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Next In Line


10:32, 1/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Harenkarspel pt2 Harenkarspel pt2

New female character outfits

21:04, 31/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
New girl outfits after having having a chat with the girls from the playtest group. They wanted to have modern, fashionable outfits. First outfit is a starter outfit because we don't want nude characters ;)


16:20, 31/10/2012 .. Posted in Development .. 0 comments .. Link
Kolen Stapelen

Level Design: Harenkarspel pt2

16:18, 31/10/2012 .. Posted in Design .. 0 comments .. Link
Harenkarspel pt2

Our poster

17:21, 30/10/2012 .. Posted in Introduction .. 0 comments .. Link
Poster done by Heidi Mäenpää and Sarah Sneeboer

Picking an artstyle

16:36, 30/10/2012 .. Posted in Concept Art .. 0 comments .. Link
One of the mayor reasons why a game is succesful is the aestatics and art style of the game. Because we needed to find out which style our target audience liked the most, we decided to make some quick concept style sketches and let them pick one they liked the most. Which was the second character from the left...or the right. :)

Concept art for the boy character

16:23, 30/10/2012 .. Posted in Concept Art .. 0 comments .. Link
When there is a girl character, there's also a boy character. Done by Heidi Mäenpää.

Zijpe Style Test

16:12, 30/10/2012 .. Posted in Concept Art .. 0 comments .. Link
A test to see what the chosen art style that  has been picked by the children looked like in game.

Nieuw blog

15:12, 24/9/2012 .. Posted in Overall .. 1 comments .. Link
NextInLine heeft een nieuwe webblog!

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