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Will there be any ice left at the North Pole by 2040?

This is a blog to find out what people think about: if there is any ice left at the north pole by 2040?

Ice On The North Pole

In this blog I'm interested what you think of the fact that scientist have predicted that by 2040 there will be no polar ice anymore.



Scientists say that becauce of the greenhouse effect all the polar ice will melt. Animals, like the polar bear will drown because there is no ice left to rest on and life on earth changes dramatically. The water level on our planet will rise immediatly. This results in major problems all over the world. Especially for poor countries or countries located below sea level like the Netherlands. The poor countries will suffer the most because they haven't got money to make protection against the rising water level.


Today there is nearly any ice left during summer on the North Pole but what about  2040? Will there be any ice left? Or have all animals the same destiny as the one on the picture above? Do you think we have to do something about it?


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