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to the newcomer a chance

who seemed so clumsy

{ 03:01, 14/1/2010 } { 1 comments } { Link }

Question in mind: When the tears slipped across the front face ... ... it is cool? Hot? Into the mouth ... ... it is salty? Sweet? Heard of WOW. My friends all say the screen is extremely dark, the characters is extremely ugly. By girls cute habit of any game in order to screen the primary considerations. Yes, that case Why do I play? Perhaps to a certain extent people will always want to be a change a change in the environment ... ... may I also have this general idea: Perhaps the dark spots have a new flavor - cool Well! Naturally very skillfully operate cow druid wow gold I play a girl who seemed so clumsy ~! (Weak weak to walk were less likely to say that) ~! Fortunately, only three of the I do not know a bull ~! But to know that I like him as a life-saving straw grasp. No only is he a wilderness companion. Will naturally want to rely on feel. He really called the wind ... ... nicely and naturally the name of ... ... To more convenient for him to teach me how to play we have chosen together TS. That's easy. What do not understand can ask ... ... directly on the air attract the care and concern to me ... ... every little bit careless, I met a bull fighter so carefully inevitably will use the vision to appreciate what he ... ... has always been happy so comfortable have had almost given up playing the game ... .wow gold kaufen.. until one day we see a human FS At that time we have not reached 60 she saw that although it is very friendly tribes around me also kisses a bit of cattle! ! If the pendulum will be the usual for me to take this matter will not be so angry joke. I am very satisfied with his day to coax the more uncomfortable the more I, I, he says with a laugh: Are the Chinese people say that you are feeling jealous Mody ... ... a sudden heart I felt a strange anomaly may not necessarily love him ... ... While there is no agreement with each other and there is no confession. Perhaps in the eyes of others, what is no sense of security! Suffered severe trauma may be for me, very much like the feeling that it is so intriguing. The emotion faint diffuse between us open, into a pure white Delpy, comfortable flying in the colorful flowers of being. We were happy with doing everything. Listening to the songs I put together raid, battleground, pick flowers, Pacers. No patient to play a few of my battlefield no mind playing the disc he had turned over the pattern is always patient and stay with me! I like to call him pig! There are well-behaved a little bit stupid a bit stubborn ~! ~ People say that love will always sublimated when it had to explode like fireworks, there are always bright on the eruption of the moment! My love is the same when it is more open flowers more gorgeous ... ... My heart has become heavy. Because I talk and laugh with other people you have no previous wind tolerant man of your confidence? . Your gentle it? Do you trust? In order not to disturb people who deserve their own mind ... ... if there is no way to explain that you accept the Mody? Not passed back to me he began to reject Mody ... ... ... ... ... ... fear of becoming irritable and deeper into the body ... ... There are two kinds of sound ... ... "you can not trust the Internet anyway, is just false





suited to his sister

{ 09:06, 22/9/2009 } { 0 comments } { Link }

At this time, lich braved the ice shield on his head, cool a bit and took a share of 2-in-the report carefully read it again, this time found that Kel garde sincere self-criticism in a seamless actually put the blame for that surely is the fault of Director of the execution of intelligence body, pass the buck rather on irresponsibility, lich was furious, he thinks intelligence die first, must not bear him Shuaxiao smart people, so he called his secretary Miss banshee -- - you go to Kel garde called me, so he immediately came to see me at once, heard not.
wow gold
Miss Banshee how well-behaved intelligent, seeing lich is a fit of anger, mouthful promise down, withdraw, after quietly inquire understand Editor's Note, we began to call to Kel garde ---- hey, cousin, ah, I, demon , you son of this trouble, I can responsibly tell you, lich angry, very serious consequences! !

Kel only guess garde half Lich lich does not approve the report of his resignation does not mean do not intend to punish him. gold wow
He alarmed: cousin, ah, this can Laoge decent, thanks to you.
Demon: fewer years, I would not intercede for you then, so why every time I help you?
 a company formerly known: goblin ah, last time you is not to say do you want to Gina's signature photo? Laoge you got to go back and passed the time when you also sent me a bottle from the Night Elf tribe that imports of perfume, the thing you are best suited to his sister ....
Demon eyes suddenly shine: It was almost, well, I try, no blame, I ah.

As a result, small-Soviet near misses went to see a lich. Lich originally intended to use a dark ritual to eat him, and both cool down is also the way to add the value of their own magic. But the day a female secretary demon dressed mature enough to not do the temptation to overfly sexy to the point of vomiting blood, imported perfumes smell more people to aspire to the impossible. lich's mind will not put him in. Coupled with demon on one side Qiaobian Gu, lich just put a few of his critics dismissed him, and As for punishment, replaced by deep study Chapter 3 of Selected Works of the Lich King, and turned over learning experience one. Although it is boring compared to being eaten is much easier.





in the world the highest level

{ 03:12, 18/8/2009 } { 2 comments } { Link }

Ones, this means that all players have the possibility of a sudden the end of wow terms, in particular the seriousness of the situation the Chinese ones, are in the world the highest level.

Think about half a year of your hard work activities, equipment and weapons, a purple, when you visit the game all of a sudden one day and wow gold found a naked body stolen, do not practice shirts left, you feel like. How and who you game with a good friend who continues to wow the various magical adventure.

I think the 9C to the Blizzard company can request an increase in the game landed in a number of measures to protect the player's results.

For example, when landing to increase the screen to enter a password to generate a random bit of the soft keyboard keys;

Directly to the warehouse for all players to add a password lock, need to enter password each time you open (the password can modify the game with the same password to modify)

Another example should be provided by the official Blizzard Raid activities of large-scale update of plug-ins CTraid (directly in the Patch of 1.10, provided by Blizzard integration), rather than what we go under the Bigfoot, Wowshell even Xiaoqiang, wow po the moon can not guarantee the security of such plug-ins.

There are many ways to look at the key on 9C and Blizzard is willing to have a responsible attitude toward the players to do all these.

Hello everyone, I am Rainbow Lake Area 2 Rainbow 2 server lonely and MT head of mission and then I can take anti-.

The evening of April 29, after 7:30 on the line, in the role of the screen, found himself naked body, one into the game, was lower in the iron, I was in the storm door on-line banking, general light PP, one of the anger, strength, not all black, pig's head with a hammer these months I N missing weapons.

Points to open the warehouse, which I was used to commemorate the courage to set, the dragon, have disappeared, and even iron ore, real silver, wearing a cheap shirt, can not sell the tiger, have been the destruction of a clean.




Prefer to decompose

{ 09:03, 21/7/2009 } { 0 comments } { Link }

Yesterday, the association RI lovely leadership prevail in Zg RI adopted GKP distribution methods at a time.Well, although hand Black upholstery ..... but accompanied Jaca fell, people or because the packet poke into his own needs and elated-.-in fact, the idea of corporations of the Group G, it is said to a tall has planned a long time.Mainly because there are locations of fixed, although the Zg graduation for the elderly.But as long as something just roll out of his.Prefer to decompose, nor to the newcomer a chance.

  So tall and in the spirit in the wow gold interests of all people for the team.They set out a G.

  In 1BOSS (that bats in front of the arsonist), many people know that this activity to G shoot.Hearts have a, i think, GKP Regiment of the greatest impact is entrenched ideas.

  Many people do not think that flowers G g bulk buy something to other team-mate is acceptable — of course, so think are no participated in the “ controlled (GKP Regiment who ” we conduct the existence of this kind of person.But a lot of fun, our Association most people go after the end of the Zg shout “ how much does 500G sell cards, how many ”.

  First trip to the G Regiment, everyone was still very shy.That i 10 g buy, it is said that the disciplinary action against a Hunter saw my hands right then put a reprimand BIU ~ becomes after a connection, the crystals silently put me into a blacklist.A long time .....

  In fact, my idea of a G Corporation, if the Rich Warlocks are can buy any ” “ demand.I don't want to see this people arguing about what the bus station in G “ tradition occupation have rights on the money ” melee.Real G Regiment, as long as yours G thing, collectively or freelancers G.Does not exist any affair.There is no reason.Even if there is reason to only one, that's what you buy.

  BUG killed after you finish, my ferocity blood cancelling went to work.According to a binocular risked Kim Kwang, future Zg finally interesting to see…

  RAQ played is today, the troupe playing BWL leveling, it is easily RAQ.No.1 big bugs away [quicksand coat] my eyes assumes the heart out of the 150, 3 seconds, and the other voices, 160, i Tim to 200, the other party does not bid.I am very familiar to ask, “ go ” and then put the quicksand sooo coat in the body ..... well, finally say goodbye to the ugly Tsan DARA.

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who seemed so clumsy
suited to his sister
in the world the highest level
Prefer to decompose


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