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How to Select and Clean Jewelry Items4/12/2015

Shopping for jewelry is fun but it can be daunting as well. For first-timers, it is advisable to make purchases only from well-known companies. These are vendors that have been in this business for many years. More often than not, established enterprises sell high-quality and authentic jewelry items. Customer service is also a hundred percent reliable. The experienced jewelry dealer will take time to answer customer inquiries and complaints.

For instance, the dealer of these valuable accessories can fingerprint necklace products such as adding an embossed name, birthstone or charm on a necklace or ring. These can make your jewelry more unique and memorable. Quality jewelry means that classy and expensive materials have been used. These include gold, fine silver; sterling silver; copper; lead-free pewter (tin or silver-gray alloy); and, gold fill.

There should also be a warranty or return policy if customers are not satisfied with the item. In most instances, free shipping and delivery is provided for customers with substantial orders. Try to look for indicators that you will get only the best merchandise from these jewelry suppliers. Otherwise, find another more responsible seller.

Once you have chosen your fingerprint jewelry next step is to learn the techniques in cleaning jewelry. The cardinal rule is that the jewelry must be the last accessory that you have to put on and the very first to remove. Never go swimming with your precious accessories. Chlorine, which is present in pools, can cause stains and dents in your favorite item. Abrasive chemicals can lead to discoloration while salt water can corrode the gems. Apply renaissance wax polish with microcrystalline to build an impediment between the metal and air that causes smudges.

Use the special polishing cloth in cleaning jewelry pieces. This material has micro abrasives that do not scratch the metal. It can take away dirt, oil and fingerprints without applying any force. You will notice that the cloth turns black right away. Wipe gem stones with a moist and soft cloth. These stones are very sensitive and can be damaged easily by detergents. Make sure to take off your jewelry before washing dishes, cleaning the house or gardening. Do not place your gems under the sunlight since this can bring about fading, darkening or weakening. Keep all you jewelry items in sealed bags or boxes. You can make use of no-tarnish strips that saturate airborne pollutants. This must be replaced every two to three months.

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