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warm weather

• 30/12/2009 - Seven medicated diet prevent and cure shoulder week inflammation

Seven medicated diet prevent and cure shoulder week inflammation
Act as and join 10 grams respectively of Chinese angelica of mutton soup, dangshen, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, root of herbaceous peony, branch of mulberry, Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii are 15 grams respectively, 5 grams of licorice root, 50 grams of mutton, appropriate amount of condiment. Mutton clean, strip, slice, all medicine cotton bag, with water with stew, until mutton familiar, go powder bag, in addition salt, gourmet powder, spring onions and ginger, hot pepper,etc. are flavoured, boil and take.

Stilbene belongs to and stews chicken 30 grams of Radix Astragali, 20 grams of Chinese angelica, 1 piece of young chicken, appropriate amount of ginger, salt. It is cleaned after hair and viscera that first to slaughter the young chicken, and then clean Radix Astragali, Chinese angelica, ginger, put into chicken's belly, enter and add right amount of water and salt in the earth pot, stew slowly for 2 hours with the small fire, eat chicken and eat soup, 3 days and a pharmaceutical.

Welding Machine Pet ShopPVC HoseSqualene|Frontline Cat,Flea MedicationElectric Welding MachineHose FittingsSkin Care|Point of SaleFrontline Tick,Flea Remedies gt1 15 grams respectively of the whole Chinese angelica of blood rattan egg drop soup of Chinese angelica, Caulis Spatholobi, wood is fragrant, dried orange peel, Radix Paeoniae Rubra are 10 grams respectively, mulberry is a piece of 20 grams, 1 egg. Boil together egg with all medicine, go shell boil 5- 10 minute after the egg will be well done, eat egg drink the soup, 3 times a day, one each time.

Enclose the pig hoof soup in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and enclose a stretch of 10 grams, 10 grams of cassia twig, mulberry is a piece of 30 grams, 15 grams of Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii, 1 pair of pig hooves, condiment appetite. Pig hoof go hair mix, clean, chop, turn on, all medicine cotton bag, with water with stew until pig hoof familiar, go powder bag, flavour with salt, gourmet powder, pepper powder,etc., boil and take.

Chinese angelica of two pieces of porridge of Chinese angelica, cassia twig and 10 grams respectively, mulberry is a piece of 30 grams, 100 grams of rice. All medicinal liquid fry, fetch juice, strengthen rice boil, take for the gruel, 2 times a day.

Mulberry is a big date and a piece of 30 grams of porridge mulberry, 10 big dates, 50 grams of rice. Mulberry pieces of water fry, fetch juice strengthen rice, big date boil porridge, 2 times a day, act as, dinner is taken.

30 grams of Radix Puerariae of Yi's benevolence porridge of cassia twig of Radix Puerariae, 15 grams of cassia twig, core of Job's tears is 30 grams, 60 grams of round-grained nonglutinous rice, appropriate amount of salt. Add Gen, cassia twig Ge right amount of water boil, remove slag, fetch the juice 30 minute, and then put core of the Job's tears, round-grained nonglutinous rice into medicine juice first, slow to endure, flavour to rice rotten porridge with the salt when being familiar, divide into warm clothes 2 times with slow fire boil, a pharmaceutical every day.
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warm weather

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