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My way of DDO28/1/2010

I play DDO has been a long time. First, I think it is a good game, at least, it does not game plug-in, do not like some other game, only you have DDO Gold, you can upgrade, is there anything fun?

The role in the DDO is all main one, it is fair.

Now I hear the game to stop operating, I want to cry. The first feeling is lost. Such a good game, why come to this point? To tell the truth, DDO is perfect in my mind, although there are many of the BUG, maybe I was a prejudiced person, I identified the world not want to change, does not want to change.

Why does the game have such a short life, but the Journey that the class was able to live, and huge profits for the owner. DDO do not need you to buy too much buy ddo gold, do not need you cost lots of money, but it is disappeared.

Since the DDO start charging operations later, there should be a lot of old players left. Once the game become businesslike, it will loose its own significance. Online Games needs a lot of money to buy equipment, DDO Plat and other props. Although the game not like WOW to spend a lot of time to fight a copy of team, but if you want to brush into the specialty and equipment are also to spend some time. You should buy much Dungeons and Dragons Online Gold, just for upgrade soon.

I am really looking forward that SNDA can put this standardization, so that allowing the player to have more choices, to choose their own DDO. When we can not for the DDO Platinum around, when the former DDO will be back.

I think, there will have more friends who love DDO come in.

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Asda Story: About the Item Mall15/1/2010

Asda Story gold, some people will call Item Mall users overpowered, however I believe Games Campus has done a fairly good job at making it possible for users who do not want to spend real money on the game to obtain IM items, making it pretty fair. They will occasionally hold contests and raffles in which you can gain Campus Credit, or IM items.

Often times these contests will gain you $30 worth or more! Most IM items can also be sold in the exchange market or personal shops, and there are plenty of players who are willing to do so for that extra bit of Asda Story money. They have recently added Peanut Labs surveys and offers to their site which allow you gain small amounts of CC from those as well.

There are some pretty helpful items in the Item Mall, such as scrolls that allow you to teleport to another player, recall another player, open your storage from anywhere, or allow you to revive on the spot when you die without any experience loss. Experience potions to help you level, and vehicles will boost your walking speed 80%. Buying armor comes in three forms. To get rare or uncommon armor you must buy a randomized booster. You can buy a full set booster or a booster which gives you one random item from the set in any rarity. You can also buy Asda Story gold and the common armor pieces by themselves.

The item mall offers quite a bit, but some of the pricing is a bit steep for usable items. One Additional Upgrade material costs $3.50, and using it has a chance to fail! At the same time, some items seem quite cheap. During some events you can buy a full rare armor set for around $10. What a steal! All Item Mall equipment is permanent, unlike some games where you will find gear that lasts only 2 weeks. Usable items are permanent until they are used, and vehicles last one year from their first use cheap Asda Story gold. Shorter duration vehicles are often available as event rewards.

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CABAL Online: Siena The Queen, the second part of the latest CABAL expansion. This patch has already been updated on EU server. So get yourself prepared for the latest expansion.

Free to download, the expansion offers users the most challenging experience yet, with the update seeing the introduction of two new dungeons, improvements to the guild system, the addition of a series of new craftable stat-increasing items and much, much more

What's New?
The Altar of Siena - a new end-game raiding dungeon to explore, with a series of encounters that require brains as well as brawn.
The 'Blended Runes' - a series of craftable stat-increasing items, which allow for greater character customisation.
The Panic Cave - an exhilarating fight against the clock, providing solo players with an exciting and rewarding challenge. Coming in three different levels – easy, medium and hard – it is not a task for the feint hearted, with the fast paced nature of this dungeon requiring you to master your character's abilities (as well as your senses).
Improvements to the Guild System – Addition of levels and the guild storage function.
Linking System – Ability to show your fellow player a location on the map or a piece of your equipment.
New Binding Options - Addition of ‘Bind on Equip’ items, allowing for an increase to the high-end equipment drop rates.
Item shop additions - a range of new items for you to enjoy!
Changes and Bug Fixes.

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The Guide for Band in Archlord15/1/2010

Archlord Gold which that I have dreamed I have more, Archlord Online, I have played for a long time and now I could nor forget my character with me. Dear guys, hope you have a wonderful time in Archlord Online. I got the information from other site; hope it can help you more or less.

If you talk about band, it would be Nitghwish. Metal with classic/north of Europe influence, we have been listening to them for about there group creation and we will continue listen to them even without Tarja, because we love Marco and Tuomas. Each time they come in Canada, we go, even in Toronto (6 hours of car) or Montreal (2hours of car). We never miss one show. The Gameim Company can provide Archlord Online Gold with low price.

If you talk about one person that is solo hiring some people to play with her, for the moment, it would be Tarja Turunen. Just because she has a beautiful voice, she is nice and looks good. She study in classical music, you really see the influence in the music. In Archlord, I usually buy Archlord Gold to see her beautiful face and hear her music; I found that it is better than anyone.

But anyway, she sings like a god. We hope someday she will come in Canada. Boy and the ghost, our favorite song of anytime, go to buy Archlord Online Gold and have a look at it to click here. Just listen to the lyrics; we think everybody can see himself in that song.

Thanks for your reading. Here supplies all kinds of cheaper Archlord powerleveling service online and cheap Archlord Gold with fast delivery for players who need them; you can go to have a look
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Experiences in flyff 9/1/2010

flyff penya is very necessary, you need it to add the vitality of the blood for you, only with it can you play smoothly. Now I want to talk about my experiences of playing sensitive war.

Sensitive war is a professional of offense and defense. After you use the wind wheel skillfully, you can eliminate an enemy by two penya reverse hand wheels. You can make a fairly rapid speed upgrade of sensitive war and do not eat red.

The effect of secondary skills and duration flyff gold are stronger than the same level of body battle. Sword posture is more handsome than ax posture.

Although the number of anti body battle sensitive war is not more than the number of physical battle, the super powerful attack with the powerful defense can reduce a lot of opportunities of hit by body battle.

Master also cans resistance body battle, I believe that it is not so easy to buy flyff penya and ring off the hook of the sensitive war. And you must use S repeatedly when you are playing body battle. Although there are only 3 skill sets, the skills also have to be black during the descent of body battle. It does not matter that you see the skills turn black. You can fight against by the inverse hand, then skills of sensitive war will turn light fast.

3. Article blood of sensitive war is not long but the vitality of the blood is strong. So you can not always add flyff money. When you stop, your energy wills recovery quickly.

Enjoy yourself in flyff.

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Holiday Moments Group 9/1/2010
Did you make the list of 50 chosen Holiday Moments?
It has taken a few days but the winners are finally ready to be revealed. Each of the 50 winners have earned a special Gold Holiday Ornament badge.
To find out who won please visit the Holiday Moments 2009 group page. Search for your name and check out the images and pictures that won.
Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!
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How to mining in Eve Online 9/1/2010

Every Eve players want to get more EVE Online ISK. How to earn EVE ISK in game? Most new players would like ask us this.

At the first time, if you do not have certain skills and equipment, you are unable to start your mining career. So, first of all it is very is essential to learn mining skill until you reach level 4. Then you can use the mining device II which is Cheap EVE ISK and much better than the mining technology devices at level 1.

The first thing you should do is as soon as possible to abandon your newbie ship. Now you should rebirth the newly created characters. After the rebirth, it can set sail within one day on the cruiser. It is very safe with the rebirth character mining in the 0.5-1.0 empire area.
EVE Gold is hard to get in game but it is not impossible. We just need some skill then we can earn much more ISK and then do not usually Buy EVE ISK everywhere. And we should believe that making eve money own is much safer than purchasing.

Now let me tell you some Mining Skills.

The most widely used Mining technique is to throw mine mining. The process is simple: when your ship containers full of ore, then you could abandon your ore, which will in space to form a container, and then you can continue mining, the ore is transferred to containers that until the full (27.5 thousand cubic meters). This can save you a lot of time, not every ship, when the container is full you have to station in the asteroid belt and the running back and forth. Once the container is full in space, you put it back for Transport and Public space station. This method is simple and very effective. However, please note that the container will disappear after 2 hours, so be sure to disappear before the minerals transported back to the space station or transferred to other containers. Finally, you can exchange your ore into EVE ISK and then doing more fight or train.

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Ether Saga: why?3/1/2010

  If you want to play the Ether Saga, I think you will know that in the game the Ether saga gold had an important part, but if you do not play the Ether Saga, I think you may be heard from your friends this game, so the Ether Saga online become more and more popular, more and more people beginning to play this game.

 So that we to know this game why become more and more popular, from the official website we know that Ether Saga Online is the English-based version of KDXY, one of the newest and most popular titles released by Perfect World Beijing. Ether Saga Online combines lavish graphics with a young anime style. It features a slew of unique features and systems that make the game truly one of a kind.

Unlike other MMORPG games that charge subscription fees, Ether Saga Online will be Free-To-Play. Once inside the game world, players can earn and spend money to upgrade a large variety of items to enhance their game play experience.

There are three races in Ether Saga Online. In terms of game play the three races all behave the same and can all play as any of the six Classes. They live harmoniously and without serious conflicts. This is because they all have different aims. Each race will have its own quests (in addition to shared ones) which will all be aimed at completing that race's particular objective. In addition to these race dependant quests/goals is the shared ultimate goal of being selected to join the Mission West.

Ether Saga Online (ESO) houses a unique pet system. When you start your journey, you will be given a pet according to your race. As you advance, you will be given the opportunity to capture, tame, and raise many different types of monsters. Monsters that can be tamed will be indicated by a marking on their name panel.

Read this introduce, I can sure that the game must can become more and more popular, if you play this game know, you will not loss the game, if you do not play, will many young players said that you out of the world.

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Guardian capture nirvana3/1/2010

aion gold fly over many things, such as skills, point and blood, even more arms, but we can create many things out if we make full use of it. Otherwise, we will waste much money, in this condition, I tell you some guardian capture nirvana, and I think it can help you to get many things that you want. Capture distance and link arms fire from the big sword than the sword away, of course, and stretching farther stretching big sword can catch twenty one miles. This is the first skills, and the following introductions are according to this rule.

Capture is a magic skill, and silence can not be used. Capture the physical attacks, and magic skills had no effect on this increase. Capture the skills of attack effect with regular attack flat cutting effect, and these skills can decrease damage when you meet trouble. Capture the success rate is a constant probability, and the hit, spell hit, rating and sudden attack has nothing to do, this probability is from sixty five percent to seven five percent, and the only factor is the terrain. Capture may arise three kinds of situations, namely, it contains narrow added deceleration, deceleration, no effect. The most buffer reel superior force is to capture conditional invalid. Capture caused by the slowing effect is magical damage, and capture is the mark. A block of the post-harvest can be caused by the immune slowdown, but can not be closer to the immune.

The following are complementary:

Impregnable fortress to capture the state can be interrupted by the other party, capture paralysis after 1-2 seconds, and it keeps quiet suddenly, and captures are a very good use. I think you must have known these advantages now, and I hope you can go long road when you meet trouble, than you can grow.

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