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My Secret Blog


{ 16:18, 3/4/2012 } { 0 comments } { Link }
So I started writing in my diary again a few days ago, so I feel less obligated to write in you anymore my dear blog, but I felt like typing something so here it is. I have a huge list of topics, but they’re all either too boring or I covered them in my diary. Just for a bit of repeating my diary: I am now Pastafarian, since somewhere in December/January. I am also the biggest procrastinator that I know. I’m also going to Florida, if the list stays the same. I’ve had mosquito bites this entire fall, winter AND spring, GEEZ. Ooh my party was last weekend and we watched butterfly effect 3 and final destination 5, so awesome! :D. Oh and I’m going to join in the “Open Podium” this year, with Ilja, with the song “What is this feeling/loathing” from Wicked. I also sent some quite stupid emails to my mentor (just about mentor stuff), you might want to see it, and laugh at me :P. Email #1: Subject: tto-trip info Since I am occasionally a total complete idiot I brought that letter thing with the information for the tto trip on friday, realised you wouldn't be there on friday, thought I might still be able to email it, kept forgetting to email it, forgetting slowely turned into procrastination and now I'm 3 days late with this letter thing so yeah. I'll probably be getting a lot of insufficients next year. Also, I just realized it's kinda weird that I'm typing this in English and not Dutch. (*Sits and stares at email for 10 minutes wondering if I should translate it...* meh, English is a better language) Anyways, bye. Email #2 Subject: profile choice thing/don't hate me forever (/this will probably mean A LOT of insufficients by now) So remember how you said that if your parents couldn't come for the parent meeting you had to say that before friday and you had that long speech about you using your free time for this and stuff... You should get ready to hate me forever because I'm sort of the kind of person that forgets EVERYTHING that I should not forget including telling my parents "hey, next week, parent thingy for my profile choice thing, must know before friday if you cant make it". If it makes anything better I said "come on you can come home from work earlier for this one time for this meeting thing that will change my life forever and it's kind of way to late to call it off and blablabla" but there was no convincing my parents. They said they preferred later in the evening (like, at least after 17:00 but probably after 18:00, and I know, why would you want to be at school after 18:00 but as they say "don't shoot the messenger"). Sorry for probably being the most annoying person ever... And yes, English again, some serious TTE here. *doesn't know if I should end this with something formal like regards - if that's even formal- or just bye* Cheerio! Answer to email #2 Hi Lonneke, You are lucky, I have one hole left on Wendesday, 19.30. Hopefully that's oke. Otherwise it will be 21.00. Gr. Tjeerd van Erve So yeah, that’s a bit of my life.. I realize how boring this blog is, but I kind of want to write it in my diary instead of my blog, so I don’t really go into any subject far, sorry! Psh why am I even apologizing, I don’t care, fuck you ;). Uhm yeah so I’m kind of bored so time for some youtubeingggg, byeee! xx Cheerio! (P.S. sorry if it looks weird, this site seems to take away all the enters and different lettertype things that I put in which makes things look strange and difficult to read sometimes)

Being "sick" (10-01-2012)

{ 13:39, 10/1/2012 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Being "sick" Hey guys , so today I'm feeling very sick. Let me correct that: today I'm feeling very "sick". Want to hear the real story? Since I no longer know, and I believe it might not even be possible anymore, how to turn off all notifications at once, yesterday I turned off all volume on my iPod. Not with the buttons, that only do the sounds for apps and music, but with the settings (yes I know, you can change it so that the buttons control EVERYTHING, but that's way too risky). So just in case I'd get any notification, it wouldn't make a sound. Then after school I had some food, went upstairs, chatted with friends, watched youtube, ate dinner, watched some more youtube, went downstairs to get some tea, put my alarm clock at the right time, brushed my teeth and then I went to bed. Now, try to find the mistake. "Hmmm, not making homework, not copying that paper you said you would copy so you don't lose it and lose 2 whole marks on a project for you and 3 others, take a shower, etc.?" No. I forgot to turn back on my volume for ringers and alerts. So next morning.... *wakes up* 'hmmmm' *stretches* .....'well that was a weird dream!' 'Wow, it's light in here WAIT WHA-' *checks time on iPod* (10:51) "Alarm: GET OUT OF BED NOW [snooze]" 'OMFGGGAAAAHWTF#%&/@! WHY DIDN'T MY ALARM WORK?!!!' *thinks* 'ooowwwww... FUCK..' So I jump out of bed, put on my clothes whilst (not sure if that's supposed to be whilst but I've always wanted to use that word, just like "whom") thinking of a plan, and reminded myself to stay calm. So I thought I could pretend to be sick (omg deja vu, about me writing this...). So I tried to get as panicky as possible and threw my hair around and put on my sick face. Since my face wasn't producing enough tears I dripped some warm water on it, just 2 or 3 drops. I realized the rest of my body didn't look sick enough, so I put on a bathrobe (so puke wouldn't get on my clothes). I "had tried to wash the taste out of my mouth a bit, but it still tastes aweful" (I had morning breath, added a tiny bit toothpaste on my tongue and teeth and tadaa). I then went downstairs. My father had been working home yesterday, so I didn't know wether he'd be working at home or at the office today. After looking around I found that my father wasn't home, but my brother was. So I went, grabbed my bread, and left (very slowly). Then I went upstairs, knowing I'd have to call my mother. I sat on my bed, tried to cry some more and got my story straight. Not to tell her everything, but if you want a good lie it has to be as if it really happened, you need to believe it could have happened, and then that it did happen. So... This morning I got up at around 9:30. (I'd set my alarm at 9:15 but I like to stay in bed a few minutes). I got up with a bad stomach ache, put on my clothes, did my morning stuff and got ready etc (all of this very slow, since it hurt and I didn't feel well). Then I couldn't hold it in anymore, and puked in my sink. I was there for about half an our, because it felt like I could throw up again any minute. Then I went downstairs to see if my dad was home, and I got my bread and left. Then I went upstairs, and I, of course, had realized that now I was much too late for school. I thought of what I should do any tried to calm down since I was panicking and crying and stuff. Once I had calmed down a bit, I went downstairs to grab the phone. Then I went to the bathroom just in case, because I was still feeling very sick. There I called my mom. The first time she didn't pick up, I waited for about a minute and there she was. So on the phone I told her I was feeling very sick and I had already thrown up and all those things, and asked if I could stay home today, and she said yes so here I am :). So now I'm sitting on my bed, feeling a bit ill and having a slight headache (not kidding, though this is on purpose, if you believe you're ill you get ill, and I need this for my "act" and also because I feel I kind of deserve it :P, and btw most of it is probably just me being hungry so yeah...), and my bread sitting next to me on my pillow, which I've taken 3 bites of whilst writing this. (I tried to eat some bread but it only made me feel more sick...;] ). I'm planning about making some other food for myself in a sec or eating a banana or something. (P.S. Tip: always remember: laughing hurts when you have a stomach ache. Try to subtilly say it, without whining and complaining too much, when somebody or something makes you laugh :P. Another wise lesson from your favourite secret blogger :P) So, of course I know it's bad to pretend that you're sick/ill and lie and stuff, and you shouldn't use it to get out of school, but if you find yourself in one of these situations, where there is hardly anthing else you can do, just pretend. Don't unnessisarily (wtf how do you write that? :P) get yourself into trouble. And everybody does this at least once in their lives, allthough some may not admit it. And I did it because I was late and stuff, and not to miss a test or homework or anything so I think I should get some kind of medal for that :P. so yeah..... Bye! xx Just uploaded a lot of blog thingy's that I had written on my iPod :P. You wouldn't believe how long that takes, even if I have already written them all a long time ago, but yeah I had to copy and paste and send via mail and spellcheck and add the dates and stuff, and I've been busy with that for about an hour! :O. So now I have some more blog entries, since 2 was just pathetic :P. So......... Bye! xx

My super cool awesome fail :P (27-11-2011)

{ 05:19, 27/11/2011 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Hi everyone, So I woke up this morning at 4:45 because of a stomach ache and I had to go to the bathroom real bad and then later I came back upstairs and I thought it would be funny to iMessage my friend like "o man I'm partying all night long, I don't even know what day it is now, my life is awesome" and then be like 'jk you know I don't have a life :P' but I accidentally sent it to my brother first and explained really awkwardly what had happened and that I had sent it to the wrong person. There I lay in bed, still wide awake because sitting on a toilet with extreme pain in the stomach area kind of wakes you up, and suddenly an idea popped up in my head: what if I went to my brothers room, got his iPod, erase the messages (I know his lock code) and it will be as if nothing had happened. And of course I knew it was a stupid idea, but when do I ever do anything cool like this in my life? And it was that thought that made me jump out of my bed, go down the stairs and then there I was, just outside his room, ready to do as I had planned, but I couldn't. Guess I'm just too much of a wimp, but he was lying there and his iPod was right next to his bed, like just a bit more than half a foot away from his face. Who wouldn't wake up from somebody being less than a foot away from your face? And I don't have to be that close to him while he's sleeping, that's creepy! Then I had to go to the bathroom again -.- . As I walked upstairs, our cat came to me and started meowing really loud and I was like "stfu cat you're gonna wake everybody up!" and her food bowl is in my other brother's room and the sound of all those food thingies in the metal bowl would definitely wake him up, so I took the food up to my room and fed her there. Next morning my mom complained to me about having the cat's food in my room. So.. There you have it, story of my life. I hope you enjoyed it (yes I'm back to pretending somebody will actually read this, and knowing myself somebody probably will, because I like telling stuff about me :P) Bye, -xxx- me

Broken iPod, babysitting & school stuff (23-11-2011)

{ 23:32, 23/11/2011 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Hi, So somehow I only seem to write things when I'm babysitting and get bored.. Guess what happened this Tuesday? Yeah I'm kind of saying it like something good happened.. My iPod fell and now my screen is broken. Ugh you should have seen my reaction. First a sort of praying that it didn't happen, then I looked at it again and yes, the damage was pretty bad. Then I sort of started sobbing. I know, it's pretty pathetic, but it was less than half a year old, and my screen was totally fucked up. So then I pulled myself together and looked up what to do and/or how to fix your screen. Turns out it shouldn't be too hard. So I made a plan, first I'm gonna see if I can get it fixed for free at the apple store. If that's not the case then I'm gonna try to find a kit with a new screen and the stuff needed to replace it. I already found one on eBay but that only ships to the US. Also, we have test week, and most things went good, except for French and chemistry. Both were a total failure, really you should have seen some of my answers, just terrible! And with chemistry I only got to question 7, of about 10 or 12, so that is definitely not a good thing.. O yeah and one of the prime ministers in Britain was called Timmy Turner right? No jk but I did actually fill that in because I only knew his first name and our teacher doesn't do half points. So as I said I'm babysitting right now, but the kids were already to bed when I got here so that makes it very easy. I also made a sort of blog last time I went babysitting but I felt like writing it on paper so you don't get to read it (ha ha). Yeah like you actually care about my life... I have friends you know! Psh? Their names?! Ehm... Well... There's Polly.. She's like my best friend ever... And uhm... Gandalf? Yeah that's his name! His parents just really liked lord of the rings ok?! So... Wazzup? You never ever tell me about you! I'm totally interested in your life (no I'm not)! ......... I yeah that's pretty awesome ...... No way dude! Seriously?! ............. O man best story EVER! Yeah I'm totally serious! No but if there is a comment thing (how am I supposed to know, it's not like I actually ever go to the site or ever post this stuff) then let me know what you did this week because it can't be less boring than my story. I just did a sort of outro but I don't care, imma go on anyway cause I'm cool like that! So the thing I LOVE about test weeks is the fact that I have to be at school at 12:05, so HELLO sleep! Omg I love sleeping, it's like the most eventful thing I ever do in my life, and I'm being serious! Yeah no but still I do enjoy sleeping a lot. Tomorrow only English and math and even though I got a 4.3 on my last math test I think I pretty much got this. Why did I get a 4.3? Well, there were like a bajillion things I was supposed to write down that were part of the prices but I kind of did that in my head. Once I wrote something like "triangle ABC is similar to DEF" but the second one was supposed to be like DFE so that fucked up my calculations. Also I calculated one angle wrong which messed up the rest of my calculations, with one thing I misinterpreted the question, so there was this line of like 10 cm long and at like 4 cm there was e.g. dot N, and I had to figure out GN, but I figured out NF, so I thought it had to be one part of the line when it had to be another so I should have done GF - NF = GN, which would be 4, but instead I just had NF which in this example would be 6. You know what I mean, just a stupid mistake. Also I didn't get to finish question 5 and 6 of the 6 questions, mainly because my mind completely blanked out at question 5, deep down I knew what to do but it was just gone now... Ugh enough about math, I hate math, I used to kind of not dislike it because it was easy and I never had to learn (I once got an 8.4 for a test where I copied ALL of the homework from our answer book, and that was higher than my friend that ALWAYS has a higher mark than me so HELL YEAH baby! Probably the worst eppiffany ever to realize that I get better marks by not doing my homework. But I didn't just do it because of laziness, you know (well, I did, but just keep on reading, I'll explain). So, I thought, why waste all my time (because I'm always soooo busy ;) by doing 50 the same exercises of something I already know, right? So I thought I could invest my time much better by doing completely nothing the first few lessons, and use the three last hours/lessons to have a look at the summary at the end of the book. Guess what? It worked! VICTORY! It was a real mind opener. *dramatic music* suddenly I saw the world in a whole new way. No day was the same after that.. I really tell that story too often :P. I just love it. It was the first thing I ever felt that I really accomplished, I felt like I had invented the wheel or something. I kinda felt bad though for 3 of my friends who had been working together really hard because they didn't understand the question and two of them had insufficients and one had like a 6.7 or maybe a 6.2 or something like that. And the friend that ALWAYS has a higher mark had something that was about a 7.5 or something. So I felt pretty sad for them but just imagine the feeling of victory with that something between a 8 or 9 point. Best day of my life, EVER. Wow this is actually quite a long story if I do say so myself, and I do. So I'm gonna go now, see ya, bye! Xx

TOBUSCUS (19-10-2011)

{ 11:29, 19/10/2011 } { 0 comments } { Link }
Hey guys, Am I on time with this new post? Probably not. Not that I care, or you... So I haven't really done much lately. I did get 2 3,8's for German. It's a stupid language anyway (no offense, I basically think any language other than english/American/Australian is stupid, so yes even my own language. But you have to give me props for getting exactly the same mark at both :P. Sanne also got a 3,8 for one of them. It must be like her favourite number or something. So... I've been watching tobuscus lately and he is just AWESOME! How come I never heard of him before?! Hehe I even started to think the same way he talks during his vlogs and gamechannel :P. (yes I think in English, I did that WAY before watching tobuscus or any other person, English is just an awesome language!) please note that by English I mean all forms of English, and mostly American so... :P. I was about to go make my homework when I remembered I had to type something for you so this won't be a very long post, I gotta feeling we gots lots o' homework for tomorrow (actually I believe we have hardly any but who cares). The song I found out about yesterday or the day before yesterday is stuck in my head WAY LESS than expected. (I threw it on the ground, if you're not familiar with this then you should be ashamed of yourself!). I let me just check hashtagkiller, I finished week 3 2 days ago and nothing new has come yet.... Nope, still nothing... FYI hashtagkiller is a psych thing, I'm supposed to solve who this serial killer guy is and where he's going and stuff. But at this moment I can't really get any further >:( So... What else is there to say? I still have a 7.1 on average as grade thing whatever it's called... Lucy is still the cutest dog ever... I watched a bunch of tobuscus videos today and yesterday... Guess that's it, BYE! Xx (or shall I say: peace out :)

10-10-2011 Babysitting

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Hello audience (nobody), Long time no blog. At first I really was too busy with a bajillion things but then I just forgot about writing (I have to get used to writing every day!). Maybe I'll just post once a week, on any day (so there could be a maximum of - what is it? - 12 days between?). I'm babysitting while writing this. I might not post it tonight, then I'll post it tomorrow. I had a test french today, it went quite well I think... I didn't know what colis were :P. I had an 5.7 for math. Kind of disappointing, I thought it would be between 6.5 or 7 or so... but at least I had a 7 for dutch, which is above the average of my class so that's good enough for me. Sanne had a 7 too so yay :) (she usually has higher marks than me). She does deserve higher marks, she works at least twice as much as I do. I only do the homework I know I really need to make, and I do that homework in the morning, half asleep... I also learn the morning before when I have a test (also the case with french today :P). I am working on in, my working mentality thingy whatever it's called is better than last year (or at least I think so). The parents should have been back already, the time was 23:00 but it's already 23:05. Not that I care, I have first two hours off tomorrow. Is that how you call it; "off"? I hope so. Otherwise I just made a fool out of myself... In front of nobody... Haha I love it that no one will read this! Well, maybe someday, but probably not. Did I ever tell you how awesome psych is? I'm a huge fan and I just HAVE to promote them, I mean come on, they're awesome! Really if you don't watch and like that show then: 1) shame on you & 2) you are not allowed to read my blog anymore. I'm serious DUDE! :). Fail.. Yeah I'm talking about that sentence :P. My eyes are sort of stinging a little... I've had my contacts in for too long, now my eyes are taking REVENGE. They could be back any minute so I don't want to take them out :P. Ugh I'm so boooooored. And I keep hearing voices, I've heard them two times now but every time I go check they all seem to be sleeping. Before I made this I had a million ideas every day about things to write on my secret blog. Now I have one and my inspiration is dead. Yep... That's how my life works :). 23:16 and they still aren't here, and they didn't leave a message or text or anything! Aaarggh. I've been playing minecraft all weekend :/. It's so much fun and so boring at the same time. Single player is especially boring. I keep hearing noises. I'm pretty sure it's just the dishwasher but still... Creepy... :). Did I tell you that since a few days I've been fan of tobuscus? He is just awesome! On his gamechannel I saw all his minecraft video's XD. YTJ (youtube judge) is very good at explaining his awesomeness, I would never have found the right words :P. Aaaah noise again! I clearly hear people whispering and moving! Hehe... Really they should stop sleepwhispering right now! :P 23:23, no sign of the people I'm babysitting for. 00:07: Finally at home (been at home for about 20 minutes now). I'm definitely not still posting this today, you guys will have to wait (good thing you don't exist). I love having a secret blog with no readers. It just makes (my autocorrect just turned makes into naked :O) everything so easy. I could not post for a year and no one would complain (although in my head you would all be mad :). Bye gotta go sleep! Xx Lon

1e post

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Dear readers (hopefully nobody), This here is my secret blog. I made it because I thought it would be fun to have a blog where I post things about what I think and what I do. I made it secret because not everybody has to know things about me, and this way nobody wil & I am free to write whatever I want (yes I realise this is still internet; where everyone can read it and it stays forever..). I don't think this blog will be kept secret forever, I might let someone read it one day (Hi whoever you are :P). I don't really have much time right now, have to do some shoolwork so bye! xx Me

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