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Natural Sinus Remedies

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Sinus Infection - Sinusitis

If You Don't Have 10 Minutes To Read This Sinus Treatment, Than Your A Sucker Who Deserve To Be Attacked By Sinus Monster

Sinus Infections also known as Sinusitis affect millions of people each and every year. A sinus infection is literally an infection of your sinuses which are hollow passages or cavities inside of your head.

These sinus cavities can become a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses or fungus. In 1999, The Mayo Clinic released its findings that fungus is likely the cause of nearly all cases of chronic sinusitus.

Sinus infection symptoms can include Facial pains,tenderness of the sinus areas, headaches,nasal drainage that is thick and colored, sore throat and many other symptoms.

Antibiotics do not work against fungus. Colloidal silver kills both fungus and bacteria. Therefore, treating a sinus infection with antibiotics is not always an effective method.

Colloidal silver is also a very safe and natural solution with no know side effects other that a rare occurance of Argyria.

Silver Sinus colloidal silver solution is pure colloidal silver in a fine mist nasal spray bottle.

If you think that you might be suffering from a sinus infection, you should visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Because your nose can get stuffy when you have a condition like the common cold, you may confuse simple nasal congestion with sinusitis. A cold, however, usually lasts about 7 to 14 days and disappears without treatment. Acute sinusitis often lasts longer and typically causes more symptoms than just a cold.

Your doctor can diagnose sinusitis by listening to your symptoms, doing a physical examination, taking X-rays, and if necessary, an MRI or CT scan (magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography)

.For more information about sinus infections, sinus infection symptoms, what are sinuses and other sinus resources, please visit Sinus Infection

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