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My World

life missing..

20:50, 8/2/2013 .. 1 comments .. Link
I miss the person that should been in my life. Apparently he had never wanted me otherwise he would give me some more attention. The person who is in my life and I really love with my heart and soul gives me somehow the feeling that Í'm not important. The place where I live and what I should call my home don't give me a ''feeling of home''. So it will never really feel like home for me. I see it more as the house of my mother, her friend and their children...I'm just a lodge. I've never called someone ''Dad'' and not feel weird about it. I've never had that father-daughter bond. this would not say that I think that I'm pathetic or that people should feel sorry for me.. No. But it will always be a big lack in my life. I wished I had a father figure that brought me to bed and read me stories..But that's life. I have to accept it and go on. I must not dwell in the past but look at the present. everything that happens in life is not accidental. Everything got a reason. It has and makes me stronger every day...

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life missing..


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