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basketball shoes

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Green Army to the effect loss of Jingzhou Lewis flash in the pan to save Jeff Van Gundy

Green Army to the effect loss of Jingzhou Lewis flash in the pan to save Jeff Van Gundy


January 29, the Associated Press news, Rashard Lewis of the lay-pointer with 1.3 seconds to help the Orlando Magic overcame 16-point deficit to 96-94 by beating the Boston Celtics. "I'm looking forward to the basket when the defense has been washed away." He said, "but I did not think simply no air-defense me." nike outlet

Magic's last attack was originally designed for Vince Carter, but he was against the wearer, the end-Lewis received the ball, and go past Kevin Garnett, a winning hit. "Rashad saved me." Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said, "We can not give the ball to Vince, it was a lame tactics design, Rashad saved me." nike outlet

With Rasheed Wallace is not in the pointer by the Cavaliers, the Magic have made this season's three games against Celtic in the second victory. Lewis received the Magic with 23 points, Dwight Howard overcame early foul trouble to get into 19 points and 10 rebounds, including 11 points in the fourth quarter. Ray Allen scored 20 points and Wallace 17 points, the Celtics in the third line was originally occupied a huge advantage, but in the last one misfiring. " uggs sale

We probably deserve it. "Celtics coach Road, Cleaves said," Our attention is completely focused. 11-point halftime lead, and I told them not to take it seriously. We should take the lead 25 points. We had this under control, but I never had that feeling, because we play wrong. Section 6 minutes left on the bench when I tell people: 'We have trouble. ' " cheap uggs

Boston players are equally embarrassing. "I can not explain it." Garnett said, "unfortunately, lost. We had them under control, instead letting victory slip through my fingers." basketball shoes

Howard and the Magic put to the second half of the double center line masing Ge Tate, the effect immediate. "Defensively, I think we have them beaten to death." Ge Tate said, "There are two big guys in, they will never be anti-live us." basketball shoes


(Editor: mascot)

Posted: 08:52, 30/1/2010
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Knicks Raptors adventure to take a critical time ball dropped four straight

Knicks Raptors adventure to take a critical time ball dropped four straight


January 29, Raptors 106-104 win over the Knicks in the road in order to obtain four-game winning streak. nike outlet

Raptors missed Zan der Rohe. Opening Bosh's layup with Duhon, Jialinani hit third, respectively, Jared Jeffries scored five points, the Knicks hit a 10-2 to 22-11 lead with 11 points. Jack, Chris Bosh and combine five points, Minister of State had seven points, Jialinani hit third, 16 points lead Knicks to 32-16. Toronto scored four points and two penalty Li 2, Section Knicks to 34-20 lead. nike outlet

Section Johnson, Calderon, Wright each had two points, the Raptors played a 6-0, Zhuizhi 26-34. Robinson 2 penalty 2, Calderon, Wright combine five points Jialinali scored five points and Bargnani hit a jumper, Turkoglu hit two-thirds, half Raptors Zhuizhi 49-53. uggs sale

Toronto scored five second half points, Lee, Jialinali, Chandler, Harrington each had two points, the Knicks hit a 8-2 to lead 61-56. Hedo Turkoglu hit two-thirds, Robinson's layup with three lead after the Knicks to 81-79. cheap uggs

The fourth quarter, Wright scored five points, the Raptors beat a 10-2 to 89-83 go-ahead. Robinson, Harrington had five points combined, Johnson twice a layup, Harrington scored six points, Lee scored four points, the Knicks beat a 10-0, 1 minute and 47 seconds before the whistle to 102-97 go-ahead. Turkoglu responded with four points, Jack scoring run to vote, Toronto-pointer with 50.2 seconds to go-ahead 103-102. Lee layups, Chris Bosh's layup with Robinson layup was covered, Lee tipped in, Jack 2 penalty 1, the Toronto-pointer with 7.3 seconds to 106-104 lead. Harrington, offensive fouls, the Knicks loss tobasketball shoes

Raptors Chris Bosh 27 points and 15 rebounds, Hedo Turkoglu 26 points and 11 rebounds, Wright 13 points 5 rebounds, 7 assists, Calderon 12 points, Johnson 10 points 7 rebounds. Knicks Lee 29 points and 18 rebounds, Al Harrington 20 points and seven rebounds, 18 points, seven rebounds Jialinali, Robinson, Chandler 14 points each. basketball shoes


Toronto: Jack, Wei Musi, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Bosh, Bargnani

New York: Duhon, Chandler, Jialinali, Jeffries, Lee
(Editor: mascot)

Posted: 08:52, 30/1/2010
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Karl Nuggets benefit from the lock-West All-Stars 8 game winning streak Chairs

Karl Nuggets benefit from the lock-West All-Stars 8 game winning streak Chairs


January 29, according to "Inside Hoops" reported that Nuggets coach George Karl will serve as the 2010 Western Conference All-Star team coach, appears in the February 15 at the Texas All-Star game. nike outlet

In the current ranking on the west, the Lakers topped the list, but their coach Phil Jackson last year, when the All-Star team coach, but not in this term. In other teams, the Mavericks lost in the sun today, after having been unable to January 31 to catch up with the Nuggets on the record before. nike outlet

And in accordance with the provisions of the League, the Nuggets came in the second record will allow Carl once again become an all-star coach. In the past career, he also served as three All-Star team's head coach, respectively, in 1998 the eastern part of the All-Star, as well as the 1994 and 1996 Western Conference All-Star. uggs sale

In six seasons coaching the Nuggets, Karl made a record 255 wins came in second in the history of the Nuggets, and he's winning percentage as high as 62 & is second to none. In this season, the Nuggets current record field of 45 teams had broken the record of history, in the past few games, the Nuggets is to achieve eight straight. cheap uggs

As a victorious history screenings ranked seventh in the NBA's coach, Karl in the 22-year career has made a total of 964 victories, which also includes 17 consecutive seasons, he led the team to a winning percentage of 50% and above. The record came in the history of the third ranked first difference is that Pat Riley (19 seasons from 1981-82 season to the 2001-02 season); the second is expected to break the record Phil
Jackson (18 seasons ,1989-90 season until now). basketball shoes

As the eastern part of the current fierce competition in the rankings, so East All-Star coaching staff is not clear at present appears. There are still several teams have until January 31 in the eastern part of the second lock of hope, but as last year's All-Star coach of the Cleveland East coach Mike Brown has already lost this season, the All-Star coaching qualifications. basketball shoes

(Editor: Roberto Baggio's Apprentice)

Posted: 08:51, 30/1/2010
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Substitute a small reversal of directors distal Adams willing to bench

Substitute a small reversal of directors distal Adams willing to bench


January 29, the Associated Press news, Louis Amandesen and with the replacement of the Gelundela Silajdzic, Jared Dedudeli directed along a major reversal of a 14-point minor details to help the Phoenix Suns 112 -106 Lectra Dallas Mavericks. nike outlet

"Cool." 7 vote 5 to get 13 points Emandesen said, "It's fun. We are playing to the team after a number of different things." Emandesen replace Amare Stoudemire is playing , the latter had 22 points, but sat the bench the entire fourth quarter, in his words is "the first time in this life, but a great feeling." nike outlet


Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry said let Stoudemire bench not because he has done or not do, simply because they substitute for the court to bring vitality. "I have nothing to interpretation." Gentry said, "If you play, he is the happiest man. That he is a great teammate. He knew that road playing well." uggs sale

Steve Nash had 19 points and 11 assists, Jason Richardson 17 points, de la Silajdzic 13 points, Dudley 8 minutes, the sun was terminated three-game losing streak to the Mavericks. "We just need to improve the morale a bit." Gentry said. His team entered the game nine battle 7 negative. cheap uggs

Jason Terry to be the highest in 19 points in Dallas, Dirk Nowitzki 17 points and Shawn Marion 15 points. Nowitzki in his first 884 games than Brad Davis played for the Dallas screening to become the largest player. "Their bench all night, Crimping us." Terry said, "It seems to me inconceivable that we are all playing half the season, but it seems still groping the fourth quarter." basketball shoes

"We have six points before the fourth quarter advantage, we must do a better implementation and defensively." Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said, "is that simple. Their aggressiveness is higher than ours." basketball shoes

(Editor: mascot)

Posted: 08:50, 30/1/2010
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