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• 7/7/2009 - what is the trans-fatty acid

Then, what is the trans-fatty acid, why does it generally exist in the food? 
Explain, the trans-fatty acid is one kind, through artificial fatty acid that catalyzed according to the expert. We know, ordinary fatty acid is divided into unsaturated fatty acid and two kinds of saturated fatty acid, their main structure is carbon and hydrogen atom. It is harmful to human body to take in the saturated fatty acid too much, because it will improve the cholesterol content of lipoprotein of low density in the blood greatly, thus make people apt to suffer from and set one's heart brain blood vessel disease; The unsaturated fatty acid is known as because of being apt to raise the fat of blood "  Good fatty acid "  . 
It is turned into through the artificial transformation that the trans-fatty acid is the ordinary vegetable oil "  Hydrogenated oil "  Result in the course. Catalyzed artificially, introduce the hydrogen molecule for the vegetable oil of the main fact appropriately to the unsaturated fatty acid, can turn the liquid unsaturated fatty acid into the saturated fatty acid apt to solidify, thus make the vegetable oil turn the same semi-solid state even solid state into the butter. Among them, " the configuration is changed " after some surplus unsaturated fatty acid has taken placing ,From a natural one "  The obeying type " The structure is turned into differently "  Against the type" Structure, the trans-fatty acid which we talked about. 
The trans-fatty acid is used for food processing extensively, because it not only can lengthen quality guarantee period, will also increase the delicious intensity of the food. Meanwhile, because the hydrogenation oil which includes the trans-fatty acid has higher melting point than ordinary vegetable oil, can keep solid form at room temperature, will make food to be appearance esthetic, let, cure food, for instance mouthfeel such as the biscuit, bread are more soft. In addition, for trade company, the cost of hydrogenated oil containing trans-fatty acid is cheap, but the result can compare favourably with natural butter. 
It is apt to cause heart brain blood vessel disease 
Canadian nutritionist Bruce tells reporters, more and more research has proved already, the trans-fatty acid danger to the human body is bigger than the saturated fatty acid. It not only influences the human immune system,Auto Diagnostic| Car Diagnostic| AK500 key programmer Automotive Diagnostic| bmw gt1 Chinese Furniture Electronic Cigarette Chinese Furniture Printer Parts Laptop Battery B2B marketplace but also will improve the harmful to human body cholesterol content of low density, reduce the beneficial cholesterol content of high density. The trans-fatty acid in the meal increases by 2% each time, people will rise by 25% when suffering from the risk of heart brain blood vessel disease. 
The experts generally think, the trans-fatty acid is well-above any kind of animal oil to the extent of damage of the human heart. As far back as 1981, scientists found, died of the person of coronary heart disease, the content of trans-fatty acid should be higher than the normal crowd in its fat. Some latest research indicates tentatively, the trans-fatty acid may also increase the morbidity of breast cancer and diabetes, and may influence children to grow and the nervous system is healthy.   
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