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The Introduction and Evaluation of DS Lite Games

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Since 1989 when the GameBoy was first launched, the Nintendo has been taking a lead in the handheld game industry. During the period, although there were Sega, Bandai, NEC, SNK and other companies that launched a strong attack to the boygame industry,but Nintendo's first position has been steady, like Tarzan. Such situation lasted until the appearance of the Sony PSP. Sony PSP has integrated a number of advanced technologies of the Sony company, in addition to the function of gaming, the function of music player, video player, picture browsing and even Web browsing are offered. The Sony views PSP as the main product, aiming to transfer it into the 21st century walkman. As Sony released its PSP, at the same time, Nintendo avoided the advantage of the high-performance of PSP, and took the heterogeneous route by launching a dual-screen handheld NDS.4 Essential Things that You May not Know about Acekard 2i ds lite

NDS is just a simple palm video games consoles without any added functions. Lady Gaga Offer You How to Eliminate of AK2i But Nintendo gave this handheld a different mode of operation.The down screen of NDS is a touch screen, you can play games through touching. There is a microphone on the NDS, which can operate the game with the voice. The WIFI function of NDS can make the players battle with the nearby players conveniently, even with the players in the world. After the publishment of NDS in November, 2004, Nintendo has put out several outstanding software includes "Nintendogs", "Animal Crossing", "Mario Kart DS" and so on. Relying on funtional software and new style of operation, NDS smoothly took over the hands of the GBA handheld market and won the battle.5 Hot Acekard 2 Hot Piece During Winter Vacation

NDS appearance has always been the most criticized parts, body fat, compared with the PSP, there is no fashion sense at all. To deal with this, Nintendo designed the new NDS Lite to make up it. Early in 2006, it was widely rumoured that Nintendo would produce a new type of NDS, and then Nintendo denied it on its official website. February, the new NDS was emergence in the market. On March 2, 2006, NDS Lite was sold in Japan for ¥ 16,800, from then on, NDS entered a new era.

After the sale, NDS Lite has been at the height of hot, frequently out of stock. It often costs several twists to buy a NDSL. NDS Lite`s packaging is rather crude, which is just a paper box, and the box is very thin, getting soft by hand-pinch. There are not the specified functions available that are like those of GBC, GBA and other products, only a list of items and precautions are listed.

If you buy the original product, the items in the box should include the following sections: one NDS Lite, one power supply, two touching pens, one lanyard, one protecting card for GBA slot, one manual, membership registration statement of Nintendo, one PICTOCHAT manual.

Nintendo sent two touch pens quite considerately. If one was lost carelessly, there was the other one for replacement. Lanyard is white emblazoned with word like "Nintendo", it is tied to the upper side of the machine. There is a registration serial number in its direction. Through this number, you can register as a member of Nintendo Club and get points. When the points reaches a certain limit, there are a variety of gifts.

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Nintendo's Course to Success - From Poker Machines Provider

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"Nintendo" has been producing and selling equipment for gambling such as poker and survived for more than a hundred years, until being handed to Hiroshi Yamauchi, it started focusing the main business on computer game-machine. Hiroshi Yamauchi took risks of investing heavily in the gaming industry, however, the harsh reality was confronted with him. At that time, Japan was facing the oil crisis, the economic downturn lasted for three years; the players of the United States were also tired of the old programs gradually, the sales of the game consoles fell to the lowest record.Four Reasons for You to Restore Prominent NDS Console

But smart Hiroshi Yamauchi found the broad prospects of cheap home game-machine from the temporary downturn of the market. Other manufacturers in order to attract customers, announced that their game can not only play games, but also with learning function that can help children learning, computing and typing. Yamauchi did in a quite opposite way, openly stating that the only function of Nintendo console FC was to play games. Removing a variety of functions, it is the secret weapon of the success of Nintendo FC with low prices. However,the real persons who did outstanding service for Nintendo were 2 young players:one is japanese Shigeru Miyamoto,the other is Alexey Pajitnov of former USSR. Shigeru Miyamoto was an artist at first, he loves cartoon movies best, and he was only dabbler on computer technology.Why People All Choose Them?! DS Lite Console is Most Adaptive for Mother in 2009

Nintendo, He spent three years in Nintendo and achieved nothing, and Hiroshi Yamauchi asked him to help design games. His second game shined his life. When he finished the game script, he never thought that the hero, "Mario" was actually known in the world, into millions of households. For "Super Mario Brothers" New Super Mario Bros, for the software's official name, "Mario" game set off to follow FC United, immediately became the most popular computer games.

Later, it has also become the central figure of many American movies, television and comic books, so that American children spend more time on Nintendo console than that in watching TV. The "Super Mario" and the subsequent more than hundred Nintendo games show cards were popular in the fashion world of the United States, some people repeatedly exclaimed: Nintendo had brought the Japanese "cultural invasion". Meanwhile, Pajitnov was also obsessed with computer games. An intelligence test reading material inspired him to design a computer jigsaw game.

Pajitnov named his "invention" "Tetris", which represented "4"-- this is the game prototype of "Tetris" that swept across the globe. At the time,Nintendo released the first portable console--GameBoy,which got Tetris as the best partner. Hiroshi Yamauchi chose and sent the greatest negotiating representative to Moscow without any doubts and bought the patent right from acadent where Pajitnov is. "Tetris" once again set off together with Nintendo and has become pretty popular in the world. Since then, Nintendo has dominated the global computer game industry for over 10 years.

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