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17:16, 24/1/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Well, as I make another new step in my life I welcome you to my blog which is created for a good cause, helping new students who are there by themselves. It's scary out there being on your own, calling your parents every 2 minutes and asking them questions on how not to burn the whole kitchen. Trust me, I have been there, Almost 5 months ago I decided to move from a "developing" country to the Netherlands to begin my studies on Psychology and boy, did I survive. The point is that I ahve always been that type of person to never step on the kitchen when my mom made food and now life can bring you everywhere, Five months are not a lot of time to become a pro or an expert but I haven't got any food poisoning so that's good right? In general I find food very extraordinary, to me honestly it's sometype of art, I mean there are shapes and figures, colors and taste, things that art itself has. Except for the fact that it makes you go fat but it's way better than ordering pizza everyday even though pizza is the holy food. When I cook I feel like I am in control at least in control of something considering my life at this moment. You are in charge of what you eat and you are aware of what it's used in it. Overall to whoever's reading this *fingers crossed* hopefully you ar ehaving a good time and check for updates either this week or the other for the first recipe :)



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