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Believe in your life and your dreams, how difficult it also can be.

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My life is, crazy. That's a truth. But I can still smile. So don't die please.

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$ The begin. (19/2/2013)
Okee. This is my first blog. So you know it.
I'm not a great talent in writing long story's, but I think this is... I think... Oke, begin again.
I am G (I can't say more about my name, it's prive), don't think that I'm gay when I talk about cute boys, I'm a girl. I starting this blog because I think it's good to write all my crazy thinks and do's down.
I hope that some people comment, because I need it.

I got a crazy life.
I can still smile, so don't die for me :)
That's typical me, thinking that some people wanna die for me.
It isn't true.
No that isn't true too.
I care.
Actually, I want someone who wanna die for me.
Cause now there's nobody.
Like's that song from Carly Rae Jepsen.
"Now there's nobody, nobody."
Shitsong -_-
I HATE Carly Rae Jepsen.
When you like her, you got a problem with me YOU MOTHERFUCKER.
O, that's 1 of my problems. I'm agressive ;)

I listen music.
Heavy metal.
It's the only music that I like.
It's so much sound that your brain's in coma.
And I like that.

But, I must go.
Please say that you wanna die for me, than I feel alot better.
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