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Tiffany jewellry

Tiffany Jewelry - Style of Elsa Peretti's

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We are all familiar with jewelry and interested in the topics of jewelry. I believe everyone knows and loves. For some women, they are usually receive jewelry and wish to accept the Tiffany jewelry as birthday presents from their friends. Because it is always the first choice and never out of fashion.

Elsa Peretti's Tiffany jewelry and particularly her necklace designs have seduced almost the whole world with their fluid lines and sensual forms for years now. Peretti's peerless touch is marked by an equal attention to texture as well as appearance. Her silver Tiffany necklace pieces are among Tiffany's most celebrated, and most often replicated jewelry.

Peretti’s iconic open heart design is the standard in Tiffany replica jewelry. The sensuality and grace of her aesthetic is framed wonderfully by this stylized heart image. Tiffany replicas turn up in all corners of the world based on Elas Peretti’s necklaces designs.

According to Ms Peretti, “Style is to be simple”. A former model turned jewelry designer, Peretti often dresses according to her motto, in a plain shirt and pants, allowing her natural beauty to come through as her style. Her fluid sterling silver Tiffany creations adhere to this philosophy of subtle, natural beauty.

What Peretti does is never fussy, never exaggerated and always tasteful. That’s what makes her so in tune with the Tiffany house and is the reason she has been there top designer for so long. Simple, beautiful objects are the Tiffany charm. Tiffany replicas that allow the silver to speak for itself are the most successful and the most in harmony with Elsa Peretti’s unique vision.

Good Tiffany replica jewelry allows the silver to speak for itself, as Peretti does. Peretti’s apples, beans, bones, shells, snakes, hearts and teardrops in smooth silver have been consistently the best selling Tiffany jewelry both in the replica industry and in the many retail stores out there that carry authentic Tiffany jewelry, for years.

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Newest Tiffany Jewelry In New Season

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In the recent period, if you stroll down the street again, you will be surprised that Everywhere is full of autumn flavor, not only all estival clothes are replaced autumnal clothes  in the emporiums, but also jewellery shops have been changed. There are all kinds of Tiffany jewelry being displayed and winning a warmly welcome.

It was found at last weekend, i went shopping with my friends. We mainly strolled a business center, there are a lot of clothing shops, shoe shops, cosmetic shops, etc. In other words, there is a place where can settle for all your purposes. No matter what you want to purchase, you can do it in shopping center. At the very start, we were preparing to look for some estival clothing, but when we walked into the store, we are clearly awared of the choices is high few. A large variety of autumnal clothing are tidily displayed on the shelves by handy. Even though, the styles of new clothing are numerous and eye-catching, but it is not our underlying motivations, hence, we didn't choose one of them when visit several shops at last.

During the afternoon, we also visit many other shops, includes jewels. I think jewelry is one of essential ornament based in people's decorations. For men all over the world, Tiffany is well-known for its unique designs, fabulous style and first-rate workmanship. Tifany jewelry is stylish, fashionable, elegant and wealthy. It has been a symbol of fashion and identity status, it even capture the eyesights of celebrities and glitterati. The name of Tiffany is just as a tag price that most people are out of reach for jewelry. So it becomes a dream for those people who can't afford to it and hope to come true in future day.

In these jewelry stores, there are some jewelries were sold very well in summer, but now they are the situation that nobody reserves. But the new listed jewelries are getting more salable. For example, customers usually prefer to buy a tiny and delicate ornamentsthe in summer, such as bracelets, gold necklaces, pendants, etc., but in the autumn and winter, they are even more loving popular heavy jewelry. Now, the sales volume of new bangles in some stores is higher than bracelets.

With the jewelry changed from luxury to the necessities for life, it has become an important part of dress. In particular, for many women, whether the wearing jewelry is popular that is becoming an important standard to measure their level of dress taste and quality of life.

Author: vivio tang

Chic Beaded Jewelry For All People

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Chic Beaded Jewelry For All People

Jewelry is always associated of wealthness and classy by people, it is people’s essential accessories. Beaded jewelry is one type of such jewelries.

Beaded jewelry comes in a range of exciting colors and designs. Jewelry designers make use of lovely beads, beautiful crystals and rare gemstones to create wonderful and one-of-a-kind jewelry articles. This type of jewelry can be found for both men and women. Men's jewelry is mostly composed of beaded watches, bracelets and necklaces. Copper, silver, black, gray and brown colors are common in men's jewelry articles. Custom-designed beaded articles for men and women are also quite popular in all parts of the world. In this article we will discuss some unique and classy jewelry designs for both sexes.

Most of the time organic and natural materials are used in the making of beaded bracelets, earrings and necklaces. These materials include wood, shell, glass, etc. Some designers also make use of charms and pendants in gold and sterling silver to enhance the beauty of their jewelry articles. Using a large gemstone in place of pendant is a unique idea. Such necklaces look truly magnificent. These articles can be found in a variety of colors pertaining to different gemstones which are found naturally, such as aquamarine, green emerald, agate, turquoise, tiger eye, and jasper.

For women there is an entire range of beaded jewelry available out there. This includes bracelets, anklets, eyeglass leads, earrings, pendant necklaces, bangles, and jewelry sets. One can also find long necklaces in this category with double and triple strands. Amber jewelry for women which comes in a beautiful golden honey color is well-liked by women belonging to all age groups.

Crochet beaded jewelry for women is gaining in popularity because of its individuality and elegance. You can also try making such jewelry articles at home. Complete step by step instructions can be found on the internet along with hundreds of beautiful free designs and patterns. Holiday jewelry, Valentine's Day jewelry and patriotic jewelry can also be located in this category for both men and women. In addition to these, you can narrow down your search by specifying the gemstone you are looking for or checking out the exclusive Swarovski crystal gallery.

If you don’t want to buy genuine jewelry with high price, just pay attention to choose Chic and Unique replica jewelry for yourself.

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Classical Tiffany Jewelry 1837 Collection

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Classical Tiffany Jewelry 1837 Collection


Tiffany & Co. jewelry has so far brought so many joys and surprises for those jewelry fans. Every year, Tiffany & Co. will put forth many latest releases and serials to satisfy various unique needs of those faithful fans. Up until now, there are now many world famous serials which are in everyone's mouth, such as open heart serials, beans serials, teardrops serials, kiss & hug serials, and apple serials and so on.

Among so many world famous serials, Tiffany jewelry 1837 Collection would of course be one of the most shiny and brilliant ones. Tiffany 1837 Collection is available silver variety of gifts, which combines classic style and beauty, streamline polished surface engraved with Tiffany to commemorate the founding year of Tiffany & CO. 1837 mark. Tiffany 1837 Collection has accumulated much fantastic and magnificent jewelry, such as silver rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces and pendants and so on. Each of them has their own unique shiny points and advantages.

Although Tiffany & Co. jewelries are famous for its silver products, however, Tiffany jewelries are made of various other materials, such as gold, platinum, sterling silver, diamond and so on. They are just as superb and extraordinary as silver products. Silver bracelet 1837 Series to the design of sparkling silver bracelet draw significant numbers of fashion style - a perfect round or square circle inscribed with “T & CO” and “1837” dumb-face design, painting is the essence of design. Tiffany bracelets, whether alone or put together a number of wear, all made the same sense of honor.

Not just Tiffany 1837 Collection is so shiny and eminent in the current jewelry world, any other collections such as Paloma Picasso, Elsa Peretti, and Return to Tiffany, Tiffany Somerset, Atlas, and Cushion and so on have also long gained international reputation. All of them are the masterpieces of ingenious and creative designers.

Tiffany & Co. jewelries are just the typical examples which excels in fine quality and consummate craftsmanship. People firmly believe its mysterious magic, strong ability of beauty erection and maintenance. When you are wearing Tiffany jewelries other than any other brand names, your outer appearance, social identity and even your whole life will make changes. Your whole body has unconsciously thrown off a unique flavor of elegance and nobleness. You will be satisfied with your this kind of beauty change.

Welcome to our website www.thetiffanyjewellry.com. At our website, you can find latest news of full Tiffany & Co. products; learn latest information of Tiffany jewelry cheap sale event and price adjustment.



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Editor: Vivian

Tiffany Jewelry Collection by Paloma Picasso

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Tiffany Jewelry Collection by Paloma Picasso


Do you know these Tiffany jewelry collections such as the Loving Heart, Hearts of Picasso and Sugar stacks, which are currently the top selling designs?

Over the last nearly 30 years Paloma Picasso has designed inspiring and evocative silver jewelry for Tiffany & Co. Production of Tiffany jewelry, one of the best gauges for popularity of a collection, has lately been increasingly focused on Picasso's inspiring pieces.

The Sugar Stacks collection is the latest in a countless number of jewelry lines Picasso has done for Tiffany Jewelry. The very first came back in 1980 after Picasso's work for Yves St Laurent caught the world's attention and attracted Tiffany & Co. to her audacious design style.

A graduate of the fashion and textiles program at the University of Paris, Sorbonne, and Picasso's early flare for jewelry design was evident even back in her student years. Her clearest talent; however, is a more far reaching one. Picasso has been endowed with impeccable taste. Her jewelry lines are by far her most famous, spawning virtual jewelry frenzies in her wake, but she is also responsible for a successful fragrance line and haute couture clothing design.

Renowned for her artful, sensual approach to materials and texture Picasso has developed her own legacy independent of her father and his immense reputation.

That is not to say, of course, that growing up the daughter of one the 20th century's most influential artists has not had an impact on Ms Picasso's creative output.

The Parisian born fashion designer often cites her artistic childhood as the continuing source of inspiration for her work. Paloma is the daughter of Francoise Gilot, also a painter and eventually a best selling author, for her memoir "Life with Picasso", a book she wrote about her relationship with the renowned founder of Cubism.

For Paloma herself, life with Picasso meant being constantly surrounded by artists, some of the most influential artists of the time, who would frequent the family's various homes in France and Spain. The Picasso's entertained regularly, famous at the time as much for their social life as their work.

Loving heart, Sugar Stacks and Hearts of Picasso are Paloma's collections that most frequently inspire Tiffany jewelry and that have secured her Tiffany jewelry legacy. The designer has recently moved to Switzerland with her long term husband, a French doctor. There she has launched a foundation to promote the artwork of some lesser known European artists, such as her mother Francoise Gilot, whose work has in some ways failed to receive the attention some feel it deserves. She has also continued to design jewelry for Tiffany, now approaching her 30th year with the jewelry house.

Her early creations mixed color and varying gemstones in bold designs, demonstrating a modernity and panache that singled them out as something unmistakably unique. Her name (meaning "dove") and the color red were long used as essential ingredients of her work. The Sugar Stacks line is certainly in the tradition of these motifs.

At our website (www.thetiffanyjewellry.com), you can find latest news of full Tiffany & Co. products; learn latest information of tiffany jewelry cheap sale event and price adjustment. If you ever have questions about our website, the silver jewelry and the payment or delivery options, please feel free to Contact us. Sincerely wish you could enjoy your stay.



From: http://www.upublish.info/Article/The-Latest-Tiffany-Jewelry-Collection-by-Paloma-Picasso/182260

Editor: Vivian

How to wear tiffany jewelry

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How to wear tiffany jewelry

Sometimes it takes a bit of convincing to wear new trends or pieces that have a little bit of an edge, but Tiffany jewelry is one of those things that is so beautiful and chic, it's hard to go wrong. Tiffany jewelry is more versatile than you think and pairs well with multiple items from your closet. Here, we take a look at some of our favorite looks for these gorgeous gems.


Special Occasion – Tiffany jewelry has been a favorite of brides and bridesmaids for years. Its affordability, wide range of styles and colors and picture perfect sparkle make it the ideal choice for wedding parties. In addition, Tiffany jewelry is a big hit for prom. With new designs and celeb-inspired pieces, it's all the rage for high school dances. Best of all, mom can't argue with the price.


Casual – Hollywood style icons have made Tiffany jewelry just as acceptable to wear with jeans as it is to wear. The key is wearing your Tiffany jewelry with confidence. For example, pairing fantastic multi-strand pearl and Tiffany necklaces or bracelets with a simple white tank top and jeans can be a fun rocker inspired look for a night dancing with the girls.


Work – It's no longer a stigma to wear diamonds, or Tiffany jewelry during the day. In fact, this costume jewelry should be fun and free-spirited. For work, add a fabulous floral pin to the lapel of a blouse, blazer or sweater set. This fun piece of silver jewelry will rev up your outfit and add a little personality to pieces that might otherwise appear plain or boring.


Act like a kid who has just discovered your grandmother's jewelry box. Play with Tiffany jewelry in a way that allows your personality and confidence to shine through. With that kind of attitude and style, you simply can't go wrong. On our line store, you can find much fashion jewelry, such as silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver rings and so on.

From: http://www.articlealley.com/article_1017753_28.html

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Why people love tiffany replica watch?

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Why people love tiffany replica watch?

Why would you want to buy a tiffany watch? Well, for starters, tiffany replica simultaneously inexpensive and of very high quality. Most people who buy the tiffany replicas love the look but cannot spend the thousands of dollars for the real thing or they don't want to. With the money saved from purchasing a replica, you could go on vacation or even put a down payment on a new car.


Most people are impressed when most people see someone wearing a Tiffany watch. The watch conveys money and prestige. Even if you can't afford Tiffany watches, you can still have a high quality timepiece. Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron, but there is such a thing as a genuinely high quality Tiffany replica.


Whatever the reason for your interest in Tiffany replicas, you should learn about the product before you purchase it. There are number of Grades of quality on the market, and like any other products, they can be of either very high or very poor quality. If you intend to buy a Replica Watch, beware of scams, and look out for ridiculously over-the-top claims or deals with absurdly low prices. Look at the photos. Photos of genuine Tiffany watches are often used on Tiffany watch replica web sites. Photos of genuine Tiffany watch are often set to the time of 10:10. These sites should show photos of the products they have in stock that they actually plan to sell to you. Consider a dealer with a good reputation for selling quality products, and don't forget to also consider good customer service, and the warranty. Watch out for credit card scams and illegal ""phishing"" of personal information. Many Replica Tiffany watch web sites collect credit card numbers and personal information.


A good dealer might offer a disclaimer like this: The watches we sell are only replicas of their genuine counterparts. In no way are we representing them as the genuine watch, nor are we affiliated with the original manufacturers in any way, shape, or form. None of these watches carry the warranty, or the parts, of the original manufacturers. But we can promise that our replica tiffany watch is in high quality.


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Men's Accessories - Tiffany & Co.

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Men's Accessories - Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co., with an international reputation for quality and design excellence introduces its Men's Jewellery and Accessories. Tiffany's superb craftsmanship appeals to men of all tastes and age groups. Each of these pieces is endowed with intrinsic and timeless gift value besides of course making excellent family heirlooms.

Apart from watches and jewellery, this assortment from Tiffany offers key chains, sterling silver Swiss Army knives, money clips, smoking accessories, eg., leather agenda and address books, as well as crystal barware paperweights.

'Tiffany & Co.'s Men Jewelry and Accessories comprise of a wide choice of creations in gold, sterling silver and platinum, bearing the touch of master's like Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso. The assortment is varied in both the versatility of designs it offers and in its array of creations that splendidly epitomize its legendary status as a fashion icon of all time.

Tiffany's best selling items for men are undoubtedly its distinguished watch collections, which are closely followed by its striking jewellery creations such as its smart, elegant bracelets in sterling silver, presented in a wide range and available in several widths. Some of the outstanding pieces in this line include the Tiffany Metropolis Men's cuff in sterling silver, a powerful, bold design for the suave male.

Tiffany's ring's for men include several noteworthy creations like the classic and sumptuous Signet rings available in both oval and cushion shapes in 18k yellow gold, white gold as well as platinum, the diamond bands in larger sizes are available in the etoile 18k yellow gold or platinum, Streamerica in 18k white gold and its 18k white gold Atlas with diamonds. Wedding bands for men offer a stunning assortment of 18k yellow gold, platinum and combination 18k and platinum all classic designs merchandised in the engagement case line.

Tiffany's Men's Jewellery and Accessories are designed to different styles for the man of taste and refinement. Choose from this various range, you can choose pieces for yourself loved.

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Article source: http://www.ameinfo.com/82747.html

Tiffany Jewelries Have Infinite Charm

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Tiffany Jewelries Have Infinite Charm

Nowadays, Tiffany Jewelries have infinite charm indeed. They are charming, vogue and wealthiness. They are people's best choices.

Tiffany & Co was founded in 1837, it was the most famous and most expensive silver product in the world. The style and pattern of tiffany silver jewelries are all unusually exquisite, unique and it now in the current silver world can be called the prominent leader. It has gained its fine fame and reputation for nearly two centuries with its special theme of love and beauty, romance and dream.

Own your affection to her and propose marriage with Tiffany & Co jewelry, she will accept you without demur. Tiffany accessories can be elegantly worn singly or in bunches. Unique tiffany bracelets are made without clasps and closures and now worn by young girls who are running after every new fashion, with as much style as their mothers and grandmothers wore as part of ritual and tradition. From classic to chic, you can chase after every kind of tiffany jewelry you want and there surly is one style to your taste.

You are spending hundreds of dollars to buy not just a tiffany ring or tiffany pendent which can accentuate your outfits any occasion you attend, but also a brand which is in possession of approximately 200 years of history and culture. The superior quality and ingenious design are the ultimate source of success of tiffany jewelry.

If you are desired to own a tiffany accessory, and do not want to buy authentic jewelry, you can consider replica tiffany accessories the same as stylish and elegant. At jewelrymart.org., you can find all kinds of tiffany jewellery for you to choose from.

Editor: vivio tang

Replica Tiffany Jewelry

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Replica Tiffany Jewelry

Replica Tiffany jewelry is very much similar to its original expensive jewelry piece. More often you can find this jewelry online or in some sterling silver shops.

Always exercise due diligence when purchasing a replica Tiffany jewelry. Only go for reputable sellers to ensure you get top quality replicas. If you are careful with your choice no one can tell that you are donning just a replica and that you paid a fraction of what real designer jewelries cost. If the craftsmanship of the sterling jewelry is excellent then it will most likely appear exactly the same as the original and no one will be wiser.

Before making the purchase it is a good idea to look around and find reputable online stores that sell good quality sterling silver jewelry. So before making that decision, go thru several stores to compare quality and prices.

What should be your considerations when planning to buy a replica Tiffany jewelry? Quality of the workmanship, always examine the lines and flow of the gem, and look for the smooth and shiny finish? Are there no overhangs that can give the jewelry an ugly unpolished look? Overhangs make you look cheap and can even destroy and damage your dress. One great tip is to go for the lighter color as experts say that the darker the color of a silver is, the lower its silver content. 92.5% silver content is the magic number, but always make a visual inspection and don't rely on the 925 item tag, anyone can do that, make sure the color is just as it should be.

Lastly, visit the Tiffany's website and look at the store items. Pick the items you would like to buy and memorize the overall look and feel, so it will come handy when you want to buy your replica Tiffany jewelry. Take note of small things like clasps, and position of engraved brand names or designs and conduct a visual comparison with the replica you are looking to buy.

Replica Tiffany jewelry will take you a new sense of fashion. With it you will

own coffidence, and you can take it everywhere you want go such as banquet, party, .etc.


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Jewelry Trends & Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

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Jewelry Trends & Tiffany & Co. Jewelry


Tiffany & Co. jewelry is always leading to the trend of modern jewelry world. Today we are going to take a look at jewelry trends in different cultures and countries. We will of course look back at history to see how it helped mold the jewelry fashion industry into what it is today. We will focus on specific countries throughout this week and then showcase of few of Gilbert and French's uniquely original designs and see how the influence of style and culture helped to create them.

Some of the earliest pieces of jewellery that were created out of precious metals and gemstones were found in the country of Egypt. Egyptians mainly used gold and fashioned many items out of this very malleable metal such as armlets, bracelets, head adornments, rings, earrings and even collars. Some tiffany designer can also get the inspiration, like Tiffany earrings from Egypt.

Greece also was making their own fashion trends during the BC era and the trend at that time was using beads and designing them into shapes that represented nature such as flowers, shells or beetles. Greece was wealthy with raw materials and started adorning their jewelry with precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds and pearls. Pearls became the most prized and precious gemstone in jewelry, as well as in Tiffany & Co. The most rare and beautiful were found in South India and the Persian Gulf. During the 17th century is when jewelry became an adornment that was acceptable in everyday use. France was a great influence on the jewelry industry during the early 1800's. Victorian jewelry became popular as Queen Victoria reigned and it began to be massed produced and sold all over the world.

During the 1950's America made its mark with what people would refer to as the Hollywood influence. Over the years many countries had their influence over the style and trends of Jewelry.  As it was created and shipped to different parts of the world, other cultures added their own unique flare. It will be fun to take a look this week at specific countries and see what the popular jewelry trend is in their culture today! Will it be similar to what is popular here in America or will it be completely unique and different? The world has become smaller with the birth of the internet. We can get our favorite jewelry from the net with some clicks to the mouse. Every kind of information is available to us know with just the tapping of our fingertips.  Just like that, we can type in and order whatever kind of jewelry we like from whatever country or culture we want.  It is truly an amazing thing.

Welcome to our website www.fashintiffany.org, where we offer the latest 2009 fashion Tiffany jewelry, like Tiffany rings, necklaces, watches and so on. At our website, you can find latest news of full Tiffany & Co. products; learn latest information of tiffany jewelry cheap sale event and price adjustment. Welcome to select and buy!



From: http://news.ask.com

Editor: Vivian

Tiffany's Holiday Collection Preview

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Tiffany's Holiday Collection Preview


Here are a few of the gorgeous pieces from Tiffany & Co. new holiday collection.

Liquid Gunmetal-Elsa Peretti's Latest Bone Cuff for Tiffany & Co.

Elsa Peretti is one of only four designers permitted to sign their names to the famed jewelry company's pieces. Known for her sensual, fluid designs, the bone cuff is among the most renowned, and this latest incarnation is my absolute favorite. It literally looks like liquid gunmetal gray, poured onto the wrist and sexy as hell.

These are the latest additions to the Tiffany key collection. I love the fairy tale nature of the entire key collection and these delicate and slightly smaller keys would look fantastic with their larger predecessors, or alone. From left is a diamond and black enamel frame key in 18k white gold, a diamond and blue enamel checkerboard key in 18k white gold and a diamond and blue and green enamel octagon key in 18k white gold.

The Tiffany cocktail watch is inspired by the curves and inward stepping of a Venetian mirror frame and features a bezel with 98 round brilliant diamonds and a buckle with 23 diamonds in 18 karat white gold with a sleek black satin strap. I love delicate watches with just enough bling like this to make it double as a stunning piece of jewelry and a great timepiece.

And finally, perhaps the piece de resistance is this Victorian-inspired Tiffany Bangle in black enamel with diamonds set in platinum. Now who doesn't want a little blue box during the holidays?

Although our website can not offer those luxurious Tiffany jewelry for you! But we also offer other elegant Tiffany silver jewelry for you! Like Tiffany silver earrings, Tiffany silver rings etc, we also offer Links of London necklaces, Bangle and so on. Welcome to select and buy!



From: http://www.jewelsnob.com/

Editor: Vivian

What is the 925 Silver?

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What is the 925 Silver?


What is the 925 Silver? 925 pure silver means the silver productions which's purity of silver are 92.5%. 925 here represent the purity of silver. This is required lowest purity of silver productions while the purity of 999 gold. For foot silver is too soft and it's easy to be oxidized, since Tiffany & Co. created 925 silver, it's thought to be the lowest standard of pure silver.

Because of the features of silver itself, 100% pure silver cannot be used in making jewelry as it is extremely malleable and it can suffer damage easily. It also tends to get very soft, even in conditions of normal temperature. That is why 925 Silver is used and not the pure form of the precious metal.

The method craftsmen use to increase the strength of the metal consists of adding other materials to silver. The life span of the jewels made of silver depends on this process, as problems like malleability and softening can make them break apart. By combining pure silver with alloys, the craftsmen make pieces of jewelry that are more resistant to scratching and damage.

One of these combinations is the one known as 925 Sterling Silver. It is a blending mix obtained from 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Copper is not always used by craftsmen and it can be replaced by other metals or combinations of materials. This is considered the best choice as copper is cheap and the refining techniques have improved during the last years.

By adding copper to silver, craftsmen have managed to obtain a highly reliable alloy that is successfully used in the jewelry industry. The combination is very popular as the silver craftsmen can make earrings, rigs, bracelets and other pieces of silver jewelry, knowing that their work will be resistant and durable.

Silver is a kind of active metal, and it's easy to make chemical reaction with the sulfur in the air so that the silver productions will become black. As you can see, we should let the silver accessories touch with air less when wearing, and should not wear it in a place with strong chemical gas. After touching sulfur soaps, you must dry it at one. Also the chloride in the sweat of body also influences the silver.

So, as a customer, it is good to know if the silver jewel you purchase is made of 925 Sterling Silver. A way to verify this is by checking the jewels hallmark. Usually, the 925 Silver jewelry is almost entirely hallmarked. For instance, the tiffany silver jewelry with all the hallmarking requirements.

Serving as your most helpful shopping guide and providing the most comprehensive and detailed buying tips. We are sure that you will find the most suitable gift to keep down special moments in your whole life. A wide range of Tiffany jewelry is provided in our website outlet at discounted prices. Numerous latest releases with the most exquisite designs are waiting for your selection.




Editor: Vivian

How to Care for Your Tiffany Silver Jewelry?

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How to Care for Your Tiffany Silver Jewelry?


As all of us know, Tiffany & Co. is a name synonymous with elegance and glamour the world over with designs that continue to captivate our imaginations. Tiffany continues to know when to morph and change with the times. Tiffany & Co. still knows how to dazzle us with its foresight and innovation.

Tiffany & Co jewelries are famous for its fine exquisite designs and quality. From Tiffany rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets to pendants, their superb craftsmanship will absolutely make you feel marvelous. Just one style of tiffany jewelry, be it rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or pendants, can perfectly maintain your elegance and nobleness for a long time. But if you give your precious tiffany jewelry the proper care and maintenance, they can remain shiny and lustrous.

You will agree that keeping it clean and well taken care of is a must in order to let it look best, if you are a lover of Tiffany & Co. sterling silver jewelry. On the other hand, not taking good care of your precious Tiffany & Co. silver jewelry can make it look dull and dirty. This article will discuss a few basic points that will help you keep your tiffany silver jewelry looking like the first time you wore it. Let's begin.

First, use the right cloth. Always use a 100% cotton cloth to gently rub the piece without scratching it. Always be extra careful and gentle, and never use other type of cloth. In order to clean more intricate parts of the jewelry, you may use a soft bristle.

Never use baking soda or toothpaste to clean your precious Tiffany & Co. sterling silver jewelry. Although you will find some controversial voices in this topic, we do not recommend it. There are many other products specially designed to give silver its maximum shine without hurting it. You can find an effective silver paste cleaner or polish spray at any store that sells Tiffany jewelry. Be careful with these cleaners if your valuable tiffany silver jewelry has gemstones, as they could get damaged. If you are not familiar with the product that you are purchasing to clean your jewelry, contact a local, trusted jeweler and they will be able to help you out. The jeweler could also give you good advice on how to clean and maintain your silver jewelry properly based on your specific piece.

If you are looking to simply remove light fingerprints or some dirt from the piece, you could use a mild liquid detergent and warm water. Always remember to treat the piece with care. Rinse and dry before storing the jewelry away. Store the jewelry away from moisture. If you are not going to wear the piece for a long time, use small zip lock bags to keep it sealed and dry. If you are going to go into a pool or are going to be out in the sun for a while, it is not recommended to wear your precious Tiffany silver jewelry. Exposure to the humidity and the sun could cause it to tarnish quicker, and so will the chemicals inside a pool.

Silver can be easily scratched. Be careful where and how you store it. Don't keep it in places where it would rub against other pieces of jewelry or any other hard surfaces. Scratched Tiffany & Co jewelry looses its shine, beauty and value. Last but not least, wear your tiffany jewelry! Your body oils will help prevent tarnish and you won't even have to clean it as often. You tiffany silver jewelry will benefit from you showing it off with affection!

Use these helpful tips to maintain your Tiffany silver jewelry looking shiny and lustrous for a lifetime!

Our website (www.thetiffanyjewellry.com ) accepts big or small wholesale orders. Goods delivery, quality and low price national first-class!



From: http://www.tiffanyguide.com/Knowledge/Tiffany-Co-Silver-Jewelry.html

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You should choose-Tiffany cufflink

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You should choose-Tiffany cufflink

A tiffany cufflink (also cuff link or cuff-link) is a decorative fastener worn by men or women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse.


Tiffany cufflink are designed only for use with link cuffs (also known as French Cuffs), which have buttonholes on both sides but no buttons. These may be either single or double-length ('French') cuffs, and may be worn either 'kissing,' with the ends pinched together, or 'barrel-style,' with one end overlapping the other. Kissing cuffs are usually preferred.


Tiffany Cufflink designs vary widely. The simplest design consists of a short post or chain connecting two disc-shaped parts. The part positioned on the most visible side is usually larger. A variety of designs can connect the smaller piece: It may be small enough to fit through the button hole like a button would; it may be separated and attached from the other side; or it may have a portion that swivels on the central post, aligning with the post while the link is threaded through the button-hole and swiveling into a position at right angles to the post when worn.


A variety of designs can connect the smaller piece: It may be small enough to fit through the button hole like a button would; it may be separated and attached from the other side; or it may have a portion that swivels on the central post, aligning with the post while the link is threaded through the button-hole and swiveling into a position at right angles to the post when worn. The visible part of a tiffany cuff links is often monogrammed or decorated in some way. There are numerous styles, including novelty, traditional, and contemporary tiffany cuff links. Our silver cuff links are crafted from the highest-quality pure sterling silver, and all are inspected for a fineness mark to ensure quality.


Tiffany Co. has designed various exquisite silver tiffany cufflink. Our silver cuff links are crafted from the highest-quality pure sterling silver, and all are inspected for a fineness mark to ensure quality.

From: http://www.tiffany-sterling-silver.com/tiffany-cuff-links-c-8.html


Tiffany bracelets are decorating your mood

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Tiffany bracelets are decorating your mood

When you want to give the woman in your life the highest in fashion and craftsmanship, Tiffany bracelets offer a variety of form and function for every gift giving event. Say Tiffany & Co. And what comes to mind? Every Tiffany bracelet is guaranteed for life, crafted of only the finest materials.


A Tiffany bracelet has become the ultimate symbol of good taste and fashion chic over the past several decades. While often imitated, no one can ever duplicate the luxury and fashion icons that only Tiffany & Co. Can. No matter what the occasion, that special woman in your life will cherish the Tiffany bracelet that you give her.


The staple of the Tiffany bracelet line is the traditional sterling silver link bracelet with sterling silver stamped Tiffany tag. These have been big sellers since they came out on the market. However, Tiffany & Co have seriously expanded their selections over the past ten years. Carrying gold, white gold, sterling silver, diamond and charm bracelets; Tiffany offers a bit of something for everyone's taste.


Whether you fancy simple clean lines like the interlocked bangles or the more formal looking cultured pearl bracelet by Elsa Peretti, you're bound to love Tiffany charms. Tiffany charm bracelets come in gold or silver and can be accompanied by your choice of charms. From tropical palms and star fish to quirky cupcake and peace symbol charms, there's something for everyone. You can view the selection online, in retail stores and via the chic Tiffany jewelry catalog.


Tiffany jewelry has set the bar to where no one else can ever catch up. That's what makes wearing bracelets from Tiffany & Co. Such an honorific tradition. Fill a traditional Tiffany 'blue box' with her favorite bracelet and surprise her today.

From: http://www.zimbio.com/Jewelry+And+Accessories/articles/erz7xBRQ4Gt/Say+Love+Tiffany+Bracelets


Tiffany 12 Constellation Rings (1)

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Tiffany 12 Constellation Rings (1)


A woman live can not without lipstick, perfume, high heels, of course can not be separated from Tiffany jewelry. A piece of Tiffany jewelry has much magic, so that women all over the world have been heart-to-heart? Because its symbol is eternal love.

Now I introduce the 12 Constellation Tiffany Rings to every tiffany aficionado:

Aries (3.21-4.20)

Girls of Aries are the best ones produces passion and energy. They attract many sights of boys for the girls who dare to love and hate are equipped with communication gift and big-hearted temperament with independent thinking and actions.

They are the most barbarous girls in twelve constellations, but they also get good peevish skill. So a gorgeous diamond ring without frippery which can make self-realization gives enough self-display space for them.

Halcyone (4.21-5.21)

Bold personality hides in gentle appearance of girls of Halcyone. But they are always in passive position when they fall in love with somebody, and not too honest and open for her conservative personality apparently. However, once they get into love, they will devote enough affection. Therefore, girls of Halcyone will be very patient to wait her Mr. Right. They believe that: He will know my heart one day.

Girls of Halcyone are not silly, but the best mix of reason and passion. So a pair of perfect pure platinum Tiffany heart ring can not only represent the heart of girls of Halcyone, but also represent the characteristics of boys who choose girls of Halcyone.

Gemini (5.22-6.21)

Full of wicked ideas and always fashionable define the personality to try new things.

Girls of Gemini seem to not pay attention their loves, but they emphasize much on the mind communication of each other. Most of them have only once marriage in the life.

The most suitable way to get along with each is to reserve separate space, or this is the charm of girls of Gemini.

Tiffany diamond ring symbolizes eternity and intelligence represents their spectacular expressing way of love and permanent freshness of love.


Be Continuing…



From: http://news.enorth.com.cn/system/2008/01/17/002673403.shtml

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Special Tiffany Jewelry - a good gift for sending to father

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Tiffany Jewelry have infinite charm indeed. Have you sent a gift to your father? Which perfect gift will you choose to your father? Don’t put yourself in the trouble, it’s undoubtedly choosing Tiffany Jewelry.

Men's rings are one of the graceful rings in the men's Tiffany jewelry. Nowadays, diamond jewelry has become very fashionable as the famous men like to wear the items of diamond jewelry. This trend has been set by celebrities and now has turned into a fashion by common public. Men's ring is a good example. The following types of jewelry are the hottest gifts for fathers.

As the new member in Tiffany & Co., Frank Gehry brings a bold and original dynamic to the worlds of fashion and design. The Gehry Collection will debut with six distinct jewelry collections. In addition, the launch will include a selection of tabletop items.

In the hands of this master builder, precious metals, stones and wood are interpreted in provocative new shapes highlighted with brilliant color, patina and rich grain.

In all, the collection promises an exhilarating and beautiful new experience that reflects one man's imagination and lifelong obsession. "His revolutionary aesthetic has literally redefined architecture, and we fully anticipate that our partnership, combining as it does Mr. Gehry's genius with Tiffany's tradition of innovation and utmost quality, will change the rules of jewelry and fashion to equal and spectacular effect."

Besides Tiffany's rings, you can also buy your father Tiffany Bracelets and cufflinks. With all these shining and radiant sterling silver jewelry, Tiffany jewelry will reflect your father's individuality and give you factual value for every sterling silver dollar which you spend.

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Unique Silver Jewellery

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Silver Jewellery has created a position of its own in contemporary and designer jewellery section. Silver is not only used in designer Jewellery but also in creation of designer artifacts. As contemporary art is replacing traditional art, the female society is getting attracted towards beautifully handcrafted silver jewellery which reflects an aura of its own. Silver is a white metal with cool finish. This cool finish adds grace and tranquility to crafted jewels. The new provocative look of sterling silver jewellery is becoming a craze amongst the youngsters. These youngsters do not want to carry heavy traditional jewels.

They opt for unique exotic pieces for them. They love that stylish look which makes them stand apart amongst the crowd. Be it a small earring, finger ring, armlet, anklet toe-ring, or a simple nose pin, silver is making its remarkable presence amongst all body jewels. Fashionable small earrings are most prevalent because young girls prefer earrings above all jewellery pieces. Whatsoever be the color of the dress, silver can mould each and every color with itself to produce a designer piece of jewel.

Be it Ruby, Sapphire, or any other stone, silver gets along with all of them with equal ease. That is why silver has created a vital place in stylish jewellery section. Silver is not a costly metal. Therefore it is affordable with ease. One can even buy replica silver jewellery online with resonable price. People do not mind this replica because they are made the same materials as the origins. Today fashion gets changed at a very fast pace. While gold is getting dearer day by day, fashion conscious people cannot afford precious metals with ease and comfort. Instead they rely on silver jewellery in latest designs. Silver jewellery elevates their moods and confidence without costing a fortune to the user. Silver jewellery indeed fulfils ones expectations of living with the latest trends at affordable prices. For some of the latest designs in Silver Jewellery, log on to jewellery.homeshop18.com and place your order online.

Tiffany Silver jewellery includes earrings, exclusively in silver or with semi precious stones. Exquisite looking, fragile necklaces with matching earrings and bracelets are also available.You will love it definitely.


From: ttp://www.articlestreet.com/relationships/weddings/king-of-jewelry-offers-beautiful-yellow-canary-diamond-engagement-rings.html

Editor: Ann

Tiffany jewellery, at affordable price

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I hope my life is full of a world of ornaments. Diamonds are shining, sterling silver jewelry is stable, golden is noble, and each design of tiffany jewelry is a perfect artwork. I do not think only me want this world; everyone wants to have one of these worlds which belong to themselves. In my opinion, the silver is much more popular these years, to me, every day morning I must wear my silver earrings in front of my dressing table. And make up myself, I also like all most of the tiffany accessories, such as the one of my necklaces, which was sent by my boyfriend as my birthday present; recently I have got my unexpected gift, one of my old classmates sent me a pair of Air Jordan Fusion shoes, you know this made me so surprised, for we are only in the same classroom, and that I think during my four years colleges life, we two do not speak so much with each other, she is a shy girl, but that time I am a monitor in my class, so that only each Class Activity that we have a shortly and briefly talking. So now she made me so panic-stricken about what she had done for me, we are not friends. But she sent me my favorite Jordan shoes. She said to me, I am her special one, during the campus life she was so trendy, but she has not friends, and I am the only one who took care of her, and taught her lots of things, including how to be a good girl, and how to be a popular man in the class, and how to make friends with anyone, and so forth. She told me also that time she knew the Jordan shoes, then fell in love with that brand; and through me she knew how to buy the shoes on the Internet, how to maintain the shoes, the handbags, and the tiffany jewellery, and so on, now she herself opens one shop near our University. She is a boss and lives for herself, she told me, now she is so ease and free and earn some money could bring up herself, besides this she also harvest herself friendship and love. Congratulation on her great effort.

This gives me a heavy hit, she changed so lot. What about me, I am still the old one, do the same thing, have the same friends and I think I am only the naïve one, though I like the Air Jordan shoes but I never know how to maintain them. By parity of reasoning I also do not know how to maintain my tiffany jewellery, I love them so much, no any one kind of accessory could be compared with my tiffany, but how stupid I am, actually I even do not know how make them wearing longer time on my ears, neck and my feet. But since that time, she sent me one pair of the Air Jordan shoes; I know that I should keep in touch with her, so I should know the common knowledge about how to keep my tiffany necklaces in good running condition. And now I know one of the easiest and most convenient ways to keep my silver earring and silver rings and so on are shining all the time. Everyone brushes teeth after meal, yeah, what I want to say is the tooth paste. If you wearing your silver jewelry a long time, and find them so dirty and lose their luster, now you can use your little tooth paste and spread it on your silver tiffany jewelry, than you can get your new fashion accessories. They are shine, glitter and dazzling.

So remember every specially one in your life, maybe she or he could make your life more beautiful and colorful. Now tiffany jewellery is still my perfect partner. For the tiffany I also have a lot of friends and know something truth about the life. Before I do not like making friends and talking with anyone, but now I like doing that, I think it makes my life full of interesting. And I want to find my special one in my world.

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