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warm weather

• 7/7/2009 - the hearts of children

The artificial fat endangers the hearts of children (2)   
At present, only a country of Denmark proclaimed in writing forbids using the trans-fatty acid in the food in the world. Its legal provisions, can only contain 2- 5 grams of trans-fatty acid in every 100 grams edible oil, this content is extremely low, mean using. U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Ordered, after January 1, 2006, all food must indicate the content of the trans-fatty acid. They predict, after this regulations last 3 years, disease caused by trans-fatty acid will be reduced by 600- 1200, death incident will be reduced by 250- 500.   
5.Move the new home and bring out leukemia   
Typical symptom: 
"Our family is so bad! " This is small and big when comes to the hospital, to the first sentence which the doctor said. Is the smell of the family very bad? Have fitted up the house newly? The small big family had bought the new house originally, the family is rushing to move into before the Spring Festival after finishing fitting up. Small big while moving into the new room just 2 years old, have not often sent low fever by half after living, separate for 2 weeks and have a fever once, parents bring the hospital, check, just find children suffered from leukemia unexpectedly after being repeated for several times. The little big mother thinks that may relate to own house just fitted up, then trust the measuring station to carry on the quality testing of air to the own house. Measure result, formaldehyde content of air exceed standard 5 times, the small big light bedroom lived in, unexpectedly benzene content exceeds standard 23.5 times. The doctor in charge suspects benzene exceeds standard, cause the little big inducement which comes down with blood disease. 
Hematology's doctor of children's hospital of Beijing points out, infant see leukemia more very much in recent years, since last November,Computer|Computer Peripheral|Laptop Battery|Computer Accessory|Electronic Part|Computer Accessories|Electronic there is a leukemia infant every week on average, there are more than 40 newly-increased infants in 2004, according to situation in the whole country, children become leukemia high to take place crowd already. The expert reminded, fitted up before being annual and does not forget to watch out for " fits up the disease " . The statistics show, the death toll caused by indoor air pollution has already reached 111,000 every year in our country, 304 people every day on average. 
Though cause of disease of infant these confirm but 30% infant have family fit up history but irrefutable fact very much at speciality, it has many to be family find, suffer from leukemia while being about fit up. An investigation from BJ Children's Hospital: There is family of 90% of the infants that once fitted up within half a year among this institute meets the leukemia infants that examines. The expert is according to this conjecture, the harmful substance in indoor renovation materials may be an important inducement of child's leukemia. 
The doctor introduces, the environmental pollution of the same intensity, children's extent of injury is higher than adults, this is because the child is growing, the ripeness of immune system is not so good as adults, several more than of example correlated with fitting up that so have illness coming on in children. Think 4 great reasons for suffering from leukemia have chemical contamination factors, infect the factor, radiate the factor and gene mutation at present. Once " vigorous " Equipment last radiation pollution. Everybody has cancer gene and anticancer gene on one's body, the two are dynamic equilibrium under the normal condition, after polluting by some, enable gene mutation, the equilibrium is broken among cancer gene and anticancer gene, cause the excessive expression of the cancer gene or function defect of anticancer gene, make normal cells cancerate, shown as cancer, leukemia is one kind of cancer too. 
The ammonia released in the marble is the pollution of room " No.1 killer " ,It stems from materials such as brick, tile, reinforcing bar, cement, stone material, gypsum, Tao Cai,etc., there is clear carcinogenesis function, kill the human body cells which wound people directly, if sudden change has taken place in the cells wounded, there is carcinogenesis possibility. And the binders of timber, cloth sofa, then the benzene content is extremely high, after people suck excessive benzene serial materials, the lighter is dizzy, sick, weak, the skin is dry, consciousness is fuzzy, the heavy one can cause and go into a coma, even liver renal failure, initiate blood disease. 
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