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You must be happy30/1/2010
The cold winter, than in previous years must be cold. Night, cold wind blowing, but I have no sleep. So, put on clothes, a person walk out.
Cold wind has been blowing my mind. Do not know, now you do! For a long time without your news, you'veHappinessDo?
in this cold winter, have your companionship,in this cold winter, you stay on my side,in this cold winter let you holding my hand, let us feel to each other's warmth.
I really all this. Unfortunately, I can only imagine that in this cold winter, you look like you have given me pondering over the warmth.
But insufficient for a warm day, you have me, give me sweet, and thus live in this cold winter. The wind is still blowing.
At this point, I realized it actually forget the time. I go to turn in, but I do not want to go back. As a result, one person continued to walk forward.
of the blowing wind, I felt really cold in the winter cold. But I still want you, miss you. Think you have forgotten the time, like you, forget the cold. Like you, but only one person is willing to go this way.
I could not help to think of you come to, and your text. Why not 1:00HappinessSmile it! IsHappinessIs it so difficult for you to do?
No, only that you never open their hearts. Learn to forget the past and learn to accept life, bring you moved. Emotions have been already long gone, why are you still obsessed with it! Why do not you learn to forget it!
You are only obsessed in the past, but I was obsessed with you now. Me hope that you smile for me at this moment, I hope you at this moment more than for me to open heart, I hope you at this moment more than for me to stay.
However, I know I can not. Because in your heart, I will never substitute for her. 1 Have you ever loved her, you have to use a life to love her, one hidden in your heart for so many years of her.
If we could change, I wish I met you I was before her, or even fall in love with you. I know that it is not possible, because time can not be reversed.
Maybe I never touched you, maybe I never really had your heart closer, maybe I was just your short-lived beauty.
I know that everything I would have liked. Because I love you. Love you, I hope to see you goHappiness. If you canHappinessTheLifeGo on, I would like to put myHappinessSub-half to you.
Grew more and more sad, not for myself, but for you. I really do not know how to do, you canHappinessGo? If my presence makes you feelHappiness, And I am glad myself.
If my presence does not give you a hint of smile, I would choose to leave silently. Because in this world, I hope youHappinessPeople.
Can you promise me, the future you wantHappinessTheLifeGo? Do not always quiet edge of the sad, okay? OneHappiness, A sad, sad Can not you just want to, rather thanHappinessDo?
I know that a moment so that you change is really difficult. But I willing to give you some more time, one year, two years, even decades. I am willing to wait for you, until you fall in love with me that moment.
People in my entire life can be a long or a short time. Count fingers,LifeHow many decades do! I think our hearts have the answer, since life is so limited, why notHappinessTheLifeForever?
Association of the past years, the Association to go away. She had to go from your life for so many years, has become increasingly distant. Why do you always can not forget the past, to forget her, and start your so-called newLifeIt?
I know that she was to youLifeEvenLifeBrought a great deal of harm. But I also know that you would like to thank those who hurt you, because she exercise your growth.
If you leave without her, how could I know you? While I was in after the departure of her only know you, but I also feel it is veryHappiness, Because I know that I love you.
If I can, I wish I never left her. Because in this world, I hope to see youHappinessPeople. But I just an ordinary person, I am not a saint, I can not help you.
If I can, I always hope that I am your angel, for you to change your destiny. Bring you more comfort andHappiness, But I can not.
If you can, let me instead of her, and be properly love you. Let ourLoveFlower and bear fruit, let my love be with you slowly getting old together.
Promise me, you mustHappiness. In this world, there are people who love you. She was in a distant place, innocently's waiting for you to come.
Many people say that this silly girl, silly. But she knew that she was not silly, as she waited for her loved ones back. Regardless of people around him how to say, this silly girl is still willing to believe that he is willing to wait for him to come back.
Walked, the body is not supported, and can only be returned according to the original road. Because of the weather, my pace a lot.
But my heart still does not fit you, do not know the distance you are doing. I have only one request, that is, you mustHappiness,HappinessTheLifeGo. Promise me that is good.
You mustHappiness, Because this is my most want to see.
You mustHappiness, Because the only way I can be happy.
You mustHappiness, Because I want you more than anyoneHappiness。
At this point my tears fell down ... ...
Tears are my blessing, my blessing to you the most beautiful.
Please promise me you will happy, you mustHappiness!
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Because of love, do not want to let go30/1/2010
I do not know, say I'm sorry, will not seek your original cool? I do not know, saying sorry, can seek solution to your cool? I think you love and you hate are the same in comparison, because you have. Maybe Prior to this, in conjunction with you, like me, find itHappiness, Also felt very happy. Can be in this later? In my cowardly want to quit later? I think you will not be so easily of the original cool I can not easily original cool to me.
Because for everything you gave me, you know? I really would like to occupy more and more greedy, do not want to share with anyone. Heard someone said that in people's hearts will be a snake, and now in my mind if there are also a snake, and it grew like crazy, so I feel fear and panic. I was afraid of the kind of its own, becoming greedy and selfish.
Because you gave me the kind ofHappiness, In too many, I will always be cranky, is that I can not to possess, nor is it I can go to have. For me, if the appropriation, then it is just greedy possession. It was someone else'sHappiness, I have to steal over, like selfish possession and enjoy. But you know what? I was always into a panic as fear of the hands and the joy you gave me and theHappiness. I do not know as stolenHappinessTo have how long? I do not know as stolenHappinessAlso be able to enjoy how long? Now, I'm clear enough in my time, I know, I have to stay away from you, too far away from you, preferably not even miss a place can not touch. Because you give me more and more, and I want to have you will be more and more, but that kind of thinking, such as Xinghuoliaoyuan, so I can not control stays. In my intoxication, I would very thick skinned then said to myself, perhaps that is itself a part of me. If it is not me, why I would want to rob it like crazy over? Because I never care about any.
I have been frankly and calmly betrayed me, so I became confused. Just because you have given me good reason for it. You said that if I had appeared there with the night may be with you, miss, and even the chance to pass by without, do not count on that to meet each other. You say, I am just fine and there is also the best moment to this life with your fingers tightly linked. You give me so beautiful grounds and an excuse, let me enjoy and appreciate the natural. Is wayward at the time I do not want to take into account any, time and space, identity, as well as distance, I want to go over, though, such as Splendor to sea, I was wishful thinking to want to go over. I only targeted to give your eyes closed love brought comfort to enjoy, know what? Fortunately, I want to apply for patent, trademark, according to private. This I am afraid of you, right? I just like any of the temper-offLifePeople, knowing that you really can not belong to me. Be in your efforts, as when the came up to me, I want you to this life for me to stay on, and only for me to stay.
Very much hope that this life, as you say, like, love, little time on it enough, love, is not long, was just as life should be sufficient.
But you know what? Each person should have its own specific location. I think people will like the stars in the sky, like all of the have their own unique track. Only by pressing their own unique orbit, it does not crash. People have to learn to be patient, have been selected in a good road, the road has already been identified, you can not glance right and left, or rather enjoy his time. Although able to do anything they want to live offLifeIt must be pieces of a very-ya il do. However, if everyone did, then the world will be turned into what looks like the world? I seem to deviate from the trajectory like that, is not it seems, is already derailed and also farther and farther, I do not have any intention to stop. I'm just one person for my ownHappinessEyes closed with the pleasure of the chase. Given you because you want to covetHappinessI have do not want to let go.
(Because the leading edge unfinished, so we can also meet in this life. Because it is only the leading edge of continued outstanding. So, probably I'm just your life meteor flash, and instantly disappeared in your eyes.)
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Please get out of my memory30/1/2010
The end does not require too many reasons. Love water, time Kongzong! Qu's index, a flash more than 10 years quietly gone by the memory of those fragments are often mottled in mind puzzle. Past years we have been sensitiveHappinessThe film, the memory cells have been set in the deterioration of the joys and sorrows. So I drowned clutching his wounds dull the long river of time, the term heart in the swimming with their legs.
Escape became my only option.
"A person's life is still too nicely?." In the dream, I asked myself countless times. When everything has been gradually become memories. How many times I found myself was actually so embarrassed. To leave when I tell yourself: Let the pain hidden in the far-fetched smile. But I still could not withstand the share of the soul withered.
Who believe that time, such as small mountain stream. Juanjuan endless. Would have thought that all the time can be watered down. Clean slate of everything. Would have thought that time can tear me about your past record. Can not be had for all the shredded paper is like a gently Piaofei and off. Stop talking no mention your name. Your shadow is still in my mind red reproduce depression. The past dusty heart of the most at the end. Total lonely night.风. Inadvertently toggle on the heartstrings. Play out is still Ruqirusu song. Mourning the Food of Love you and I had passed away.
You have secretly inside to me - a note. Tell me how to learn to give up. Now that you have come out of myLife. Out of my life. Please get out from my memory bar! Do not stay in my sad heart. I bear more fragile thoracic Why? Come out! Do not block the sun and rain. Almost depleted Xintian still want the sun shining.
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