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To the life of the mind

Posted on 27/5/2010 at 09:05
To the life of the mind
Stationed in the warm sun of the catkins, Fluttering in the wind was light and joy of the angels, I just want to share a little fun with it factor.

Alone in the lonely solitude, obviously very happy, suddenly grief; obviously very sad, tears are Liu Buchu. Does too much love, can not pull of an affair occupied territories heart happy; whether life too seriously, could not understand why the lonely pain filled every corner of the body; is too lengthy and jumbled thinking, the ability to become increasingly self-control the more weak. If I have this piece of forest in the life lost export orientation.

In fact, for the love do not want to be a woman entangled in the superficial, in fact, do not want their day to think too much unhappiness has nothing to do with the future of the trivial, in fact, do not want to always engraved in mind blurring between the bit about the dream. But I do not have holy heart, can not control the emotion of always arises spontaneously, can not erase the scars are still dull pain, not give yourself a quiet and happy forever forget earthly reason. So still so crazy to live joyful lives.

Fresh and moist soil, the same as the quilt is covered with my body that reveal the dark light is a quiet joy, this feeling is breeding in the heart, eager to spread occasionally, but I never allow themselves to no sense of responsibility of the end of this life, so I still Otherwise give up that hint of dark in search of bright happiness.

The "pseudo-mother" Liu was a little idea

Posted on 27/5/2010 at 09:04
The "pseudo-mother" Liu was a little idea
ACG is a world of otaku, the spirit of Meng Meng's mind to be concerned with the. Although it is not even a bamboo, but it is a broken even broken clouds.

Recently, the "fast men" Liu was due to the time of registration with smoked makeup, wearing blue stockings and high heels caused concern in the community. With Liu out of place with dress, feminine show and let him shine. District 35 finalists singing Chengdu strong "pseudo mother", only the players from the Nanchong Liu was. Other than playing a few 【】's "Mother】 【false," Liu was in addition to the gender identity, almost difficult to distinguish male and female. Whether singing or speaking normally, are refreshing female voice, very surprising.

Even here, playing a first quote 【tan】】 and 【the concept of pseudo-

【】 Is playing a "dresser" or "Disguise" show. Guest role in the past, but now has been widely used for playing a sex.

Playing a traditional Chinese opera performances in the way of a performance, mainly refers to the performance with their line of business of this work show a different situation. Although the term was also used for playing a man playing woman playing man or woman drag, but in its original meaning, the actors and the characters in the play with gender neutral. For example, the male actor Mei Lan-fang as a once-line, performing the role of women is normal, he had "shot Ji Yuan Men," a drama of Evolution of the angle of Lü Bu then it is playing a. In addition to the above-mentioned once as string students, the students once string, string Health Net, Health and strings also are common situations such ugly.

 the buzz words of today's entertainment. Intent is not an actor playing the role of the Bank as the guest, but play other pursuits. People used to play women's or men disguised as a man to be understood as playing a show. The artists of today playing a usually dresser, as Yugang, Xin Fei, Zou Kaiyun, etc.

Poet's Road with heavy

Posted on 27/5/2010 at 09:01
Poet's Road with heavy
Poetry, on the road in the process of flowering, and poetry is the image of road construction, will be thought to extend to infinity, and the poetic heart in the journey, such as the sunset date, easy to swallow when the road as ... ...

Today, embrace it makes people happy Chouyuan ecstasy makes people miss people think of poetry pregnant after a heavy start this road.

Gas around a long ancient poetry, and she told us that this world is but a moment vicissitudes of the image only. That comes from the heart of nature is eternal, not that off the Sphinx the mysterious cloak of noble, shining glory of spirituality, its essence will allow us to awe lifetime.

Poetry is thriving once they left out of the garden, stealing the fruit, is the village after dusk the setting sun to stay clean and quiet kind, is always open season flower ... ...

Pure love and hate is not new poetry, poetry is an outpouring of emotion. Poetry is the feeling of bone, blood and meat, was the ideas to solve the mood. A poem by poem should have a pair eyes, there should be a poetic heart forever young.

Poem is actually a cry, a kind of writing which show human beings, and poetry, people and time that the time from across the corresponding emotion of desire. Is that emotion of the wonderful music and burst out after the Taichetaiwu Mongolia produced a new flavor. Poets are ordinary people in the eyes of fairy tale characters, but also gains a Zen monk, is living in the flat Fanfan of ordinary people, but also a lovestruck lunatic far-reaching. Because of language in poetry love and hate and sorrow there is good news from there together ... ...

Poetry does not end, but not confused. Her record is mind vibrato, the night sounds of nature as well as crystal clear that it was a flash of light dew temperament, immaculate transparent emotions, sacred and misty.

Poetry is a hope of real life, it makes us feel the pain, we are fearless, and brings us happiness and bright high-altitude, poetry is the aesthetic courage.

Like a kind of debris, intuitive experience, colloquial expression, as in the street between a Zhuzu, walking in the busy moments of God, mind suddenly clear a scene and feel. One thing or person, or happened to hear a word, a sound or smell floating. Overlapping images in the consciousness, fractured, stasis, language on this show, like a thick pencil on paper mill by accident, suddenly document stopped, drawing has been completed.


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