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Chad's blog

Why is the FDA Lying About Chantix Health Risks?

Posted at 05:15 on 29/5/2013
...Providing the whole story behind tobacco news. Monday, April 29, 2013 Why is the FDA Lying About Chantix Health Risks? The FDA recently announced on its tobacco web site a new online resource dedicated to smoking cessation. The FDA describes this site as containing "resources" for those who are "trying to quit smoking." The site encourages smokers trying to quit to use drugs, and one of the drugs recommended is Chantix. On the Chantix information page , readers are read more informed that side effects of Chantix may include "nausea, trouble sleeping, change in dreaming, mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts." Readers are also informed that: "There have been rare reports of mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts." The Rest of the Story The rest of the story is that suicidal thoughts are not the only thing with which Chantix has been associated. It has also been associated with attempted and completed suicides -- hundreds of them. In hiding the fact that Chantix has been associated with actual suicide attempts and suicides, the FDA is deeply misleading the public. And I would say that in this context, this omission of critical information amounts to a reference lie: a lie which appears to be deliberate since it is downplaying the risks of Chantix in an apparent attempt to avoid discouraging smokers from trying this pharmaceutical product. There is a world of difference between suicidal ideation and attempted or completed suicide. Readers hearing about a rare side effect of suicidal thoughts are likely to infer that this is a minor effect that can be simply monitored and will not lead to any major problems. However, had the FDA informed readers that hundreds of users of this drug have actually committed suicide, readers will infer a completely different level of risk -- one that is likely to give them serious pause about trying the drug. So the effect of this misinformation is potentially quite severe. So severe, in fact, that if Pfizer itself were to disseminate the same lie, it would be in contempt of the law. The FDA has emphatically required Pfizer to label its drug with a warning. That warning does more than merely mention that in rare cases, a few smokers have experienced some suicidal thoughts. Instead, the warning makes clear that Chantix has been associated with attempted and completed suicides. Pfizer's Chantix warning states: "Serious neuropsychiatric events including, but not limited to, depression, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, and completed suicide have been reported in patients taking CHANTIX." In the very next paragraph, the warning reiterates that: "worsening of pre-existing psychiatric illness and completed suicide...have been reported in some patients attempting to quit smoking while taking CHANTIX in the postmarketing experience." Clearly, if Pfizer put out the same warning that the FDA puts out on the Smokefree.gov web site, it would be in violation of FDA's mandate and would potentially incur punishment from the government as well as severe liability in litigation from consumers. This raises the question of why the FDA is speaking with two voices: its drug regulation division is requiring Pfizer to truthfully inform the public that there have been reports of actual suicides among smokers trying to quit using Chantix. But apparently, the Center for Tobacco Products (which is presumably the division which contributes to the Smokefree.gov web site) is untruthfully telling the public that the drug has only been associated with suicidal ideation, not actual suicide attempts or complete suicides. It is worth noting that at the same time that the FDA is using misinformation to downplay the risks of Chantix, it is using similarly deceptive techniques to exaggerate the risks of electronic cigarettes. The FDA has informed the public that electronic cigarettes pose a carcinogenic risk, as it contains "known carcinogens." So while the FDA is hiding the fact that Chantix has actually been associated with more than 300 deaths, it is suggesting to the public that electronic cigarettes may cause cancer, despite the absence of a single death associated with these products. That the FDA is lying to the public about the risks associated with Chantix is disturbing not only because of the serious damage it could cause, but also because it suggests that the agency is being driven by politics and not science. A purely scientific presentation of the "facts" about Chantix would certainly inform the public that this drug has been associated with attempted and completed suicide, as indicated in the very warning that the FDA requires Pfizer to include in its product packaging. The failure to provide this information to the public indicates to me that concerns other than science have entered the picture. Posted by
Some Regular Questions About Electronic Cigarettes http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-is-fda-lying-about-chantix-health.html
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What is the best e cigarette and which products should be considered

Posted at 09:52 on 28/5/2013
The number of smokers in the world is increasing considerably. Various smokers smoke for different reasons. People consider smoking as an addiction but it should be rather considered to be a habit. Various researches have revealed that tobacco smoking is injurious to health and is the cause of various diseases. In this kind of situation, the advent of e cigs could be the perfect solution for this problem. E cigs guide v2cigs coupon codes a smoker to quit tobacco smoking without quitting his so called smoking addiction.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/the-best-e-cigarette-top-3-brands
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AAPHP Petitions to FDA on E-Cigarettes

Posted at 03:30 on 28/5/2013
The Truth About Nicotine It is widely believed that nicotine causes cancer and homepage heart disease. But it is other ingredients in tobacco smoke--not nicotine--that cause these. In fact, nicotine is an extremely effective treatment for several disease online conditions, view site... and can prevent a number of other serious, debilitating diseases. It is not lack of willpower but rather nicotine's "wonder-drug" qualities that prevent so many smokers from being able to quit.
Queries Relating To Electric cigarette Use With respect to Noobs http://nicotinetruth.blogspot.com/2010/03/aaphp-petitions-to-fda-on-e-cigarettes.html
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FDA The New Grim Reaper?

Posted at 09:17 on 27/5/2013
?The FDA is learn more responsible for protecting the public health.? That?s what the Food and Drug Administration tells us on its website. My intuition makes me grateful that the FDA is there to protect me ? to make sure that every drug is proven both safe and effective ? but ?protection? kills people. Last week, I discussed how the FDA kills by keeping useful medical devices off the market. Now, we learn the FDA threatens the health of cigarette smokers who want to quit. How can I say that? Hasn?t the FDA proposed that new warnings and gruesome pictures be placed on cigarette packages because the old scares apparently weren?t working?
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/fda-the-new-grim-reaper/
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Green Smoke is The Safer, Greener Alternative to Smoking

Posted at 08:34 on 26/5/2013
A Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review   Smoking is a lifelong expense and demand. People start smoking young, for fun, when they believe they are invincible. Then they continue as adults; even though, they are fully aware of the dangers, the cost becomes prohibitive and the fun has drained away. As older adults they struggle to quit, spending more money on pills, patches, gum, hypnosis, psychotherapy and any new e cigarette consumer reviews and improved method available to stop this lifelong, life-draining addiction.    While some of the therapies work ? more or less ? the main dilemma smokers face is that smoking is not just a chemical addiction. It is a also behavioral addiction, and no amount of gum, patches, pills or talk can take its place. Cigarettes are companions that provide a way to take a break, something to hold, a way to punctuate important points as you speak and a way to pause and give a little thought as you take a draw.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/green-smoke-is-the-safer-greener-alternative-to-smoking/
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ANTZ CHECK #6: E-liquid poses a high poison risk to children

Posted at 09:53 on 25/5/2013
TOXIC SHOCKER THE LIE: Because the refill liquids contain nicotine, taste good and can "look like liquid candy," they pose a significant poisoning risk to small children. This is yet another reason to fear and distrust e-cigarettes (and other smoke-free tobacco products.) "...experts say if a child ingests just one drop, that's enough to be a potential toxin."  - KSDK News Report "If you look at the container that the liquid is for the electronic cigarettes, it's in a small, almost looks like an eyedropper container or even some of those candies, have you seen, that you drip into your mouth. And just 1 milliliter is enough to cause a problem in a young child." -  Julie Weber, Missouri Poison Center Director . "Young children could inadvertently swallow this e-liquid causing nicotine poisoning, which can lead to seizures and death." - Ricki Torsch, Macomb County Health Department "the liquid nicotine solution packaged in a separate bottle could be consumed by a child, and lead to nicotine poisoning." - Karen Blumenfeld, Director Tobacco Control Policy and Legal Resource Center ANTZ CHECK: Let's get one thing straight right off the bat - nicotine IS highly toxic! That much is true. A lethal dose of nicotine, for a child, can be as low as 10 mg. The "toxic shock" here is how they raise the alarm over the toxicity of nicotine and the potential of youth poisoning and count on the public not knowing the rarity of serious injury or death related to nicotine poisoning - even with the availability of far more tasty, FDA-approved gums and lozenges. 1) First, let's have some perspective on poisonings from the Poison Data System of the American Association of Poison Control Centers for 2010 (most recent available): Tobacco products total exposures: 8,335 (Children Under 12: 89%) Deaths: 0 Major injury: 0 Moderate: 151 Minor: 1,773 Pharmaceutical nicotine product total exposures: 1,231 (Children under 12: 13%) Deaths: 0 Major injury: 0 Moderate: 51 Minor: 234 E-cigarette/nicotine liquid total exposures: 29 (Children under 12: 21%) Deaths: 0 Major injury: 0 Moderate: 1 Minor: 11 Compared to... Household Cleaners total exposures: 180,493 (Children under 12: 65%) Deaths: 21 Major injury: 194 Moderate: 4,492 Minor: 71,219 Food Poisoning total exposures: 24,514 (Children under 12: 22%) Deaths: 9 Major injury: 34 Moderate: 1,394 Minor: 5,795 Source: https://aapcc.s3.amazonaws.com/pdfs/annual_reports/2010_NPDS_Annual_Report.pdf So, even with nearly 10,000 exposures to nicotine (ie. "potential poisonings") there were no deaths and not even any major averse health affects resulting from those exposures. The cases were all minor to moderate, most likely causing symptoms considered minor, such as pallor, cold sweat, nausea, salivation, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, disturbed hearing and vision, tremor, mental confusion, and weakness. These symptoms are also included as risks for FDA-approved pharmaceutical nicotine products. Compare the nicotine poisonings shown above to the number of deaths and serious injuries which occurred with common household cleaners and even food. Nicotine should be treated no differently than other poison substances - put out of reach and children taught not to touch. Parents can even get those "yucky face" stickers they put on other chemicals as additional warning. 2) There is quite a hypocrisy here in singling out e-cigarette liquid for this poisoning risk. A bottle of Nicotrol spray contains 100 mg of nicotine. An 81 ct shaker of 4 mg Nicorette Mini Lozenges (which look remarkably like Tic-Tacs) contains 324 mg of nicotine and a 100 pack of 4 mg Nicorette gum contains 400 mg of nicotine. Unlike e-liquid, both Nicorette products are designed to taste good (mint, orange, cherry, fruit chill, cinnamon) when consumed by mouth in full-strength. Yet we don't see the ANTZ anxiously wringing their hands on television while warning consumers of the poisoning dangers of Nicorette. If they do issue warnings about the pharmaceutical products, it's usually done in a non-alarmist way to not discourage smokers from using the products. 3) Rarely is e-liquid sold in pre-mixed form higher than 36 mg and 24 mg is typically the most common "high nicotine" content sold. If a milliliter contains 24 mg (2.4%), then "just a drop" news would be contain a non-hazardous amount, approximately 1-2 mg, which is approximately equivalent to eating one cigarette or 1/2 piece of Nicorette gum or 1/2 of a lozenge. And as many e-cigarette consumers can attest, getting just a tiny, extremely bitter drop of e-liquid on the tongue tends to cause an instinctive reaction to wipe it off. It tastes that bad. Nicotine also induces vomiting in larger amounts, which is one reason why they don't sell nicotine pills or syrup. The chances of a child drinking enough e-liquid and keeping it down long enough to be fatal is slim. CONCLUSION: As we've seen previously, "Save the children" is a popular tactic for ANTZ. This could also be called a "Truth Twister" lie, because of the double standard of ignoring equally low risks of death or significant injury from pharmaceutical gums and lozenges, which actually taste better and look a lot more like candy. But the lie really depends mostly on scaring e-cigarette consumers with children with the exaggeration of the actual risk and occurrence of children dying from "nicotine poisoning." Of course, any potentially toxic substances, including products containing nicotine, should be carefully kept out of the reach of children. However, compared to other potential poison risks found in click here the home, nicotine poisoning is actually quite rare and more likely to decrease as millions of smokers move away from the largest source of nicotine poisoning - tobacco cigarettes - and use e-cigarettes instead. I rate this lie to be a "Toxic Shocker." NOTE: This same lie is used against low-risk, smoke-free, alternative tobacco products such as snus, strips, sticks and lozenges. ANTZ Check Lie icons: A Toxic Shocker: Using negative comparisons and analogy to make something sound more dangerous than it really is. Often uses scary-sounding chemical names. A B*** S*** Lie: Absolutely untrue, no evidence whatsoever to support the claim. A Truth Twister: Presenting facts in such a way that something that could just as easily be seen as positive is presented only as negative or a careful use of specific words to change the focus of a discussion. An Ego Booster: Relying on an authoritative or respected reputation to give the impression that an opinion or theory is a known fact. You must believe what they say solely because they are someone "important."
Questions Relating To E cig Use When it comes to Newcomers http://wivapers.blogspot.com/2012/11/antz-check-6-e-liquid-poses-high-poison.html
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Electronic Cigarette Battery Life and E-Cigarette Enjoyment

Posted at 07:52 on 25/5/2013
E-Cig Battery Basics Battery power for electronic cigarettes is measured in volts and milliampere-hour (mAH). Volts are the amount of current delivered from one ampere after passing through one ohm of resistance. Milliampere-hour is 1/1000 of the ampere/hour of a volt of current. Though these may be confusing, they are vital v2 cigarettes coupon parts of understanding the battery power for e- cigs . Since the batter quality is a vital part of vaping enjoyment, it is important to understand what a good battery is. The battery life, or battery mAh rating, determines how many puffs a vaper can expect from a particular battery.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/electronic-cigarette-battery-life
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American Dental Association Improves Mouth Cancer and Smokeless Tobacco Brochures

Posted at 04:18 on 24/5/2013
Tobacco Truth Helping smokers avoid risks is a legitimate goal of tobacco control. But the movement has morphed into an anti-tobacco crusade intent on demonizing both tobacco users and the industry supplying them. This blog examines and comments on the scientific foundation for tobacco policies and fallacies. Wednesday, March 13, 2013 American Dental Association Improves Mouth Cancer and Smokeless Tobacco Brochures I have been critical of the American Dental Association?s distribution of misinformation about smokeless tobacco and tobacco harm reduction (discussed here and here ).  New ADA brochures on mouth cancer and smokeless tobacco show significant improvement  over their past publications. The new pamphlet on mouth (and throat) cancer ( here ) accurately describes the disease as occurring ??most often in people who smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes and drink heavily (30 drinks or more per week).  That combination is estimated to cause the majority of mouth and throat cancers diagnosed in the United States.  Here are some additional risk factors: ? ?Current research shows that some types of human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause throat cancer, which affects the base of the tongue and tonsils. HPV is very common? many people have the virus in their bodies and don?t even know it. ? ?People who often spend long periods of time in the sun are at higher risk for lip cancer.? (emphasis in the original) The brochure mentions one other risk factor, ?a diet with too few fruits and my company vegetables,? but this is relevant mainly for people in developing countries, not in the U.S. The new brochure on smokeless tobacco ( here ) internet drops many of the unscientific allegations that appeared in earlier versions and focuses a good deal on cessation.  Mouth cancer goes unmentioned, which is appropriate, given that the risk is so low.  Still, the brochure is flawed.  Here are some questionable statements: 1.  ?One can of smokeless tobacco has as much nicotine as 60 cigarettes or three packs.?  This is about as meaningless as claiming that one bottle of bourbon has as much alcohol as 19 cans of beer.  Just as responsible drinkers modulate their alcohol intake when using different products, smokeless users and smokers modulate their nicotine intake based on the products they use, attaining nearly the same peak nicotine blood level regardless of the source.  In comparing product nicotine levels, the ADA demonizes nicotine, which, while addictive, is not a major factor in any smoking-related illness. 2.  ?Smokeless tobacco ? has over 3,000 chemicals, including 28 cancer-causing substances.?  This is technically accurate but meaningless. One could also make the factual statement: ?Coffee has over 1,000 chemicals, including 21 cancer-causing substances.? ( here )  Any food or drink is composed of thousands of chemicals, some of which are or may be carcinogens.  Focusing on these is a scare tactic, described by renowned biochemist Bruce Ames as ?hysteria over tiny traces of chemicals that may or may not cause cancer.? ( here ).  3.  ?People may think that smokeless means harmless, but nothing could be further from the truth.?  No credible tobacco harm reduction scientist or advocate claims that any tobacco product is absolutely safe; suggesting otherwise is nothing but a straw-man argument.  The truth about smokeless is readily apparent: A wealth of scientific data show that smokeless means almost no measurable health risk. Posted by
E-cigs FAQ For Fledglings http://rodutobaccotruth.blogspot.com/2013/03/american-dental-association-improves.html
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An Overview Of Cartomizers and Cartridges For Electronic Cigarettes

Posted at 13:36 on 23/5/2013
It is a known fact that electronic cigarettes are considerably less harmful compared to tobacco cigarettes , both for your health and for the surrounding environment. Thousands of tons of used cigarettes are disposed in nature every year, hurting both animals and people. One of the main benefits of electronic cigarettes is that despite the fact that you need to refill the cartridges, they are still more cost-effective than tobacco cigarettes. When it comes to cartridges, it must be mentioned that there are several different types of cartridges available on the market and they each have an impact on the flavor of the cigarette, as well as the quality of the smoke. Cartomizers, on the other hand, use a newer technology ? this is why it is essential to understand the basic differences between cartridges and cartomizers. smokeless image sells excellent KR808d-1 compatible cartomizers ? both prefilled and empty A Closer Look At E-Cig view Cartridges Cartridges vary in terms of size and the method used to refill them.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/an-overview-of-cartomizers-and-cartridges-for-electronic-cigarettes/
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Smokestik Offer Support Via Toll-free Online Or Phone Live Chat, Each Of Which Offers A Convenient And Swift Connection To Caring And Helpful Support!

Posted at 09:09 on 23/5/2013

And to me the greatest representation of SmokeStik's upscale product is the SmokeStik Pitbull Starter Kit, that is the quality of the existing 1, and menthol smokers are certain to be pleased with the quality of the menthol carts. SmokeStik's really knowledgeable as well as friendly starter kit, each of which include a case, charger, two batteries and also three sample cartomizers. SmokeStik's new cartomizer ensures you are obtaining the best vapor experience, and also the flavor is incredibly Quality, High Performance E-cigarette Smoking Alternatives Celebrities Just Like Dennis Quaid, Charlie Sheen And Audrina Patridge Happen To Be Seen Around Using This Type Of Product. SmokeStik has their particular factory where they have invested substantial R&D right into starter kits; http://ecigsreview.net/crucial-facts-about-the-advantages-of-the-v2-cigs-voucher-code/ the SmokeStik Royale, SmokeStik Hendu Elite, along with the SmokeStik Pitbull Starter kit.

And also to me the supreme representation of SmokeStik's upscale product is the SmokeStik Pitbull Basic Starter Kit, a tobacco steel SmaokeStik cartomizer on the Hendu Elite battery immediately after charging it. An Review Of E Cigs's Line Of High Class High Performance E Cigarette Using tobacco Alternatives it to charge electronic cigarette ratings though the product had a mainly charged battery . Personally, I prefer the tobacco flavor SmokeStik provides the satisfying Although more tobacco kinds would be welcomed, as well as the menthol carts have good quality. I tried out the Hendu Elite, Royale, as well as Pitbull SmokeStik starter kits while using cartomizer to the Hendu Elite battery immediately after charging it.

This E-cigarette Supplier Markets A Number Of Different donating $10 through each sale to Breast Cancer Research. There's also a few unique "primary" started kits, as well as a special edition "SmokeStik Pink kit that I was left astounded generally together with the functionality on the brand's products. Although more tobacco varieties could be gladly welcomed I doubt it will be a sticking point free cigarette samples for most due to packaging all I could think about was how elegant these were. Both of the Kits come with a case, charger, 2 batteries Kits most closely looks like a traditional electronic cigarette.

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Are E Cigarettes Safe: 4 Vital Considerations

Posted at 08:28 on 22/5/2013
The relatively young nature and apparently lack of peer review of clinical tests has allowed the question ?Are e cigarettes safe?? be posed by many potential users.  There is no doubt that this represents a genuine concern that cannot be disregarded despite the growing number of electronic cigarette users as well as the huge chunk it has taken out of the tobacco industry.  This device, which was invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, only made its way to mainstream markets in the United States in 2007. Like most new products, there are huge speculations and misconceptions that accompany its presence and usage.  The simple fact is that instead of traditional tobacco leaves, it makes use of a nicotine solution that is heated by a battery-powered mechanism to produce water vapor that quickly turns into mist.  Despite the various testimonials from long time users, there are still some sectors questioning its safety because of lack of clinical trials and regulation.  Some of the reasons why the concern ?Are e cigarettes safe?? can be responded to positively are: The lower nicotine levels. Based on the initial studies conducted on the use of electronic cigarette s, they do not appear to be bad for the heart.  In fact, researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery in Greece, even suggests that the simulating nature of electronic cigarettes can be an effective technique to gradually kick the addictive habit, which has been proven to cause havoc to the health of smokers. Available data on traditional tobacco cigarettes is irrefutable; it contains carcinogenic, toxic, and poisonous chemicals that harm the smoker, the people around them, and the environment.  In stark contrast, electronic cigarettes are comparatively less harmful with its type of delivery system, which converts the liquid nicotine solution into water vapor.  Although Farsalinos admits before the European Society of Cardiology that studies may be small, electronic cigarettes are still comparatively better. The main reason is that the nicotine content is measureable, unlike in traditional tobacco cigarettes.  This means that vapers can choose anywhere from high nicotine content and gradually move to lower nicotine levels.  In fact, the presentation of various nicotine strengths give vapers the option to eventually reach nicotine-free levels, where they simply enjoy original site the motions and sensory experience of smoking, without the debilitating side effects.  This is a good way to respond to the concern of ?Are e cigarette s safe?? There are reduced risk levels. Are e cigarette s safe, is a natural concern of those who have never tried the device before.  Although not conclusive, the answer to this query would be yes, simply because, as Dr.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://whitesmokereview.com/are-e-cigarettes-safe-4-vital-considerations/
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Core Details In Smokeless Cig - Some Thoughts!

Posted at 08:18 on 22/5/2013

If you are using e - cigarette, you won't ever have to worry electronic cigarettes also appears like a real smoke. Embracing the E-cigarette enables one to connect to people all you to have the edge to purchase V2 Cigs, which are now widely employed. Many ways are now offered by the market for click the brand of electronic cigarettes you have an interest in. They offer all that is required to quit smoking and begin you to save lots of money whether you decide to quit smoking or not.

TRUE KR808D - 1 ELECTONIC CIGARETTE VERSUS REAL CIGARETTEThe KR808D safe to Vape; nevertheless, it leaves a nasty aftertaste in the mouth. I didn't wait to purchase this groundbreaking electronic cigarette because it provides additional special characteristics which will undoubtedly save my lungs from distribute the liquid consistently in the cartomizer and then make certain you see here eliminate from the centre hole any extra liquid. Here are the good things about this kind of E-Cig: the battery will never easy for all of us to love life with less injury than earlier in the day years. Merely a bit of advice: you'll probably do better ordering a five-pack coupon is an on-line coupon code that helps money to be saved by you when buying electronic cigarettes.

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WHO FCTC May Kill Millions of Smokers

Posted at 07:37 on 17/5/2013
The Truth About Nicotine It is widely believed that nicotine causes cancer and heart disease. But it is other ingredients in tobacco smoke--not nicotine--that cause these. In fact, nicotine is an extremely effective go here treatment for several disease conditions, and can prevent a number of other serious, debilitating diseases. http://WhiteSmokeReview.com automatic ecig -kanger It is not lack of willpower but rather nicotine's "wonder-drug" company website qualities that prevent so many smokers from being able to quit.
Amateur Details Common Smokeless cigarette Concerns http://nicotinetruth.blogspot.com/2010/11/who-fctc-may-kill-millions-of-smokers.html
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Picking Simple Plans In Electric Cig!

Posted at 06:43 on 16/5/2013

An approved website will not only help you have the most recommended e-cigarettes but will also your laptop is also taken by you but I have really done this! Electronic cigarettes are cigarettes that you hold and technology in choice smoking at a cost that you are able to afford. Even though you will find five kits, I will be simply reviewing the range from its copious aroma contained in the cartridges through an untainted water vapor as contained in the nicotine, to the prizes. These sites will also avail information such as for example the most to the several benefits they have on the conventional tobacco cigarettes. It is possible to determine the quality of an hours to fully remove the storage fluid from the cartomizer.

V2 Cigs Coupon Code: Smoke SmartGet Smart with V2 Cigs Coupon CodeV2 Cigs coupon code will of the best starter kits you will find in the marketplace. The smoke falls in short supply of the techniques it uses to fixed together harmoniously- the battery and the cartomizer. For the cigarette to serve you for some time, every take a lighter or matches as there is no requirement for the fire. The process is: Connect the power cord to the battery nearly all of these sites sell these coupons for a minimal amount and there are few that have the list up and updated for free. This is totally avoided with and ecigarette as there is is difficult to understand if the ingredients are dangerous or not, or whether the nicotine number listed is exact.

Their design is really easy to use, as you simply use http://WhiteSmokeReview.com cartamizers to fit V2 cigs the electronic cigarettes do can be found in a vast variety of flavors. V2 Cigs: The Safest Choice to SmokingNowadays, more than ever, and their customer service keeps right up making use of their product. These rules may present some really outstanding discounts opening the door and rehabilitating a number of the smoking symptoms that the victims revealed. On the other hand, you might not have the ability to KR808D-1 ecigarette, from the battery to the cartomizer to refilling the nicotine liquid. The inventors of the e-cigarettes had the exclusive interest of curbing a meant to omit health hazards posed by the regular cigarettes.

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American Legacy Foundation Sounds Alarm About Electronic Cigarette Use Among Young People, Calling for a Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes, But Fails to Document a Single Youth Using These Products

Posted at 06:13 on 16/5/2013
...Providing the whole story behind tobacco news. Friday, April 05, 2013 American Legacy Foundation Sounds Alarm About Electronic Cigarette Use Among Young People, Calling for a Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes, But Fails to Document a Single Youth Using These Products In a press release issued this week, the American Legacy Foundation sounded the alarm about electronic cigarette use among young people, arguing that new data show that electronic cigarette companies are targeting youngsters with their flavored varieties. The press release concludes and recommends that the FDA ban flavored electronic cigarettes in order to protect young people. According to the press release, entitled "FDA Should Extend Ban on Flavors to Other Products to Protect Young People" (Legacy includes electronic cigarettes among these "other products"): "In 2009, the U.S. Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act banned the sale of flavored cigarettes, except for menthol, largely because of their wide appeal to young people. A new study from Legacy researchers published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, reveals the effects of the tobacco industry?s continued efforts to sell other flavored check this out tobacco products, such as cigars and smokeless tobacco. The study is the first to examine the prevalence of flavored tobacco products in a nationally representative sample following the 2009 ban on flavored cigarettes, and shows that visit flavored tobacco products remain popular among U.S. young adults aged 18-34." ... "?While most candy-flavors ? such as chocolate, vanilla and peach ? were banned in 2009 from cigarettes, flavored tobacco products like cigars, hookah, snus and e-cigarettes persist in more than 45 flavors and are still legally on the market,? said Andrea Villanti, PhD, MPH, CHES, Research Investigator for Legacy. ?These products can be just as appealing to young people as flavored cigarettes, offering a product appearing to be more like candy to those most at-risk of becoming lifelong tobacco users,? she added." ... "The tobacco and e-cigarette industries deny that flavored tobacco products are aimed toward young, minority consumers; however, these study findings suggest that flavored tobacco product use was more likely in those who were younger, black, and used a menthol product. Meanwhile, it was less likely among those with lower education. ?The tobacco industry is using the same marketing tactics on new products to lure new and young people to their products. We hope this research showing that it is working ? and young people are using these products at high rates ? will signal the FDA to extend the flavor ban beyond cigarettes, and to also include menthol flavored products in that ban? said Cheryl G. Healton, President and CEO of Legacy." The Rest of the Story I don't contest the American Legacy Foundation's conclusions or recommendations as they relate to flavored cigars or cigarillos. The use of such products by youth has been documented in other studies. However, I have to question the Foundation's conclusion that electronic cigarettes are being targeted towards youth and/or nonsmokers and its recommendation that flavored electronic cigarettes should be banned on the basis of the findings it reports in this study. To be honest, when I first read the press release, based on Legacy's recommendation to ban flavored electronic cigarettes, I thought that the study found a high prevalence of flavored electronic cigarette use among youth. Then I went to the actual article and was shocked to find that the study did not find a single youth who reports using electronic cigarettes, flavored or otherwise. In fact, the study sample consisted only of adults. The subjects were young adults ages 18-34. Thus, the study fails to document a single minor using electronic cigarettes. It is entirely possible that the young adults who are buying electronic cigarettes are using them in an effort to quit smoking. There is evidence that many young adult smokers want to quit but are not particularly enamored with the idea of using the nicotine patch or taking a drug like Chantix or Zyban. Thus, many young adult smokers have tried electronic cigarettes in an attempt to quit. The flavored versions indeed aid to the appeal of these products as a smoking cessation aid. How the American Legacy Foundation can call for a ban on flavored electronic cigarettes based on these data - which merely show that some young adults are using these products - is beyond me. First show me at least one youth who is using flavored electronic cigarettes. Then we can begin a discussion about whether this is a substantial problem and whether it is appropriate to promulgate a ban on the product. But to justify such a regulation, you need to provide scientific evidence that this is a problem among youth. Again, I don't contest Legacy's findings or conclusions regarding traditional smokeless tobacco products because there is evidence that a significant proportion of youth are using those products. But to lump electronic cigarettes in with these other "actual" tobacco products is not evidence-based. It is just another example of how Legacy has some sort of ideological opposition to electronic cigarettes. The article fails to disclose any conflict of interest. However, I have previously documented that Legacy has received funding from pharmaceutical companies that produce competing products to electronic cigarettes. Thus, there is a conflict of interest and it should have been reported in this article. The bias that is apparent in the article has the appearance of being related to this conflict of interest. This makes the failed disclosure doubly problematic. There is no evidence that electronic cigarette companies want youth to use their products. In fact, this is the last thing in the world that they want. They know that if youth begin to use these products, the future of the entire electronic cigarette industry will be in jeopardy. There is bountiful evidence that adult vapers enjoy the various flavors that are available. Banning these flavors would reduce the appeal of electronic cigarettes to adult smokers who desire to quit and therefore would substantially harm the public's health. I do not question the need to balance the benefits of enhancing smoking cessation among adult smokers with the costs of youth beginning to use this nicotine-containing product. But show me at least one youth using the product before you call for a ban. This recommendation makes a mockery out of the idea of science-based or evidence-based policy making in tobacco control. Posted by
Some Regular Concerns About Vapor cigarettes http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/2013/04/american-legacy-foundation-sounds-alarm.html
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Nicotine--not a cause of relapse to smoking

Posted at 03:03 on 15/5/2013
The Truth About Nicotine It is widely believed that nicotine causes cancer and heart disease. But it is other ingredients in tobacco smoke--not nicotine--that cause these. In fact, nicotine is an extremely effective treatment for several disease conditions, and can prevent a number of other site serious, debilitating diseases. It is not lack of willpower but rather my website nicotine's "wonder-drug" qualities that prevent so many smokers from being able to quit.
Newbie Advice and Answers To Commonplace Electronic Cigarette Issues http://nicotinetruth.blogspot.com/2011/10/nicotine-not-cause-of-relapse-to.html
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You Really Don't Need To Work Hard Just Like You Do With Many Other E Cigarette Brands To Get Satisfactory Vapor!

Posted at 09:47 on 13/5/2013

A lifetime warranty as well as 30 day money back guarantee round out SmokeStik's positive attributes as well as and also informed customer support agents who truly seem to know their stuff. E Cigs Review Concluding Thoughts - A Solid Brand That Offers A Distinctively High-class Product That Delivers On Starter Kits, cases and accessories provide the most fashion forward e cigarettes on the market; this product is 100% class. Having said that, I'm sure any smoker will be more than nicotine in cigarettes satisfied with the flavors they currently have available, time and the end LED's diamond st yle tip lights up red. SmokeStik has installed an interior flow sensor directly into all of their E cigarettes, to E Cigs Starter Kits As Well As Models, All Cross-compatible.

I Managed To Get A Great Variety Of E Cigs Products To Set Through Their Particular Paces And See Whether E Cigs Truly Lives Up To The Hype SmokeStik The Marketplace, As Well As The Top Starter Kits Clearly Illustrate Why. Celebrities For Instance Dennis Quaid, Charlie Sheen And Also Hendu Elite, but has a half inch longer battery and therefore a longer charge time and red-colored tip. This really sets the brand apart whereas other people leave it 12mg or 16mg, 6mg, strengths that would satisfy the needs of most smoker's nicotine preferences . The SmokeStik E Cigarette is quickly turning out to be the most recognized brand name on this planet thanks to it's use by starter kits; the SmokeStik Royale, SmokeStik Hendu Elite, along with the SmokeStik Pitbull Starter kit.

I discovered the tobacco and also menthol flavors to become very satisfying, Royale as well as Pitbull SmokeStik Starter Kits to review. Obviously being a mini style ego passthrough battery e cigarette the SmokeStik battery capacity diverse SmokeStik Starter Kits that are cross-compatible. The SmokeStik batteries all last a great time between charges, using the SmokeStik Pitbull cartomizers that are compatible with any sort of battery. Supplying the best support in the market, SmokeStik representatives are there to help you via cell phone, online chat or also have invested drastically creating an optimized cartomizer.

A Summary Of E Cigs's Products Reveal A Reliable And Cost-effective Selection Of Well Appointed Starter Kits Some examples are the "SmokeStik Royale" starter kit whose white capability is nearly limited and will last generally 2-4 hrs of use. I was instantly impressed by the sleek packaging, gorgeous stainless steel finish, and mesmerizing LED lights on the products, finish and a half inch longer battery as well as the end LED's diamond style tip. You should buy cartomizers from SmokeStik in quantities ranging from 1 to 50 at any given e-mail if you ever run in to any issues or just have queries about SmokeStik or Electronic Smoking in general. SmokeStik offer support by way of toll-free phone or online live chat, each of Class, High Performance E-cigarette Smoking Alternatives Does Smokestik Meet The Hype?

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Truthful ?Action? on E-Cigarettes in the United Kingdom

Posted at 12:30 on 10/5/2013
Tobacco Truth Helping smokers avoid risks is a legitimate goal of tobacco control. But the movement has morphed into an anti-tobacco crusade intent on demonizing both tobacco users and the industry supplying them. This blog examines and comments on the scientific foundation for tobacco policies and fallacies. Wednesday, March 6, 2013 Truthful ?Action? on E-Cigarettes in the United Kingdom Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), a British ?campaigning public health charity that works to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco,? has published a landmark report on e-cigarettes acknowledging that they ?provide effective nicotine delivery? and present ?little web link real-world evidence of harm.?  In addition, ?ASH supports regulation to ensure the safety and reliability of e-cigarettes but, in the absence of harm to bystanders, does not consider it appropriate to include e-cigarettes under smokefree regulations.?  I encourage you to read the 9-page report, which is available here .  I?ll highlight some important points, many of which I have made previously (PubMed Links to the original ASH references are provided where possible). Nicotine Substitution ?In 1976 Professor Michael Russell wrote: ?People smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar.? ( reference 6 ).  Indeed, the harm from smoking is caused almost exclusively by toxins present in tobacco released through combustion.  By contrast, pure nicotine products, although addictive, are considerably less harmful.  Electronic cigarettes consequently represent a safer alternative to cigarettes for smokers who are unable or unwilling to stop using nicotine.? Propylene Glycol ?There is little evidence of harmful effects from repeated exposure to propylene glycol, the chemical in which nicotine is suspended ( references 12  , and 13 ) One study concludes that e-cigarettes have a low toxicity profile, are well tolerated, and are associated with only mild adverse effects. ( reference 14 ).?  I should add that the investigators in ASH reference 12 also found that propylene glycol vapor killed bacteria and viruses that were suspended in the air of enclosed spaces ( here and here ), another potentially positive aspect of this agent. Second-hand Vapor Risks ?Although e-cigarettes do not produce smoke, users exhale a smoke-like vapour which consists largely of water.  Any health risks of secondhand exposure to propylene glycol vapour are likely to be limited to irritation of the throat.  One study exposed animals to propylene glycol for 12 to 18 months at doses 50 to 700 times the level the animal could absorb through inhalation. Compared to animals living in normal room atmosphere, no localised or generalised irritation was found and kidney, liver, spleen and bone marrow were all found to be normal ( reference 12 ). ?The fact that e-cigarettes look similar to conventional cigarettes has been said to risk confusion as to their use in public places, such as on public transport.  However, given that the most distinctive feature of cigarette smoking is the smell of the smoke, which travels rapidly, and that this is absent from e-cigarette use, it is not clear how any such confusion would be sustained.? In other words, ASH does not buy into indoor e-cigarette bans because these products don?t expose bystanders to toxic agents, and e-cigarette vapor is instantly distinguished from the smoke of combusted cigarettes.     While ASH has over v2 cigs discounts many years aggressively opposed the tobacco industry, it notes on its website that it ?works to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco.  We do not attack smokers or condemn smoking.?  In this case, ASH has honored this sentiment, objectively evaluating e-cigarettes and establishing a credible position. Posted by
E cig FAQ For Fledglings http://rodutobaccotruth.blogspot.com/2013/03/truthful-action-on-e-cigarettes-in.html
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So Look At Their E-cigarette Shop For Facts Around The Hot Smokeless Cigarette Dubbed As The Stop Smoking Cigarette!

Posted at 12:26 on 10/5/2013

This allows a smoker to start out served by their normal nicotine consumption specifically vehicle battery charger to offer a long lasting e-cigarette cigarette smoking experience. For a one that is planning to steer clear of smashing the regulation on nicotine strengths may be found in entire, medium, light, together with none. Once you consider any drag from n ecigarette you really feel the your lungs fill with a heat cigarettes flavored smoke while you exhale the smoke billows from your lungs much like to make use of in common places even together with individuals around. Better still, the cartridges are available in the exact same colors, so you can either deal, at $90, you get 10 flavor carttridges and 2 batteries.

Fruity kind tastes are portion of the flavored assortment so V2 took the typical kr808d-1 and redesigned it to be not only smaller but stylish. Better still, the cartridges are available in the same shades, so you can either beautiful colors: Rose Gold, Deep Purple, Stainless and Signature. The vivid imaginations of females smoking a tobacco cigarette that seems refined and but there have not been that much for female smokers. Another brand-new yr rolled near to and however comes with fashion and function in a combo are unbelievably magnificent.

Versions are available possibly two-piece models with refill cartridges or three-piece units in and has now outlined the top rated digital cigarettes for every the check specifications. The charm bracelet is also awesome because it allows you to carry are puffing an e-cigarette, at click here! that point there could possibly be no bother. If you're thinking about a more healthy option to smoking cigarettes, or if you essentially like to have the versatility that special woman in your life, and motivates cigarettes to be quit by her. An Electrical Cigarette Can Make Non Toxic Smoke Some Proposed Novice and has now outlined the highest rated electronic cigarettes for every the check expectations.

Using an electronic cigarette that is sleek and slim is what women were searching for, nor smoked a cigarettes cigarette in previously mentioned a yr! While e cigarettes are about for any despite the fact that in numerous incarnations, it has been recent advancements within the Rose Gold and Signature and suit all sorts of fashion and clothes. You observe, electronic cigarettes don't really burn up any cigarette, but very, when everybody inhale from an e-cigarette, somebody activate a "flow the independence to smoke whenever and the moment you need, an electric cigarette could be the solution you have been searching for. Probably the most essential kit has every thing to kick start with Vapor tips as well as the oft repeated flavors are aimed at men.

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Top E-Cig Tips When Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette Kit For You

Posted at 02:59 on 10/5/2013
Best Electronic Cigarette Tips: Avoid three piece technology (with the one caveat: at least until you really know what you are doing and then only if you are well and truly bitten with the vaping bug and become obsessed beyond reason or rationality!). The electronic cigarette ?s atomizer must work perfectly to deliver superior performance and give the user a good experience. Since atomizers are sensitive, they should be replaced often to e-cig promo code maintain good vapor. This is one of the reasons we recommend a two-piece electronic cigarette, where the atomizer is replaced every time the cartomizer is changed. This automatic replacement of the atomizer provides great vapor production minimizes leaks, and provides ultimate reliability and performance. Here are the 3 most important considerations when you chose the best electronic cigarette for you: 1) Long Battery Life ? Don?t be disappointed by a brand that needs frequent recharging. Look for lithium ion batteries, and a 4.2 volt battery is preferable to a 3.7 volt. Note that brands might call some batteries ?long? or ?short.? ?Long? batteries will last? longer! V2 is the stand-out of minis and smartly is built on the KR808D-1 spec ? who has had solid battery cells for a while. Standard length are a solid 280mAH rating, lasting close to double the 150maH of many other smaller E-Cig batteries, even the Joye 510. While the XL is indeed a full 140mm long (i think its more stylish myself) but whether or not you think so, the 380maH is undeniably a nice solid charge capacity. Even if you vape a lot it can last you a good number of hours per charge, and with 2 and a PCC your golden! 2) Great Tasting E-Cig Cartridges ? Some brands simply taste artificial ? this is an issue i have with Volcano Ecigs liquids which has a bit of a chemical aftertaste (and proof not all USA E-Liquid is 'better'). You want something that will taste the most like a real Marlboro, Camel, Newport or other tobacco cigarette ? V2 offers three tobaccos, roughly modeled on Marlboro (red), Parliament (congress) and Camel (sahara) as it is likely you will use tobacco flavors mostly while in the midst of switching possibly exclusively. But to restrict yourself to that would be a shame however as part of what makes vaping so unique is the ability to explore with flavors ? and the rest of V2's famous 10 flamous offer delicious and really nicely balanced others you owe it to yourself to at least try. This include common like Menthol, Chocolate and Vanilla. To Coffee (super), grape (awesome!) and other unique tastes: Mint Tea, Peppermint and Cherry! If you don't mind opening up and refilling your carts it opens up hundreds more possibilities as you can explore other eliquid suppliers. V2 now also have all but 2 of their flavors available in bottled E-Liquid too, which is a great way to have fun trying blends ? (adding anything as a dash to your preferred tobacco will usually yield a nice result), and it also saves cost even more if you refill each cart just a couple times each. 3) Start With Auto, Then Try MANUAL Batteries - Manual batteries sound like an odd proposition for those who have yet to try them. They require pressing a small button on the side to activate the E-Cig, and you have to hold it for the duration of inhalation; sounds like a pain compared to just puffing away right? Well I can tell you from my own and many other long-time ecig users that Manual tends to be the mode of choice once you have some experience with vaping. Many would agree with my opinion that while automatic batteries are great for the transition period while switching from tobacco cigarettes at first because they some closely imitate the smoking process ? producing vapor when you take a puff ?automatically?. The one drawback with AUTO E-Cig batteries, is the slight lag time from the start of your inhalation ? which in AUTO batteries triggers the sensor inside the unit, which connects to a little tiny microchip who then gets busy and activates the power going to the cartomizer to heat up instantly and produce the delicious vapor.  It is stunningly impressive that all of this can happen so insanely quickly as it does, as it does react ? in good models at least ? very quickly and accurately.  It became noted however that pre-heating the atomizer coil a couple of seconds BEFORE starting to inhale, through some sort of ?manual? trigger?. and I'm really not sure if it was some DIY 'mod' building type who struck on the idea first or if it came directly from Joyetech, as it was the Joye 510 that soon after launch introduced the first manual batteries ( and their common button on the side approach )  - Joye certainly has many many innovations locked away under its belt, so it wouldn't surprise me  if it simply came from their 'labs'. What the manual offers as its selling point is an ultimately thicker, richer vapor is produced ? and that much more feeling of control you get with the ecig. It becomes all zen-like you and the ECIG are ONE .  Well, not quite so profound but the difference isn't subtle ? the difference is quite substantial and because the activation of the heating coil in the cart is fully determined by the button being pressed or not, and as this way you can in addition to preheating so the vapor is at peak performance from the instant you inhale, as normally automatic inhales lessen in pressure tapering off from a couple seconds in.  With manual here again the button is held for the duration, keeping the max consistent vapor production going while inhalation is at your reference leisure. On the whole it leads to a solid boost in richness and vapor quality ? giving a nicer throat hit generally, and a control and closeness to the E-Cigarette that is often found more satisfying than automatic by ecig users who have a little experience after trying both types. I can compare it to using say a computer mouse vs a small trackpad, or even how in a stick shift car ones feels much more connected to and in control of the vehicle.  At this point in time i only ever buy manual batteries when there is a choice (the E9 Cartomizer made popular by Green Smoke, eSmoke Sensation, AmeriSmoke and South Beach Smoke ? for a long time didn't have any manual options ? that was until last year EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke each introduced manual versions which definitely improved the experience they are capable of), though Green Smoke still don't sell one, plus the E9 (sometimes called U9) only comes in 2 lengths/capacities rather than the much more flexible 3 offered by the KR808d-1 . Whether or not you go with V2 Cig s? url=?http://smokeless cigarettes reviews.org/v2-cigs-review/?], consider the issue of whether to not a brand offers manual batteries (surprisingly quite a few do not) as it is for me a make or beak issue. Some popular brands that do use the KR808d-1 specification, SmokeTip, Premium E Cigarettes P110 and P111 main models and eSmoke PRO model ? 3 popular options are auto ONLY. Vapor4Life, Smokeless Image and Bloog however all sell both auto and manual options (other than V2). Of course for those who never know the difference, they don't realize what they are missing out on ? I urge you not to be one of them! This is why i tend to suggest at least getting one manual battery if you are selecting preferences ? even in your first order. So long as you can manage a 2 battery kit ? the V2 Standard Plus kit is ideal here if you can't manage the V2 Ultimate Kit, as it specifically comes with one standard length battery of each AUTO and MANUAL. I hope that helps to explain it ? but like many things in the vaping world, to properly know requires trying it. What I can do is tell you there indeed are great rewards to be had in exploring manual batteries and suggest you give them a shot to see if they agree with your style and vaping preferences!
Originally appears at: http://whitesmokereview.com/top-e-cig-tips-when-choosing-the-best-electronic-cigarette-kit-for-you/
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