
"I haven't had a player in his first year make the kind of impact that Buster made on this club," Bochy said. "You look where we were when he joined us. Then you look where we finished up. You've got to credit the guy behind the plate.
"Once he caught a couple games, I could see how comfortable he was, and I was convinced right off the bat that he was ready."
Posey's award also represents a victory for scouting director John Barr, who made Posey the fifth overall pick shortly after the Giants hired him to coordinate the 2008 draft. Barr deflected credit, but acknowledged the organization felt Posey could win this award when they drafted him.
"Definitely, we did," said Barr, reached by phone in the Dominican Republic. "We felt he could be a difference maker because he could help both offensively and be an asset with his work behind the plate. That was the main reason we were so excited about getting him.
"There's a lot of people involved, all the people who helped to bring him in the organization and refine him. But this is all about him. It's about the player and his ability and makeup. My hat's off to him.
"This is just one step in his career and in our organization."
St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jaime Garcia was named on 18 ballots, receiving 16 third-place votes, to finish third. Florida Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez received two first-place votes but was named on just eight ballots.
The only voter to omit Posey from his ballot was Los Angeles-based Yasushi Kikuchi of Kyodo News. He listed Sanchez, Heyward and Garcia.
Posey might have cemented the award Sept. 21 at Chicago's Wrigley Field, when he hit a home run, caught four pitchers in a combined two-hitter and threw out an attempted base stealer in a 1-0 victory that kept the Giants in first place.
Posey became the first catcher to win a Rookie of the Year award and a World Series ring in the same season. And he repeated his podium-slapping message from the Giants' victory parade, saying he's readying himself for another title run next season.
He plans to work on strength training and improving flexibility, especially in his hips, when he resumes workouts in another week. For now, he and his wife are vacationing in the Florida Keys.
Posey received a standing ovation in Tallahassee on Saturday when he was recognized on the field during a first-quarter timeout in the Florida State-Clemson football game.
"There's been a lot of stuff going on," he said. "I don't feel I've got the chance to catch up yet."
With Texas Rangers closer Neftali Feliz winning the AL award, it marks just the third time that both prizewinning rookies met in the World Series. Current Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti was the AL Rookie of the Year in 1981, when his Yankees lost to the Dodgers and Fernando Valenzuela. In 1951, Mays and his New York Giants lost to the Yankees and San Francisco native Gil McDougald.

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