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warm weather

• 7/7/2009 - The expert of China

The expert of China National Interior Decoration Association analyzes and thinks, the indoor environmental pollution is mainly caused by that renovation materials are improperlied use, first, the design is unreasonable, there are too many rooms to use a kind of material, if it cause the formaldehyde to exceed standard to lay and compound the floor by a large scale; Second, the craft is unreasonable, do not consider the internal environment problem of the room in traditional craft, the lower berth blockboard of the floor such as compounding, brush the varnish and prevent the crack on the wall, the furniture of traditional craft does not seal the side and will all bring the air pollution; Third, chosen the inferior renovation material. 
People's existence is due to four major issues of clothing,food,lodging and transportion. The expert thinks, the indoor pollution of fitting up should be examine first and then replied, rush to live in some special days ago not needing confused a stream of brains, it is not China Business| Doing Business in China| Hong Kong Business| International Business| Business Opportunities| China Manufacturer| China Market|Art|Chinese Furniture|Paint|Painting|Oil Painting|Picture worth absolutely sacrificing the health for one month of those days. The medical expert thinks, in terms of doctor, they are still no matter the room proposing being fitted up newly has measured and exceeded standard, should ventilate and take a breath more, try hard to reduce or forbid smoking in the room, and cultivate the green plants, just consider moving in after at least after fitting up three months. 
If the child suddenly presented the following situations, and never presented before, it may be a sign of leukemia, parents should pay attention to: 
 The bone aches. Will make the bone marrow swell because of leukemia, the periosteum is drawn, will cause pain. Especially on the top and foot of knee most obvious, arthritis by mistake often. 
 Have a fever. It is irregular to have a fever, sometimes high fever, sometimes low fever. While having a high fever, it is uncontrollable to use antibiotic. 
 It is apt to bleed, bleed terribly. The skin presents the silt spot, and very serious, the nose, tooth bleed, there is extravasated blood on one's body, and serious bleeding took place suddenly, will not be stopped continuously within some time, this kind of phenomenon will also be aggravated gradually. 
 Anaemia. Because of reduction of red blood cell, child will appear anaemia phenomenon, such as pale, the lip, nail do not have blood color etc.. 
 Weak. Spirit is very bad, like treating silently. Even activity, have originally so excited, activity feel tired right away a moment later. 
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