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I'm not Red

me just jibbering about stuff.

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I'm not Red

Posted at 22:02 on 1/1/2013
Hi, i'm not Red. But i am an almost 19 year old college student from the netherlands. Right now it's first of january 2013, 21:37 pm and 21 seconds GMT +1. I tried vlogging for a bit, well i don't think you could call it trying. Since i never even uploaded a video. I just recorded videos than i'd watch them back and just delete them again. Why i tried vlogging? I'm not sure, i guess i wanted to have a hobby. i've tried many hobbies, none of them actually became a hobby though. When i was in primary school i did all kinds of sports most of them just for a month. I even tried chess, which wasn't a big succes. But i did manage to do Judo for a couple of years, same goes for badminton and swimming. Swimming was obligatory so i'm not sure if i should count it or not. But well, it's a sport. During highschool i also tried playing the bass guitar. Without a band it's kind of boring, so i did that for about 6 months. In the meantime i tried vlogging a couple more times. But as a mentioned before, i just recorded them and than deleted them. And now i'm trying blogging, which ofcourse is entirly different! but now enough about me, So yeah it's 2013 now, a whole new year with lots of oppurtunities and chances! I know, it's a lot of bullshit. 2013 is just a number, nothing changes. it just makes people feel older. also those resolution things are quite shitty. The idea is good though, you won't hear me saying it's a bad thing. But the fact that people do this as soon as a new year starts is kind of odd. I know people will say: "But it's a new year you start with a new page, everything of the past is over now". or something which will sound like that. It's understandable though look at me it's not a coincidence i made this blog on january first. It's something in human nature i guess. I don't know, i really have the idea i'm talking a lot of jibberish over here. maybe i should delete this too, it began good but the creativity goo ran out i guess. and it's getting repetitive, lots of buts, and lots of I's. Well as you can see right now, i haven't deleted my blog, now the real question is. Will there be a second one. I can't tell you right now. Who knows, Bye.
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