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Chronicles of Nans

Evolution of the first world environment, a disgrace of the species.

Out of all mammals the human race is the most pitiful species nevertheless the least endangered one. I pity us from cradle to grave. When our females are pregnant they need all kinds of help, lamaz-classes, we read books about how to give birth and raise our young. After nine months we often need the facilities of a hospital where a dozen of people are working for this ‘miracle’ to happen. Then we usually produce a single young.


For more than a year this young human cannot do anything but feed, sleep, and soil itself.

Then it starts to walk, which is humongous news. Yet another year later it has the ability to use low-level communication. This is appreciated as a great achievement by the elder.

After we have lives through 15 to 20 percent of our lifespan, we’re able to contribute to our society. Unfortunately a substantial sum refuses this or is unable, and therefore depends on the help of others to provide them with their basic needs.

During our productive period more than half of the human race suffers from mental illness. Fortunately we can rely on psychotherapy and medication.

When moving towards the end of our lifespan we tend to get various diseases which is evident, given the fact our lifespan has been doubled compared to two dozen generations ago. In consequence we live on borrowed time for half our life.

We now rely on others more than ever for necessities as medical care, medication, surgery, artificial body parts, exchange of organs and even life-support.

We are such a ‘caring’ race, we do everything to keep our fellow human alive. Even if this means devaluation of life’s quality and productiveness or even constant pain.

Our own will herein is often overruled by our laws.

Then we speak of civilization and humanity, while at the same time we exterminate our own kind mostly motivated by self-made beliefs and values.


Let’s compare ourselves to all the other mammals who need no help.

If it wasn’t for our fellow humans destroying their kind, food supplies or their environment, they’d either be fine or become extinct by choice of nature.


If we have such superior intellect, why don’t we understand what a disgrace we are.

If we’re so strong and cunning, where’s our ability to survive in nature.

This weakened race deserves our civilization ‘till the coroners make place for scavengers.

The Apocalypse will rid the earth of this vermin called humans and let it blossom as it has before.

As it was, so it should be and remain from this day forward.


Have a nice life!



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These are some contents of my mind. It feels better if it's out of my head.

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- Evolution of the first world environment, a disgrace of the species.

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