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Our Facebook

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Who are we??

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Good Citizenship

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Good Citizenship

We think that good citizenship means: Where you live, who you are and what your profession is. Much people think that freedom of expression the most important right is and the most annoying is paying tax. Especially the obligations are very emphasized. The really mean of good citizenship is: what is your task in the society? And: How can you help other people?

Menno Visser

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My name is Menno Visser. I live in Urk. That’s a big village in the Noordoostpolder in the middle of the Netherlands. In the environment there are a lot of farms, and no hills only flat land. My school lays in the city Emmeloord and it is called the Emelwerda College. It’s a really boring school, but all schools are boring. I like computing and playing soccer and inline skating. My friend Bas is a Netherlands skating champion. I like skating to. I beat Bas in every race. I’ve nearly been European champion. He is talented but it is in the family. His brother is an inline and ice skater. He is Netherlands champion inline skating to. I train much so I stay good at skating. And now my family: My mother is preschool teacher and my father is surgeon. My sister is working at a fish factory.

Rein ten Napel

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Hello friends, my name is Rein ten Napel Im 14 years old and born in 1995 at September the twentieth. I live in a proper big village that called `Urk`. Urk is in the North-East polder and earlier it was an island.

My school called `Emelwerda college` in the small city that called `Emmeloord`. The `Emelwerda college` is big school with about 1400 pupils. In my leisure I like to play soccer, but I`m not a club member anymore since 2 years, but I still play soccer. I like to do table tennis too. I born in a big family with my father, my mother, 4 brothers, en 2 sisters. My mother is going to be a nurse and my father is the boss of decorating company. I would later be mechanical.

Tjeerd Rengers

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Voorstellen in Engels


Hello, my name is Tjeerd Jonathan Rengers, and I am 13 years old. I was born in Dronten and I live in Tollebeek, Tollebeek is a small village in the North-East Polder. I go to school in Emmeloord. Emmeloord is a small city with many schools and a Shopping area. I am in the third class of that school. I live in a big house and I live with a big family, that consist 12 persons. Our house has nine bedrooms, and I sleep with my ‘little’ brother in a bedroom. I have five sisters, and four brothers. I am the seventh child that’s born in our family. My second sister, is engaged but she lives at home. She’s looking for a house. My birthday is on September the 25, than I’m forteen. My favorite sport is football, and my hobby is computer.  That was it.



bas van der wal

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Hello friends,

My name is Christian Van Der Wal. I live in Tollebeek. That’s lying in the province flevoland. It’s a small place in the middle of the pastures. The place has three primary schools, a soccer field, two churches and a little gym hall. In my spare time, I do inline skating, cycling and I spend a lot of time at computing. I lives on a farmhouse with my lovely parents and my 19 years old sister and I have two brothers and one sister who lives at some another place. One of my brothers is Netherlands skating champion, he is a professional. We have fifty cows at home and two cats. My mother is a nurse. I has a lot of friends on school and the skating club. I have one friend, he likes skating and we are on the same school. He was nearly European champion. He’s a big talent but I wins always (-; .  lots of my school friends lives also in Tollebeek. I go too a school in Emmeloord. It calls: Emelwerda College. Emmeloord is a small city with a mall  and a lots of  schools and churches. if you go out of the place Emmeloord you see a beautiful nature. 

first script of comic

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Wil: Good morning Young, my name is Wil, under my explanation I always do morning exercises. You have to follow my example. Soon I give you French lessons. The command is: make al show and tell in French


.Students: holy crap!!

Pino is looking for Frans.

Frans: hey Pino.

Pino you are going to do my show and tell in French.

A few days later.

Frans go to do his show and tell.

Wil become to be angry. Because his student don’t listening to him. Wil fainted. All the students cheer.

The End.


Moral to teachers: don’t set strict requirements.


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Click on the link, to watch our comic.

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