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warm weather

• 7/7/2009 - Poor appetite

 Poor appetite. The child's appetite is worse and worse, even can not mention the interest to the food that oneself like either. 
 The lymph node increases and increases. Usually happen in the shank, axillary department, pain or tenderness that will seldom think. 
 The organ is swelling. The leukaemia cell is infringed to liver, spleen, lymph gland, thymus even meninx, gonad, kidney,etc., cause the organ to be swelling. For example child's upper abdomen is swelling, it may be that liver, spleen have already been encroached on. 
It is a good thing to buy the bridal chamber, can not turn the good thing into the bad thing. First slow while moving, fit up and complete and put on the Third Five-Year Welding Machine| Electric Welding Machine PVC Hose PVC Hose Hose Fittings Botani| Squalene| Skin Care| Plan Period for a month and live in, open window to be completely ventilative, reduce indoor pollution, had better ask specialized monitoring company come new house to give you examine, whether there is harmful gas. Live and rest assured too, the health and safety to family is secure like this.   
6.MP3 " earphone disease "    
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warm weather

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