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well, heey there, let me interduce you to myself. I'm a 15 year old girl from Holland. I love soccer and I like writing. Check out my blog, and than you know what I go through in my life. oh, I almost forgot. I talk about the truth.

Wrote the truth to Nicki!19/3/2013
Dear Nicki, This post is for you, because your my everything. You were there while my break up, when parents left me all alone, when my I had to take care of my brother, when my best friend let me fall, when school I screwed up my school, when I saw people slipping away and when I had to save myself. I want to thank you for everything. Because of you, I got through it, and I made it :) Yes, the truth is that I'm not always happy, yes that's what I'm saying. But I'm a lair, I lie to the world outside and to myself. yes, I realize now, I'm lying to myself to. I say to myself :"you don't live in a mess." But all I see is chaos around me. I tell myself to stay strong, Because the truth is I'm weak but I am too proud to admit that I need help. I know the truth, but I will not accept it. I want to take care of myself. Greetz, A blogger.
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What kind of girl I am..18/3/2013
Dear everyone, Everyone knows that "one of the boys" kind of girl. I can tell you, I'm very girly, even compqred to other girls. I play soccer for 6 years now, but I'm still girly. I think that I'm harder from the inside (some people call it bitchy) but I'm softer from the outside. Because I have long blond hair, wear make up every day and wear a lot of pink. I this funny that people always underestimate me. They think that I only care about clothes and make up. That's not every thing, in holland we have 3 levels of highschool. I get the highest level of education, that means that I'm pretty smart.. I don't really feel smart, acually I feel really dumb, and a lot of people call me dumb, but in fact I'm a kinda smart. I'll tell you a little secret, I really like science.. OMG, I'M A NERD! Well, yeah may be I'm, but no-one knows :) And there is an other secret I want to share with you.. I also love art and rapmusic. I knw, I know, it's ridiculous.. A lot of people think that I listen to one direction and justin bieber, that's also true. But I love rapmusic more. It's a shock for a lot of people when they listen to music on my ipod hahahahah :) I love there reaction, like: OMG! Well, now you know what kind of girl I am. Greetz, A blogger ;)
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Did I do something bad?16/3/2013
Dear everyone, I feel so bad about something I've done. well, you see, my ex-boyfriend.. A long time ago, when I was in a relationship with him, he send me a picture of himself without a t-shirt. But the picture looked awful, hahahhaha it was so funny. But a friend of him asked me or I could send him the picture, because my ex-boyfriend always shows a photo of his friend. well this photo.. it's.. really ugly ( and that is an understatement) So, first I didn't want to send the photo because.. let's be honest, it's sad to have revenge on your exes, even they have hurt you so damn much. But a good friend of mine knows what my ex did to me. So he said to me: "he has hurt so much, he cheated on you, he lied to you, he ignored you when you needed him. And the most important: he has never said sorry for anything of this. And you want not to just send an embarrassing picture of him to one of his friends? " To be honest, everything he said is true. So I sent the picture. After a few hours, I got a text from him. The text said: "Slut, why are you sending pictures of me to people!" Of course I didn't respond. But now I feel bad, may be I shouldn't have send that picture.. And should I apologize? Monday I will see him, so I have a think about what I'm going to say to him, or I should I just ignore him? I think should ignore him.. What do you think? please leave a comment :) Greetz, A blogger ;)
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A fresh room16/3/2013
Dear everyone, I think that I'm going to refresh my room. Like a new start pf my life. Because I've been trough a lot the last years. I just want to end this period of sorrow and sadness. I think that it's better for me to leave the past behind :) I think everyone should do that. You can't change what happened, but you can change the way you think about your past. A lot of people describe me as the happiest girl they will ever know. I'm the type of girl that you will only see smiling, laughing and joking. I hide all my feelings behind a smile, and I can tell you this: it's so fricking difficult sometimes. But I learned from my past that if you show your feelings that than you get hurt. So, that's why I learned to lock my feelings up. But enough about my feelings, let's talk about my room! My room is pretty big, with a lot of pink. First I had a lot of posters in my room, but I've removed them all, I can't explain why. I want to paint my room in a different colour, but I haven't decided which colour.. I have an idea, I'll put pictures of my room on my blog and than you can comment, and help me with which colour I should dye my room. Well, first I have to clean up my room.. But I will put the pictures later :) Greetz, A blogger ;)
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My trust is broken.15/3/2013
Dear everyone, I told you yesterday that I wanted to tell you something later. Well, here it is. I have or had a good friend, but something bad happened. When I was in Spain, there were a few boys, who are in my class, and my friend has a fight with them. And that's okay, but now these boys told me what really happened. Now I know that she has lied so much to me. Except for that, once she told me that I was someone that can not be trusted, because of that I felt so damn sad. Right now, she is in Italy on an exchange, but today she is going back to Holland. And as speaking the truth, I'm so damn scared. I don't know how to confront her, and I don't want to lose her as a friend. But to honest, is a lying friend worth? is it still a friend? May be these kind of friend are the most dangerous. They look like friends, but if it comes to the truth, they let you fall. I can tell you one thing for sure, if you lose trust in someone once, it breaks you. The second time that it happens to you, you break even harder. Because I believe, that the first time is a mistake. But the second time, it's a choice. The choice to learn from your mistakes. It isn't even a choice, it's an opportunity. A chance to learn from your past, your mistakes and your successes. They say that everything happens for a reason, so I guess that that is why all these bad things happen. Because you have to learn from it. And that's the truth ;) May be you don't like it, but it's true. Greetz, A blogger ;)
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My trip to spain!!14/3/2013
Dear everyone, I didn't post something the last few weeks, because I was in spain, on an exchange. It was really fun even my ex-boyfriend was also going with the group. I told you before that I was scared of seeing him with an other girl, but in fact he hasn't done anything with someone else. But excually I have done something with a guy, to be honest, 2 guys. I kissed 2 guys in the disco. Finally I told you it's not that I'm a slut or something like that, but honestly, I don't like kissing 2 boys at one night. I just want to meet THE guy. The one for me, and I just want to have al long lasting relationship, where you can trust each other. And you that he will always be there for you, and you don't have to worry about cheating or being lied to. But I always fall in love with the wrong guys. Please, god, when I will finally be wise? I know, I'm young, but I don't want to get hurt any more.. Because right now I have the feeling that I can trust no-one, I will tell you later why ;) hahaahah I'm sorry for the cliffhanger :) But I really have to go to sleep now :( tomorrow is a busy schoolday, woohoo, I'am looking forward to it, no, lol, just kidding ;) Greetz A blogger ;)
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my bad romance..1/3/2013
Dear everyone, I had a boyfriend. but a month ago we broke up. He was my first serious relationship, and I guess also the worst I will ever have expiered in my entire life. He didn't treat me well.. well let me explain how you can't treat your girlfriend: 1. ignoring her 2. lying to her 3. kiss an other girl (cheating on her) Well, everything I just mentioned he did that to me. and I'm not only mad at him, but also at myself.. I let it all happend.. HE CHEATED ON ME! and I forgave him.. damn, that's my biggest mistake ever! my friends we telling me the truth, but I didn't want to hear it. next week I'm to Spain, on an exchange with school. And this guy is also going to Spain.. so I hope it will be okay.. but honestly, I'm scared as hell. Scared of being hurt again. you know that feeling, that you see your ex kissing with someone else? Even I'm over him, it still hurts.. that "I was supposted to kiss those lips"-feeling hurts.. and that's the truth. did you ever have this bad experience with your exes? Greetz, A blogger ;)
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the "car" talk with my mom..28/2/2013
Today I was going to my mom's office because I have holiday and she was upset about something that happend yesterday. Yesterday, it was her birthday and do you remember that your birthday was the most magical day of the year (except for christmas, but nevermind) well, my mom's birthday wasn't about her. It was about her work, my grandfather and about her diet. Not really nice.. She was crying so I decided to be a good daughter. So I said to her that I would come with her to her office. And becauseoffice is far away from home she stays in an hotel, where she is alone and lonely. So now I'm staying at the hotel to. Anyway, first we had to drive to her work. It's a 1,5 hour drive. In the car, we always have heavy talks about life. And most of the time it's about my life.. Let's be honest everyone likes to talk about their own life. But to be honest, these talks with my mom are always confrontating..They way she says the whole truth in my face. Because, you know that it's true but you don't have to admit and confirm it with words, right ? Do you agree with that? Leave a reaction :) Greetz, A blogger ;)
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oh.. hello28/2/2013
Dear everyone, I started my blog today because I wanted to share my life experience. I know that the truth can be I painful and I know th speaking the truth is hard. Because lying is easy. And actually I'm a pretty good liar. But I'm done with lying so I started this blog. To tell the truth to you all. I really like writing, but I have never shown any stories ai wrote to anyone. But I'm ready for a change. I hope you like it :) Greetz, A new blogger ;) By the way, english is not my first language, so I'm sorry if my grammatic or spelling is wrong :/
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