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warm weather

• 26/8/2009 - bad-tempered creakily

  Milk stand aunt take over milk card, keep watch on I ask: "How is it you today? Why did not 401 men hosts come? " I smile: "Aunt, I am 401, I come to take the milk everyday, how are you old   "Aunt says allowing no explanation to be offered: "Are you 401? The spirit believes! That person is taller than you, not you are thin, not ' four '. Say! Who are you? Why act as fraudulent substitute for a person? " I fall back two steps, say stammering: "You? I?   Oh yes, this milk card is 401, always true. " Aunt has pitched a hole on the card, throw a bag of milk over, say: "Who in charge of you, close my trifling matter! "    
    I yearn for the fond dream of the morning, walk and go upstairs unhurriedly while feeling funny. I make door getting left unlocked or unbolted specially just now, shut now, cause of wind perhaps. I take the key and open the door, but can not open, even run into surely? Then knock at the door, hear Yin Ran asking: "Who? " I say: "I. " Yin Ran asks again: "Who are you? " I say: "Your husband. " Yin Ran says: "My husband goes to work, who are you on earth? " I can't help laughing, am unexpected the wife will play with the humour too. I am begged one in a low voice: "Open the door! I call it, is your husband; Your name is Yin Ran, it is my wife; We have one five year old of daughters, call the end such as last line. I was pressganged able-bodied men by you just now, take the milk downstairs, come back with fruitful result now. " Yin Ran says: "Quite right, I call Ran Yin, have one daughter call will it be the end the end, but husband of me shout is it possible that, his voice is not such as you, I do not know you at all! He does not ever bother to take milk, it is I that go to take every day. " I smile: "You   Ouch, time is late, open the door as soon as possible, give the bag to me, will come late again! " Yin Ran says: "If you continue pestering, I make 110 alarms! " It know which root nerve by mistake she put up, take, turn on through to the end joke. She is unwilling to open the door each time, make me thoroughly discredited, chokes with silent fury, can do nothing about her - -But this time, I have not done anything wrong (? She can insight even dream which I had? Do not miss either? My God, this is very terrible! )   
    Twisting one's ears and rubing one's face as a sign of anxiety, but the door is " bad-tempered creakily " One sound has been opened automatically. What let me feel shocked is, my family becomes changed beyond recognition, the cement paves the timber apron, arduous half new furniture that buy, no 21 inches of televisions, recorder, no black leather sofa   The substitute is brand-new combination furniture, ultra large-screen color TV, advanced stereo, computer, padauk sofa   Even bulb is changed, the ceiling fan is removed, a burst of air conditioners of cold wind strokes the face. The only ones that have not changed are " photograph of the whole family " hung on the wall ,Three people of one family,Handmade Bracelets| Imitation Jewelry| Wholesale Picture Frames| Beaded Bracelets| Butterfly Brooches| Unique Handcrafted Jewelry| Heart Necklace| Handmade Earrings| Handmade Jewelry| Beaded Necklaces| Hair Brush the end of the end stands in the middle with a smile, on the right is her mother Yin Ran, on the left is her father   Wait a moment! Who is this damnable man on the photo? He wears my suit, makes my tie, keep my hairdo, is piling my smile on the face - -He should be me. But, is he me? Look of me like this? It c
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