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She was very unhappy

Nobody couldn't see

She wasn't herself

And she didn't want to be

Al of the time she was wearing a mask

"I'm fine" is what she said, when the people asked

But what they didn't know is where she wanted to be

She wanted to be in heaven

And nobody couldn't see


And now she is in heaven

All those people have regret

That they didn't listen

To all the things she never said.





Posted: 17:05, 30/5/2006
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I alk Myself a question

And say that it's allright

But still I keep on wondering

How life is when you're not by my side

If I ever lose you

you'll be in my heart

From the very first beginning

From the very first start

I thank god I met you everyday

But that's just a little something of all I want to say

I want to say I love you

I want to say I care

I want to say I love you

And I'll be forever there

I want to say I'm sorry

For all the pain I've caused

I'll ask you to forgive me

And thats for now enough




Posted: 13:05, 28/5/2006
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