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warm weather

• 30/12/2009 - Little medicated diet of daily food therapy

Little medicated diet of daily food therapy
Add the turnip soup of flavor

250 grams of turnips, 30 grams of seeds of Oriental arborvitae. The turnip is cleaned and shredded, stir-fry before stewing and fry, add 500 ml of seeds of Oriental arborvitae and fresh water with the vegetable oil, with boil to familiar with, drink and add the salt. But infomal dress. When used in gout and break out.

Windproof Yi's congee

10 grams of wind-proof, core of Job's tears is 10 grams. Poach it 1 times a day, even obey for one week. Clear away heat except numbness, is suitable for damp and hot numbness and hindering type gout.

Porridge of peach kernel

15 grams of peach kernels, 160 grams of round-grained nonglutinous rice. Mash peach kernel like the mud first, grind the juice with water, remove slag, boil the porridge, i.e. edible clothes with the round-grained nonglutinous rice. Blood circulation promoting dispels silt, hold openly in place with a net stopping the pain, is suitable for blood stasis and phlegm turbid numbness and hindering type gout.

Jiu's congee of Chinese yam

The Chinese yam of the Huaihe River that raw is 100 grams, Jiu is white 10 grams, 50 grams of round-grained nonglutinous rice, 30 grams of clear tuber of pinellia, 30 grams of Radix Astragali, appropriate amount of white sugar. Wash the rice well first, it is white to add and cut the Chinese yam of the Huaihe River thinly and clean tuber of pinellia, Jiu, boil together, add the edible clothes of right amount of sugar, is regardless of time and consumption.
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Porridge but benefit angry coherent male genital this, reduce phlegm except numbness, suitable for because spleen timid to transport, phlegm turbid endogenous and deficiency of vital energy gout card that phlegm hindered that cause.
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• 30/12/2009 - Seven medicated diet prevent and cure shoulder week inflammation

Seven medicated diet prevent and cure shoulder week inflammation
Act as and join 10 grams respectively of Chinese angelica of mutton soup, dangshen, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, root of herbaceous peony, branch of mulberry, Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii are 15 grams respectively, 5 grams of licorice root, 50 grams of mutton, appropriate amount of condiment. Mutton clean, strip, slice, all medicine cotton bag, with water with stew, until mutton familiar, go powder bag, in addition salt, gourmet powder, spring onions and ginger, hot pepper,etc. are flavoured, boil and take.

Stilbene belongs to and stews chicken 30 grams of Radix Astragali, 20 grams of Chinese angelica, 1 piece of young chicken, appropriate amount of ginger, salt. It is cleaned after hair and viscera that first to slaughter the young chicken, and then clean Radix Astragali, Chinese angelica, ginger, put into chicken's belly, enter and add right amount of water and salt in the earth pot, stew slowly for 2 hours with the small fire, eat chicken and eat soup, 3 days and a pharmaceutical.

Welding Machine Pet ShopPVC HoseSqualene|Frontline Cat,Flea MedicationElectric Welding MachineHose FittingsSkin Care|Point of SaleFrontline Tick,Flea Remedies gt1 15 grams respectively of the whole Chinese angelica of blood rattan egg drop soup of Chinese angelica, Caulis Spatholobi, wood is fragrant, dried orange peel, Radix Paeoniae Rubra are 10 grams respectively, mulberry is a piece of 20 grams, 1 egg. Boil together egg with all medicine, go shell boil 5- 10 minute after the egg will be well done, eat egg drink the soup, 3 times a day, one each time.

Enclose the pig hoof soup in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and enclose a stretch of 10 grams, 10 grams of cassia twig, mulberry is a piece of 30 grams, 15 grams of Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii, 1 pair of pig hooves, condiment appetite. Pig hoof go hair mix, clean, chop, turn on, all medicine cotton bag, with water with stew until pig hoof familiar, go powder bag, flavour with salt, gourmet powder, pepper powder,etc., boil and take.

Chinese angelica of two pieces of porridge of Chinese angelica, cassia twig and 10 grams respectively, mulberry is a piece of 30 grams, 100 grams of rice. All medicinal liquid fry, fetch juice, strengthen rice boil, take for the gruel, 2 times a day.

Mulberry is a big date and a piece of 30 grams of porridge mulberry, 10 big dates, 50 grams of rice. Mulberry pieces of water fry, fetch juice strengthen rice, big date boil porridge, 2 times a day, act as, dinner is taken.

30 grams of Radix Puerariae of Yi's benevolence porridge of cassia twig of Radix Puerariae, 15 grams of cassia twig, core of Job's tears is 30 grams, 60 grams of round-grained nonglutinous rice, appropriate amount of salt. Add Gen, cassia twig Ge right amount of water boil, remove slag, fetch the juice 30 minute, and then put core of the Job's tears, round-grained nonglutinous rice into medicine juice first, slow to endure, flavour to rice rotten porridge with the salt when being familiar, divide into warm clothes 2 times with slow fire boil, a pharmaceutical every day.
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• 26/8/2009 - bad-tempered creakily

  Milk stand aunt take over milk card, keep watch on I ask: "How is it you today? Why did not 401 men hosts come? " I smile: "Aunt, I am 401, I come to take the milk everyday, how are you old   "Aunt says allowing no explanation to be offered: "Are you 401? The spirit believes! That person is taller than you, not you are thin, not ' four '. Say! Who are you? Why act as fraudulent substitute for a person? " I fall back two steps, say stammering: "You? I?   Oh yes, this milk card is 401, always true. " Aunt has pitched a hole on the card, throw a bag of milk over, say: "Who in charge of you, close my trifling matter! "    
    I yearn for the fond dream of the morning, walk and go upstairs unhurriedly while feeling funny. I make door getting left unlocked or unbolted specially just now, shut now, cause of wind perhaps. I take the key and open the door, but can not open, even run into surely? Then knock at the door, hear Yin Ran asking: "Who? " I say: "I. " Yin Ran asks again: "Who are you? " I say: "Your husband. " Yin Ran says: "My husband goes to work, who are you on earth? " I can't help laughing, am unexpected the wife will play with the humour too. I am begged one in a low voice: "Open the door! I call it, is your husband; Your name is Yin Ran, it is my wife; We have one five year old of daughters, call the end such as last line. I was pressganged able-bodied men by you just now, take the milk downstairs, come back with fruitful result now. " Yin Ran says: "Quite right, I call Ran Yin, have one daughter call will it be the end the end, but husband of me shout is it possible that, his voice is not such as you, I do not know you at all! He does not ever bother to take milk, it is I that go to take every day. " I smile: "You   Ouch, time is late, open the door as soon as possible, give the bag to me, will come late again! " Yin Ran says: "If you continue pestering, I make 110 alarms! " It know which root nerve by mistake she put up, take, turn on through to the end joke. She is unwilling to open the door each time, make me thoroughly discredited, chokes with silent fury, can do nothing about her - -But this time, I have not done anything wrong (? She can insight even dream which I had? Do not miss either? My God, this is very terrible! )   
    Twisting one's ears and rubing one's face as a sign of anxiety, but the door is " bad-tempered creakily " One sound has been opened automatically. What let me feel shocked is, my family becomes changed beyond recognition, the cement paves the timber apron, arduous half new furniture that buy, no 21 inches of televisions, recorder, no black leather sofa   The substitute is brand-new combination furniture, ultra large-screen color TV, advanced stereo, computer, padauk sofa   Even bulb is changed, the ceiling fan is removed, a burst of air conditioners of cold wind strokes the face. The only ones that have not changed are " photograph of the whole family " hung on the wall ,Three people of one family,Handmade Bracelets| Imitation Jewelry| Wholesale Picture Frames| Beaded Bracelets| Butterfly Brooches| Unique Handcrafted Jewelry| Heart Necklace| Handmade Earrings| Handmade Jewelry| Beaded Necklaces| Hair Brush the end of the end stands in the middle with a smile, on the right is her mother Yin Ran, on the left is her father   Wait a moment! Who is this damnable man on the photo? He wears my suit, makes my tie, keep my hairdo, is piling my smile on the face - -He should be me. But, is he me? Look of me like this? It c
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• 7/7/2009 - It is small and strong

It is small and strong the marks of the examination rank the first in the class end, when he tells father this good news, my father rewards a section of newest MP3 to him, it is small and strong and glad to be bad. A lot of classmates have MP3, use it from the newest popular song of download from the website in the class, Zhou Jielun,   anything prevails and hears some with strength. He go to school, leave school break take earphone listen to, energetic very. But before long, he always thinks while having a class the voice that the teacher gave lessons seems to diminish, just hear strenuously clearly by oneself. Speak with Papa and Mama too loudly at home, mother asks several sounds of his not to react sometimes. Get facial features department check have a holiday, low to suffer from " transliteration nature deafness of sense " while being better Disease. 
Recently, have it really to fashionable MP3, walkman of the American characteristic in such aspects as tone quality, function and operation, because it is convenient and fashionable for a time to carry, prevail especially very among teenagers. Seen everywhere and fill in the person of the earphone from morning till night on the street. But the expert reminds people, had better not wear the earphone on the street while walking. 
They wear earphone listening to the music or foreign language, can not only influence others prevent the external world from interfering with but also, it is a kind of graceful, graceful, comfortable spirit that is enjoyed. Hardly realize, therefore will bring some potential harmfulness. Often use " The walkman " Or the earphone will damage people's normal hearing, make people suffer from unconsciously " Sound deafness of sense " Disease. 
Relevant medical materials indicate, when the volume that people hear with ear reach 100 decibels, have longer times, can cause recoverability hearing damage; When up to 110 decibels in voluming, it is enough to make Pet Shop, Frontline Tick, Frontline Cat, Flea Medication, Flea Remedies, Surge Arrester Cable Assembly Wire Harness Terminals Splices Connectorthe hair cells of the human inner ear die, the serious one will also cause hearing to lose the disease. At present, some " The walkman " Volume can last 115 decibels, heaviest, reach 95 decibels too at the time of rock music of listening to even if volume, it is up to more than 110 decibels to listen to music of disco. Moreover because a lot of earphone getting pleasant to design, improperly use or volume can cause direct injury to tympanum mostly too.  So, in Europe and other places, do not use the earplug type earphone. 
Scientific research results indicate,if " The walkman " And " The earphone " Improperly use, high volume is listened to for a long time, will damage people's eyesight. Because of there is delicate and complicated inner link between ears and eyes nervous system, in high decibels of noise environment, eyes symmetrical slow in reaction equilibrium in body in motion of people, the serious sufferer will even cause and reflect and does not work the disease for ever. 
Propose the masses of teenagers use at ordinary times " The walkman " Volume is a bit lower as much as possible. Generally it is difficult to exceed 80 decibels - 90 decibels, it should not be over an hour to listen to time continuously, very appropriate rest was listened to a moment later if necessary. 
Market earphone have person who wear and earplug two roughly at present, headphone listen to transliteration to be effectual, it is convenient for the earplug type earphone to carry, but injury to ears of two kinds of earphones is actually both the same. Listen to the music with earphone, tympanum, and earphone vibration slices of distance very near, sound wave conduct range to be little centralized, sense of hearing nerve stimulation heavy to tympanum, apt to cause ears inflammation, dizzy, tinnitus, hard of hearing. If listen to upper several even a dozen hours continuously, may also appear suddenly and deafly. In addition, the time to wear the earphone is too long, spirit will be in tense state all the time, unfavorable to the health too. 
Very loud place, you had better not listen to the music with the earphone in noises such as the bus or street,etc., because for overlaying the noise, people's regular meeting has strengthened volume unconsciously, the injury to ears is greater. Meanwhile, can't hear for a long time, had better be less than an hour each time. In addition, don't listen to when sleeping, otherwise the earplug is inserted between pillow and ears, will cause the injury to the tympanum; If is hearing that falls asleep, ears are at the time of the dormancy state, the damage received will be more obvious.   
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• 7/7/2009 - Poor appetite

 Poor appetite. The child's appetite is worse and worse, even can not mention the interest to the food that oneself like either. 
 The lymph node increases and increases. Usually happen in the shank, axillary department, pain or tenderness that will seldom think. 
 The organ is swelling. The leukaemia cell is infringed to liver, spleen, lymph gland, thymus even meninx, gonad, kidney,etc., cause the organ to be swelling. For example child's upper abdomen is swelling, it may be that liver, spleen have already been encroached on. 
It is a good thing to buy the bridal chamber, can not turn the good thing into the bad thing. First slow while moving, fit up and complete and put on the Third Five-Year Welding Machine| Electric Welding Machine PVC Hose PVC Hose Hose Fittings Botani| Squalene| Skin Care| Plan Period for a month and live in, open window to be completely ventilative, reduce indoor pollution, had better ask specialized monitoring company come new house to give you examine, whether there is harmful gas. Live and rest assured too, the health and safety to family is secure like this.   
6.MP3 " earphone disease "    
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• 7/7/2009 - The expert of China

The expert of China National Interior Decoration Association analyzes and thinks, the indoor environmental pollution is mainly caused by that renovation materials are improperlied use, first, the design is unreasonable, there are too many rooms to use a kind of material, if it cause the formaldehyde to exceed standard to lay and compound the floor by a large scale; Second, the craft is unreasonable, do not consider the internal environment problem of the room in traditional craft, the lower berth blockboard of the floor such as compounding, brush the varnish and prevent the crack on the wall, the furniture of traditional craft does not seal the side and will all bring the air pollution; Third, chosen the inferior renovation material. 
People's existence is due to four major issues of clothing,food,lodging and transportion. The expert thinks, the indoor pollution of fitting up should be examine first and then replied, rush to live in some special days ago not needing confused a stream of brains, it is not China Business| Doing Business in China| Hong Kong Business| International Business| Business Opportunities| China Manufacturer| China Market|Art|Chinese Furniture|Paint|Painting|Oil Painting|Picture worth absolutely sacrificing the health for one month of those days. The medical expert thinks, in terms of doctor, they are still no matter the room proposing being fitted up newly has measured and exceeded standard, should ventilate and take a breath more, try hard to reduce or forbid smoking in the room, and cultivate the green plants, just consider moving in after at least after fitting up three months. 
If the child suddenly presented the following situations, and never presented before, it may be a sign of leukemia, parents should pay attention to: 
 The bone aches. Will make the bone marrow swell because of leukemia, the periosteum is drawn, will cause pain. Especially on the top and foot of knee most obvious, arthritis by mistake often. 
 Have a fever. It is irregular to have a fever, sometimes high fever, sometimes low fever. While having a high fever, it is uncontrollable to use antibiotic. 
 It is apt to bleed, bleed terribly. The skin presents the silt spot, and very serious, the nose, tooth bleed, there is extravasated blood on one's body, and serious bleeding took place suddenly, will not be stopped continuously within some time, this kind of phenomenon will also be aggravated gradually. 
 Anaemia. Because of reduction of red blood cell, child will appear anaemia phenomenon, such as pale, the lip, nail do not have blood color etc.. 
 Weak. Spirit is very bad, like treating silently. Even activity, have originally so excited, activity feel tired right away a moment later. 
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• 7/7/2009 - the hearts of children

The artificial fat endangers the hearts of children (2)   
At present, only a country of Denmark proclaimed in writing forbids using the trans-fatty acid in the food in the world. Its legal provisions, can only contain 2- 5 grams of trans-fatty acid in every 100 grams edible oil, this content is extremely low, mean using. U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Ordered, after January 1, 2006, all food must indicate the content of the trans-fatty acid. They predict, after this regulations last 3 years, disease caused by trans-fatty acid will be reduced by 600- 1200, death incident will be reduced by 250- 500.   
5.Move the new home and bring out leukemia   
Typical symptom: 
"Our family is so bad! " This is small and big when comes to the hospital, to the first sentence which the doctor said. Is the smell of the family very bad? Have fitted up the house newly? The small big family had bought the new house originally, the family is rushing to move into before the Spring Festival after finishing fitting up. Small big while moving into the new room just 2 years old, have not often sent low fever by half after living, separate for 2 weeks and have a fever once, parents bring the hospital, check, just find children suffered from leukemia unexpectedly after being repeated for several times. The little big mother thinks that may relate to own house just fitted up, then trust the measuring station to carry on the quality testing of air to the own house. Measure result, formaldehyde content of air exceed standard 5 times, the small big light bedroom lived in, unexpectedly benzene content exceeds standard 23.5 times. The doctor in charge suspects benzene exceeds standard, cause the little big inducement which comes down with blood disease. 
Hematology's doctor of children's hospital of Beijing points out, infant see leukemia more very much in recent years, since last November,Computer|Computer Peripheral|Laptop Battery|Computer Accessory|Electronic Part|Computer Accessories|Electronic there is a leukemia infant every week on average, there are more than 40 newly-increased infants in 2004, according to situation in the whole country, children become leukemia high to take place crowd already. The expert reminded, fitted up before being annual and does not forget to watch out for " fits up the disease " . The statistics show, the death toll caused by indoor air pollution has already reached 111,000 every year in our country, 304 people every day on average. 
Though cause of disease of infant these confirm but 30% infant have family fit up history but irrefutable fact very much at speciality, it has many to be family find, suffer from leukemia while being about fit up. An investigation from BJ Children's Hospital: There is family of 90% of the infants that once fitted up within half a year among this institute meets the leukemia infants that examines. The expert is according to this conjecture, the harmful substance in indoor renovation materials may be an important inducement of child's leukemia. 
The doctor introduces, the environmental pollution of the same intensity, children's extent of injury is higher than adults, this is because the child is growing, the ripeness of immune system is not so good as adults, several more than of example correlated with fitting up that so have illness coming on in children. Think 4 great reasons for suffering from leukemia have chemical contamination factors, infect the factor, radiate the factor and gene mutation at present. Once " vigorous " Equipment last radiation pollution. Everybody has cancer gene and anticancer gene on one's body, the two are dynamic equilibrium under the normal condition, after polluting by some, enable gene mutation, the equilibrium is broken among cancer gene and anticancer gene, cause the excessive expression of the cancer gene or function defect of anticancer gene, make normal cells cancerate, shown as cancer, leukemia is one kind of cancer too. 
The ammonia released in the marble is the pollution of room " No.1 killer " ,It stems from materials such as brick, tile, reinforcing bar, cement, stone material, gypsum, Tao Cai,etc., there is clear carcinogenesis function, kill the human body cells which wound people directly, if sudden change has taken place in the cells wounded, there is carcinogenesis possibility. And the binders of timber, cloth sofa, then the benzene content is extremely high, after people suck excessive benzene serial materials, the lighter is dizzy, sick, weak, the skin is dry, consciousness is fuzzy, the heavy one can cause and go into a coma, even liver renal failure, initiate blood disease. 
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• 7/7/2009 - what is the trans-fatty acid

Then, what is the trans-fatty acid, why does it generally exist in the food? 
Explain, the trans-fatty acid is one kind, through artificial fatty acid that catalyzed according to the expert. We know, ordinary fatty acid is divided into unsaturated fatty acid and two kinds of saturated fatty acid, their main structure is carbon and hydrogen atom. It is harmful to human body to take in the saturated fatty acid too much, because it will improve the cholesterol content of lipoprotein of low density in the blood greatly, thus make people apt to suffer from and set one's heart brain blood vessel disease; The unsaturated fatty acid is known as because of being apt to raise the fat of blood "  Good fatty acid "  . 
It is turned into through the artificial transformation that the trans-fatty acid is the ordinary vegetable oil "  Hydrogenated oil "  Result in the course. Catalyzed artificially, introduce the hydrogen molecule for the vegetable oil of the main fact appropriately to the unsaturated fatty acid, can turn the liquid unsaturated fatty acid into the saturated fatty acid apt to solidify, thus make the vegetable oil turn the same semi-solid state even solid state into the butter. Among them, " the configuration is changed " after some surplus unsaturated fatty acid has taken placing ,From a natural one "  The obeying type " The structure is turned into differently "  Against the type" Structure, the trans-fatty acid which we talked about. 
The trans-fatty acid is used for food processing extensively, because it not only can lengthen quality guarantee period, will also increase the delicious intensity of the food. Meanwhile, because the hydrogenation oil which includes the trans-fatty acid has higher melting point than ordinary vegetable oil, can keep solid form at room temperature, will make food to be appearance esthetic, let, cure food, for instance mouthfeel such as the biscuit, bread are more soft. In addition, for trade company, the cost of hydrogenated oil containing trans-fatty acid is cheap, but the result can compare favourably with natural butter. 
It is apt to cause heart brain blood vessel disease 
Canadian nutritionist Bruce tells reporters, more and more research has proved already, the trans-fatty acid danger to the human body is bigger than the saturated fatty acid. It not only influences the human immune system,Auto Diagnostic| Car Diagnostic| AK500 key programmer Automotive Diagnostic| bmw gt1 Chinese Furniture Electronic Cigarette Chinese Furniture Printer Parts Laptop Battery B2B marketplace but also will improve the harmful to human body cholesterol content of low density, reduce the beneficial cholesterol content of high density. The trans-fatty acid in the meal increases by 2% each time, people will rise by 25% when suffering from the risk of heart brain blood vessel disease. 
The experts generally think, the trans-fatty acid is well-above any kind of animal oil to the extent of damage of the human heart. As far back as 1981, scientists found, died of the person of coronary heart disease, the content of trans-fatty acid should be higher than the normal crowd in its fat. Some latest research indicates tentatively, the trans-fatty acid may also increase the morbidity of breast cancer and diabetes, and may influence children to grow and the nervous system is healthy.   
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