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warm weather

• 7/7/2009 - It is small and strong

It is small and strong the marks of the examination rank the first in the class end, when he tells father this good news, my father rewards a section of newest MP3 to him, it is small and strong and glad to be bad. A lot of classmates have MP3, use it from the newest popular song of download from the website in the class, Zhou Jielun,   anything prevails and hears some with strength. He go to school, leave school break take earphone listen to, energetic very. But before long, he always thinks while having a class the voice that the teacher gave lessons seems to diminish, just hear strenuously clearly by oneself. Speak with Papa and Mama too loudly at home, mother asks several sounds of his not to react sometimes. Get facial features department check have a holiday, low to suffer from " transliteration nature deafness of sense " while being better Disease. 
Recently, have it really to fashionable MP3, walkman of the American characteristic in such aspects as tone quality, function and operation, because it is convenient and fashionable for a time to carry, prevail especially very among teenagers. Seen everywhere and fill in the person of the earphone from morning till night on the street. But the expert reminds people, had better not wear the earphone on the street while walking. 
They wear earphone listening to the music or foreign language, can not only influence others prevent the external world from interfering with but also, it is a kind of graceful, graceful, comfortable spirit that is enjoyed. Hardly realize, therefore will bring some potential harmfulness. Often use " The walkman " Or the earphone will damage people's normal hearing, make people suffer from unconsciously " Sound deafness of sense " Disease. 
Relevant medical materials indicate, when the volume that people hear with ear reach 100 decibels, have longer times, can cause recoverability hearing damage; When up to 110 decibels in voluming, it is enough to make Pet Shop, Frontline Tick, Frontline Cat, Flea Medication, Flea Remedies, Surge Arrester Cable Assembly Wire Harness Terminals Splices Connectorthe hair cells of the human inner ear die, the serious one will also cause hearing to lose the disease. At present, some " The walkman " Volume can last 115 decibels, heaviest, reach 95 decibels too at the time of rock music of listening to even if volume, it is up to more than 110 decibels to listen to music of disco. Moreover because a lot of earphone getting pleasant to design, improperly use or volume can cause direct injury to tympanum mostly too.  So, in Europe and other places, do not use the earplug type earphone. 
Scientific research results indicate,if " The walkman " And " The earphone " Improperly use, high volume is listened to for a long time, will damage people's eyesight. Because of there is delicate and complicated inner link between ears and eyes nervous system, in high decibels of noise environment, eyes symmetrical slow in reaction equilibrium in body in motion of people, the serious sufferer will even cause and reflect and does not work the disease for ever. 
Propose the masses of teenagers use at ordinary times " The walkman " Volume is a bit lower as much as possible. Generally it is difficult to exceed 80 decibels - 90 decibels, it should not be over an hour to listen to time continuously, very appropriate rest was listened to a moment later if necessary. 
Market earphone have person who wear and earplug two roughly at present, headphone listen to transliteration to be effectual, it is convenient for the earplug type earphone to carry, but injury to ears of two kinds of earphones is actually both the same. Listen to the music with earphone, tympanum, and earphone vibration slices of distance very near, sound wave conduct range to be little centralized, sense of hearing nerve stimulation heavy to tympanum, apt to cause ears inflammation, dizzy, tinnitus, hard of hearing. If listen to upper several even a dozen hours continuously, may also appear suddenly and deafly. In addition, the time to wear the earphone is too long, spirit will be in tense state all the time, unfavorable to the health too. 
Very loud place, you had better not listen to the music with the earphone in noises such as the bus or street,etc., because for overlaying the noise, people's regular meeting has strengthened volume unconsciously, the injury to ears is greater. Meanwhile, can't hear for a long time, had better be less than an hour each time. In addition, don't listen to when sleeping, otherwise the earplug is inserted between pillow and ears, will cause the injury to the tympanum; If is hearing that falls asleep, ears are at the time of the dormancy state, the damage received will be more obvious.   
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