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20/2/2007 - Finaly started, well....

After many friends and colleques told me that i should become a model, I started to think serious about it. Today, woken up realy early, I think they could be right.

A friend close to me taken some pictures a while ago who came out to be very nice. Not that i feel that important but okay those pics where realy great.

Now I realy have the feeling that I should do something with it. First thing to do is to become in shape again. This will be a problem because I have an ectomorph bodytype. This means that am very tall and small, can eat all I can without gaining wait what also means that I am nothing more than bones with skin.

So I planned to go to the gym today and every day afterworths, just hope that it will help a bit.

However many people tell me that I am not that slim as I think I am, I'm sure it is too slim for "The Industry".....

Well, I'll do my best and will see where it is heading.

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This weblog is about Model Leon, here you can read what he did to become a model, what he does and how things are going.


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