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Thank you -my friend and UGG

This is my first day to write something in my blog.In fact I found that it is very difficult for me to write a blog.But today I want to write some information about UGG or ugg boots,because I had never heard of this brand until my friend bought a pair of Ugg boots for me. I found it is very comfortable and warm when I wear them on.

Ugg boots (sometimes referred to as uggs or ug boots) are a style of sheepskin boot, with wool as the inner lining and a tanned outer surface worn by both men and women. As Ugg boots come in a multitude of sizes, colours, styles and fabric options, it has become the latest fashion trend. Traditional ugg and sheepskin boots are cosy, soft and easy to wear. This is why you see them absolutely everywhere in Australia. There are many UGGS crafted from Australian sheepskin graded for ugg boots.

But Ugg Boots does not only make traditional boots. They also make shoes, slippers and flats in the same quality as their trademark boots. Certainly these are no longer for winter use, but they are great footwear still.

UGGS-The first brand boots that I know

I am very pleased When I wear a pair of ugg boots in the cold winter.It can keep my feet warm and protected from the cold in harsh weather because of its main material-sheepskin.

As you know that ugg is one world famous, leading brand in boots which comes from Australia.so we oftem heard ugg Australia in our life.

Most UGGS are made with sheepskin ,fur wool and suede.This premium graded sheepskin creates the worlds warmest and cosiest fashion icon. The thicker inner fleece acts as natural air conditioner, circulating and maintaining body warmth on colder days while allowing air to freely flow and cool your body on warmer days.UGGS are also in all size that will fit every member of your family both from the very young to the very old. Although you may have no difficulty in finding the perfect size boot for you, you may have difficulty in deciding what colour you want.

Ugg Boots now make very stylish sandals. The Ugg Brook for example is a thong sandals made with suede straps and cork bottoms. They come in various colors so they can easily be matched with different outfits. These casual Uggs are very comfortable to wear, great for the summer season.

If you want to show fashion to every body both in clod and warm weather,I think ugg boots or other UGGS will be a good option for you.Do you agree with me?

16 Steps to Self-dicovery and Self-empowerment

1.We affirm that we have the power to take charge of our own lives and to stop being dependent on substances or other people for our self-esteem or our security.


2.We come to believe that our emerging self will reveal to us the healing wisdom that lives within us all when we are ready, willing and able to open ourselves up to the healing process.

3.We make a decision to become our authentic selves and trust in the healing power of the truth.


4.We examine our beliefs,our addictions, and our dependent behaviour in the context of living in a hierarchical, patriarchal culture.

5.We share with another person and our emerging self all those things inside of us for which we feel shame and guilt.


6.We affirm and enjoy our strengths, our talents, and our creativity, striving not to hide these qualities to protect others'egos.

7.We become willing to let go of our shame, our guilt, and any behaviour that keeps us from loving ourselves and others.


8.We make a list of people we have harmed and people who have harmed us, and take steps to clear out negative energy by making amends and sharing our grievances;both in a respectful way.

9.We express love and gratitude to others, and increasingly appreciate the wonder of life and the blessing we do have.

10.We continue to trust our reality and daily affirm that we see what we see.,we know what we know,and we feel what we feel.

11.We promptly acknowledge our mistakes and make amends when appropriate, but we do not say we are sorry for things we have not done and we do not cover up, analyze, or take responsibility for the shortcomings of others.

12.We seek out situations, jobs, and people that affirm our intelligence, perceptions, and self-worth and avoid situations or people who are hurtful, harmful, or demeaning to us.

13.We take steps to heal our physical bodies, organize our lives, reduce our stress, and have fun.

14.We seek to find our inward calling, and develop the will and wisdom to follow it.

15.We accept the ups and downs of life as natural events that can be used as lessons for our growth.

16.We grow in awareness that we are interrelated with all living things, and we contribute to restoring peace and balance on the planet.

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