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Lose weight slimming

Alert! Coffee will make your breasts smaller

07:45, 13/11/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Half of the female body contains a special gene, because this gene, when they intake of caffeine, the breasts will shrink.

The study of nearly 300 women were tested, but Lund University, Helena - Hopkins Lom said that women do not need to fear because the results of this study day.

She explained: "Women do not have to worry about drinking coffee in their breasts smaller overnight. Breasts become smaller though, but will not completely disappear. If a woman's bra size who want to judge based on what people drink coffee, then Eventually he will be disappointed. bra two sizes, one cup size, the other is the circumference of the bra, so it is hard to determine which women under the bra cup of coffee. "

While caffeine may make women's breasts shrink, but the coffee there will be men but the opposite result, their "breasts" will increase. The study also found that caffeine also has a useful side, it helps reduce the risk of female breast cancerMens Suits laser marking machine SEO Services Interactive Whiteboard Replica Cartier Watches Juniors Dresses | Party Dresses| Juniors Clothing| Cheap Clothes Juniors Clothing Electronic Cigarette Aluminium Powder jewelry wholesale LED Light

Zou Xiaoming: The oil giant, "pressure within the capitulation," not surprising

07:23, 8/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Zou Xiao Ming University Teachers

Beijing Morning Post reported that the Beijing No. 93, the current price of gasoline is 6.66 yuan per liter, while the state-owned oil giant may be 2.4 yuan per liter of ultra-low price of refined oil exports, the gap between the price of domestic refined oil contrast provoked consumer anger. But the domestic top oil refiner, Sinopec, has dismissed as "baseless" of refined oil from overseas, "a salesman who cheapens theory": "That is impossible."

Really powerful, "refuted" is published in the petrochemical exports of refined oil prices. Do you think someone else's algorithm is wrong, you have the correct algorithm is announced, in order to set the record straight Well. However, Sinopec is clearly too awkward, so this kind of "rejected" becomes emboldened enough, it can hardly be believed.

China Securities Journal published a November 30 interview on the General Administration of Customs said that "the former's total imports in August down 18.8% tax situation is grim." The article mentions: in which the average price of crude oil imports fell 50.5% year on year, the tax reduction of 61.19 billion yuan. In this respect, state-owned oil giant to 2.4 yuan per liter of ultra-low price of refined oil exports, it is entirely possible.

Sinopec said that the export price of 2.4 yuan per liter is "the price of taxes and fees not included." Well Well, we will be the corresponding taxes and fees add up and see how much. Assuming that this refined oil to a minimum standard of 90 # gasoline calculated as follows: the export price (no-tax prices): 2.4 million; VAT: 2.4 × 17% = 0.408 million; consumption tax: 1 yuan / liter; Urban Construction costs: 2.4 × 7% = 0.168 yuan; surcharge for education: 2.4 × 3% = 0.072 Yuan. Total export is priced at 4.048 yuan / liter.

From 4.048 yuan / rose 6.66 yuan / liter, the price difference of 2 yuan per liter, and this is probably the Sinopec's profits. Margins close to 70%, enough to make people "Stunning."

In fact, the oil giant "pressure within the capitulation," The reason unimpeded, not only from incomplete information, asymmetric, but also from the oil giant, which completely dominated the development and processing of oil, which is equivalent to depriving the consumers of other businesses the right to choose. It is the prices are expensive, you have no choice. People had no choice but highly dependent on the oil giants. This has led to domestic consumers of petroleum products, "consumer flexible" very small. This means: even if they are substantial price increases, domestic consumers are difficult to significantly reduce oil product consumption.

However, these monopolistic giants in the international marketplace, it can not be a monopoly. On the international market, consumers have ample choices, so they are very sensitive to price changes, prices will lead to a slight increase in consumption dropped significantly. Sinopec to face the international market, so precious to consumers, can only be sold at cheap prices.

Year monopoly on oil giant to form, when complete, it is entirely predictable result of today's price rise of such wanton. Can be compared are: the telecommunications giant has been split a few oligarchs, though still far away from the monopolistic competition, but after all, show the gradual downward trend in telecommunications prices. One can imagine, only by PetroChina and Sinopec, the oil giant split into N companies, and allow private capital to enter the industry, creating a competitive situation, the nation's consumption of petroleum products will increase flexibility, would reduce the deadweight loss , social welfare will increase.

5 best weight loss diet

07:48, 10/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Daily habits 1: First post-rice soup

New features: Finally, the staple food to eat to lose weight

Weight loss principle: eat in order to eat meat, eat soup and then more in line with the health concept, but can lose weight, this is a very popular falling calorie intake to make weight-loss tips to lose weight. Healthy eating in accordance with the order will be not easy to feel hungry, and reduce the desire to eat snacks.

Implementation steps: first, water points and more low-calorie soup, the soup will soon produce satiety; and then to eat vegetables, compared with a salad dressing mix of vegetables, should be the first intake of cooking or cooking; then staple food, bread, rice ranks third to eat, meat, fish, protein and fat foods to eat together before then.

2 daily habits: three meals a day

New features: three meals a day to maintain a favorable weight-loss

Weight loss principle: Some people believe that eliminating the need for a meal can reduce calorie intake, nutritionists believe that this view is wrong. Meal time interval is too long, then the brain will accumulate energy until Xiayi Can. In other words, do not eat the meal, the next meal you will eat more than normal food intake, but also resulting in substantial accumulation of fat. Originally a small one meal a meal does not mean fewer calories.

Implementation steps: Stick to three meals a day, only to adjust eating habits.
Daily habit 3: to eat, "dawdle"

New features: slow "food" to lose weight

Weight loss principle: to extend to 20 minutes to eat one meal. The brain often takes 20 minutes to tell myself, "I'm full." So experts suggest that meal-time control in 20 minutes, to eat slowly, which can "tells us thin." And medical experts also believe that eating fast food every meal, even at home, eating habits, like a race like this is not an appetite for good performance. People who eat fast food often is not good gastrointestinal, but also easy to eat too much because of what caused obesity.

Implementation steps: changing hands to make chopsticks. Seldom used by the hand to grip chopsticks to eat so you do not clip too much food at once, so each component of the natural population decrease. Or a dish after each clip down chopsticks in order to develop adequate chewing of food habits.

Daily habits 4: slow to swallow

New features: extended chewing time can be to lose weight

Weight loss principle: By a small amount of the consumption of produce satiety, and the attention to a careful chewing. Multi-chewing has the advantage of even a small amount of consumption can still communicate to the brain signals of fullness. Often because of work reasons, wolf, over time become a habit, though worried about my stomach is not also retain its original shape, and a pick up the chopsticks are still Huluntunzao, clean sweep. Landing on the eating too fast and too much overnutrition.

Implementation steps: Every mouth to chew food at least 30 times is the key. Even eating a small, but as long as chewing food thoroughly, so that food in the mouth the longer the stay, the more can get a sense of fullness.
Daily habit 5: brush your teeth after a meal

New features: Anti-eat snacks, to help weight loss

Weight loss principle: In order to eliminate bad habits of hungry, immediately after meals is a good way to brush your teeth, or eat a lot when you realize that they hastened to brush your teeth, mouth refreshing feeling of people's mood (happy mood, story, mood diary) also will pick up, are also likely to have "only brush the teeth, do not want to eat snacks and destroy it" idea.

Implementation steps: brush your teeth with your favorite tools and toothpaste, even though a little expensive if you can help prevent obesity, but also worth it. People usually eat sweets, fruit flavors may choose toothpaste, so that the sweetness of the mouth overflowing fullness to the brain to convey the information, allegedly also been shown to suppress the appetite.


Three meals a day diet tips eat their way to slim

06:28, 17/10/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!

Weight loss is a way of life. When you have to find themselves in such a way of life, when, how, and ingenious arrangements through the rational diet every day to achieve weight loss purposes? Come take a look at the latest weight-loss scientists, research it, and apply them to your everyday life, you will be able to let this matter to lose weight and eat and sleep has become as natural and simple.

In fact, the weight loss is not to disrupt your patterns of life, non-so you must not be out of time to lose weight. As long as your diet to lose weight by adding some clever move, you can also easily maintain a slim build. To try it!

A cup of coffee before breakfast

United States Nashville at Vanderbilt University study found that 30 minutes before breakfast cup of coffee can be effective in controlling appetite, so you eat 75% of the previous food intake of saturated felt, and still be burning fat 5% faster! This is attributed to coffee in the middle of a hot material xanthine, it can be for your body to provide adequate heat.

Breakfast with added calcium

Daily intake of 600 mg dose of calcium (breakfast and lunch each 300 mg) can help your body speed up fat consumption. In one study, scientists found that women who eat according to this method, calcium intake than non-female multi-minus 22% of body weight, fat multi-minus 61% minus 81% more abdominal fat!

Prior to the bathroom to drink a glass of plum juice

Plum Flower is rich in prime form - the plant chemicals that can help the body effectively remove fat and toxins. Drink a glass of plum juice, your body's "clean" program can be greatly accelerated, the liver can also cause obesity in your body that might be of material quickly and completely eliminated from the body.

Morning, drink some water

If you want to lose 2 kilograms in this week's weight, how much water you drink each day with your weight are. Nutrition experts suggest that you drink per kilogram of body weight 31.3 milliliters of water (for example, 50 kg female body weight per day should be drinking 1.565 liters). Water is the body metabolism of automatic high-temperature devices, once the lack of water intake, body temperature will drop, the body will begin to store fat.

Terror: These methods will make you lose weight Failed Error

06:03, 29/9/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link

Weight-loss drug side effects than drink tea

      The most recent period of 1 month online over 1 million copies of the questionnaire survey showed that more than 80% of the Chinese white-collar girl should lose weight to disappointed. In other words, weight loss is basically a comprehensive failure. In the end and why?

      It is actually quite simple. More than 60% of the girls to lose weight is to beautiful, only 10% concerned about their health; more than 90% are designed to reduce the abdomen, waist, hips or legs alone weighed and measured in the mirror; more than 60% adoption of a diet (including direct diet and through weight-loss drug), and only less than 25% of moderate exercise. In other words, the popular weight loss primarily through dieting, targeting mainly weight loss.

Diet from the outset doomed to failure

      Dieting to lose weight from the outset doomed to failure. No one will doubt that you eat can not be getting thinner. Africa's poverty-stricken areas to see skinny, eyes glaze over when the kids would know. The question is how long you can stand, results and consequences. The following answers will make you very disappointed diet: diet can lose weight, diet can not lose weight, fruit can not lose weight! They will not be able, but will make you more fat more aging!

      Dieting to lose weight will make you physically drop down exercise, nutrients reduced; a long time can also cause brain cell death, hair loss, osteoporosis, and menstruation stops, and cause gallstones and other serious consequences. Later you definitely can not stick and began to eat things, weight and ultra-rebound will eventually rebound. Why? Because the human body as the metabolic rate of food intake, exercise, and nutrients declines. Your body is very smart, we should prepare prepare against natural disasters, like hibernating bears, learning to adjust (reduce) metabolic rate to tide over difficulties. Thus, even with the weight before the return to the same caloric intake, body fat storage more than in the past, like a fat bear in autumn next year because the metabolic rate has dropped.

      Dieting to lose weight often eat vegetarian food, and some even eat vegetables or fruits. This will result in essential amino acids, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and carnitine deficiency. The lack of these nutrients will give you dry skin, muscle relaxation, looking pale, hair loss, unresponsive; the same time, decrease the efficiency of lipid metabolism, thereby further increasing obesity. "Weight loss in January, three years of aging!" Really that is not false!

      Now mostly vegetarian white rice, white pasta, white bread and sugary snacks. These refined sugar and starch will make your blood sugar fluctuations and nutritional deficiencies, resulting in a strong sense of hunger. You start from the diet, the results tend to eat too much end!

Fat people are guilty of eating the wrong person, successful weight-loss diet must be changed error

      The real goal of weight loss should not be the only weight loss, but should be on reducing fat, increasing muscle, nutritional supplement, to promote basic metabolism and overall health. Completely healthy people will not have excess fat, including subcutaneous fat, visceral fat and blood lipids. In other words, fat people are patient, obesity is a disease, a metabolic disorders, caused by improper lifestyle. Fat people are guilty of mistakes in life, especially eating the wrong person. Does not correct diet mistakes weight loss will never be successful! Only the restoration of health, excess fat will leave you! Weight loss success and back to health in fact is one thing!

      You should not need to diet to lose weight. The most effective and healthy diet is a low-carbohydrate nutrition, weight-loss, that is, carbs diet. You can get rid of fat at the same time get rid of hunger (Zero Hunger), in reducing fat while improving the skin, all the fat, including body fat, visceral fat and blood lipids are down!

      According to carbs diet, you need to adhere to the meat-based, raw mixed vegetables, to add L-carnitine (L-carnitine) and other nutrients, a large number of drinking unboiled water to drink straight, moderate exercise. This method does not diet, not diminished chest, do not rebound, can reduce 3-5 pounds per week. (If you fail, it may be to reduce fat, but muscle has increased, thus increasing basal metabolism, burning efficiency.)

      In fact, all partial herbivores are pregnant, all the partial predators are very slim. In my opinion, the most lovable animals are pigs. Think of view, how the pigs are fed fertilizer? It is eat the food, long out of it is fat! Vegetarian diet is just like "pigs", Yuejianyuefei!

      Why? Food will be converted in the body as sugar, sugar will be further converted to fat. In other words, eat food, especially flour and rice is no different from sugar! Sugar can burn more than two hours, and no nutrition, so eating sugar or starch, vegetarian soon after you eat something. Tests showed that people can eat 20 pounds a day or more of sugar! The other hand, sugar or starch vegetarian cause blood sugar fluctuations, nutritional deficiencies, you will lack energy, exercise less. On the contrary, even if the full release, you could eat one day a few catties of meat, eat meat, you will not drowsy, just want to exercise. Meat Nutrition comprehensive, blood sugar stable and your appetite will be a natural control, energy and physical activity will naturally increase, coupled with lean meat contained in the fat-burning agent L-carnitine, do you think they are not thin and can not

Four kinds of healthy weight loss method you aging 10-year-old

02:42, 8/8/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Four kinds of healthy weight loss method you aging 10-year-old
Lead: weight loss methods and strategies to pay attention, the wrong way to lose weight, it allows you to easily senescence.

Enema weight loss method:

Although weight loss enema method can clear the intestines of waste accumulation to the purpose of a flat belly, but if repeated, or improper operation, there may be prejudicial to health. If the thin and frequent enema, it will break the normal rhythm of intestinal function, lead to chronic digestive diseases. Hence the need for detailed consultation doctor carefully carried out.

Osmotic pressure diet:

To salt, vinegar and yellow alkaline soap all over body massage Tu, the subcutaneous accumulation of the principle of the water body through osmotic pressure will cause the body to tighten the skin of a temporary illusion. Fat as the root causes of obesity has not been decomposed by the loss of the only body of water, so is the cart before the horse.
Sauna slimming method:

Body will be discharged after the sauna a lot of sweat, temporarily reduce the weight, in fact, and osmotic pressure as a result of weight loss method, but the moisture from the body. But the longer sauna, skin perspiration more vulnerable to injury and contraction, leading to faster relaxation of aging.
Formula diet:

Rumor spread that the milk contains adequate nutrition, especially infant formula, low fat content, can add the necessary physical and reducing food intake, it can achieve the purpose of downsizing. In fact, the milk in the nutrition and calories is not sufficient, no way a substitute for dinner.

And long-term consumption of milk would lead to abdominal pain, severe cases, a person will hurt the gastrointestinal function, resulting in decomposition of abdominal fat can not be positive.                         

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What is the fastest time to eat thin

06:16, 17/6/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Weight loss, the most important thing is to control calorie intake, eating regularly and can easily gain weight easily eat too much. If the holidays hit, it is out of control. For many people, food is not easy to control. Fortunately, in addition to appetite control, weight loss for many who, control the time to eat is one way to lose weight. Consumption of energy in the body when the most productive food, will be able to prevent too much heat into stored fat. So what does it mean to eat the best time?

Some experts say the best time to eat, we feel that when hungry, the body will send a signal that we should supplement the nutrition and energy. But the question is: Some people often feel that habitually hungry (in fact, the body does not really need nutritional supplements), and then eating a bunch of high-calorie food, and this is the reason many people gain weight. In fact, the best time to eat is the most active body, metabolism, when the most productive. Therefore, when the morning together,e should add a rich breakfast. Wake up one day, after almost 10 hours without eating, physical energy is not added, the cell has consumed the energy of light. So this time the body would add much-needed energy, and time in the morning, the body also needs to add a lot of nutrition, especially protein, because protein can not be stored in the body, the cycle has been consumed to the hair, skin, nails and so absorbed, or used to generate antibodies against the bacterial invasion of the human body.

     Breakfast time for added energy, the body will consume more energy to be necessary and sufficient muscle tissue for nutrition. Wake up time varies from person to person, so there is no fixed time for breakfast, get up an hour after breakfast it.
Another dinner is the best time of half an hour after exercise to 45 minutes. At this time, energy consumption is the most active enzyme, and the stored energy of the hormone is inhibited at this time, that is, the energy being converted into fat reduces the probability. Toyota tester | ak500 key programmer benz star This time to eat, carbohydrates will be consumed immediately to supplement the glycogen in the campaign process, reduce the concentration of glycogen. Movement after the body needs protein to help muscle recovery and growth, this process requires fat for energy. After exercise are used to complement the restoration of physical energy, and certainly not afraid to gain weight by. Many people do not eat breakfast, in fact, is wrong. Japan's sumo hand do not eat breakfast because it will help long fat. Some people also believe that the movement will feel more hungry people, it will be eating too much, in fact, the view is wrong. Pick a good time to eat, not afraid to gain weight on!

Eating and drinking the same thin weight loss will tell you how to know the five

06:41, 8/5/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Diseases like obesity, it is necessary to prevent a situation of fertilizer will be out of control, but also a lot of prevention. Unfortunately, vaccination against obesity is not as simple as that, so have a long-term, day-to-day habits to explore new features, has become one of the most lazy most effective weight loss method. 
     Day-to-day habits of 1: after the first rice soup 
     After the soup before meals can be weight loss 
     Weight loss principle: taking the order eating meat for dinner and then more in line with the concept of health, but also weight loss, which is very popular so that the decline in calorie intake weight loss techniques weight. Healthy eating in accordance with the order will not be easy to feel hungry and reduce the desire to eat snacks. 
     Implementation steps: first drinking water points, and lower heat soup, the soup can be quickly generated a sense of satiety; then eat vegetables, Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|compared with a mix of vegetables, salad dressing, but should be cooking or cooking intake; then staple food, bread, rice ranks third eat, meat, fish, protein and fat foods to eat together before then. 
     2 day-to-day habits: three meals a day 
     Three meals a day to maintain weight loss benefit 
     The principle of weight loss: Some people believe that a meal can be omitted to reduce the calorie intake, nutritionists believe that this view was wrong. Meal time interval, then the brain will be too long until energy savings. In other words, do not eat this meathe next meal you will eat more than normal food intake and fat accumulation will also. The original does not mean less of a meal a meal with less calories. 
     Implementation steps: Stick to three meals a day, but eating habits to adjust. 
     L 'occitane almond slimming Gel 400 
     Recommended reasons: almond-rich protein, silica gel, Helichrysum oil, palm oil and peppermint oil, to improve the role of fat accumulation. Clinical trials to prove: almond protein and almond oil and other active ingredients if (such as caffeine and silica gel) combined decomposition can be the role of subcutaneous fat accumulation. At the same time, the use of these products, but also the elimination of edema and significant changes in the situation of thigh fat accumulation. The results have been confirmed: the essence of almond fat Mission has narrowed, while the efficacy of a compact body contour.

Spring nine minus eat while eating

07:19, 26/3/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Outside there is more and more spring weather Taste, loss of appetite is very good? Do not forget the spring plans lose weight ah, the following spring, lose weight tips, teach you how to pound a day lean, healthy and rapid weight loss!
1, enjoy Chinese cooking method for cooking food, such as steaming vegetables, fish, shrimp, chicken and so on.
For perspective: draft enjoy cooking ? A lot of people will say NO, too lacking in taste of you, in fact, read below the MM, you'll know boiled vegetables can not only make the taste and effect so that both lose weight oh!
2, using low-fat cooking oils, or cooking spray when watering can to oil, instead of dumping the way.
Low-fat sugar-free nutrition Catering: 4 hours before going to bed, do not eat such as the menu can not find a similar food. In addition to DIY quantity can also be purchased directly if indicated, compared with a cup or a bowl (the size of a small selection) drinks if specified, then the use of many low-card low-fat sugar-free (both hot and cold)
3, row or meatball, then baked instead would prefer to use the deep-fried! Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|Electronic CigaretteMeat selection, it is best to replace the beef to chicken.
Chicken than pork, beef and other meat, obviously the characteristics of low-fat low-heat, succulent and more tasty . Cook using any method, with a wide variety of materials can be produced with delicious dishes, and rich nutrition, lose weight can be a little animal protein intake were the preferred food.
4, normal to eat breakfast, not to eat greasy, such as eating a banana, with only 8 kcal of heat to fill his belly.
5, cut into strips of carrot, green peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, and celery, can be as dim sum, and readily accessible storage refrigerator as snacks.
Supplementary Description: This snack is very important Qingchang Oh, you lose weight is not to disrupt the patterns of life, so you must want out of time to lose weight, as long as you add in their daily lives the role of some small snacks, lose weight, you same can easily maintain a slender body, to give it a try!
6, after supper do not eat anything firmly.
Good Ways: If the evening does not become hungry how do? If you eat very little dinner to nine,n o'clock in the stomach on the cuckoo call, and want to eat, fearing that plans to lose weight lost by the wayside, do not eat, it is very difficult to subject, how this can be done? Education can give you today also not afraid to suck up a good way to gain weight.
7, drink plenty of water, at least 8 cups a day, you can magically help you reduce hunger, flush the body of excess fat, and maintain smooth operation of metabolism.
We often lament this, alas, I do not really drink Whitewater will gain weight! In fact, the water swelling are caused by gain weight, so long as to reduce the intake of salt, edema will gradually retire. Conversely, if you know how to use water to lose weight, distance is not far wrong day slim!
8, a week there is an indulgence diet, eat a piece of chocolate cake or a box of ice cream, in order to avoid grudges for too long will lead to frustration or loss of appetite outbreak of counter-productive.
Recommendation: There is no need to change the habit of snacking, the key lies in the selection of those who allow you mouth busy without weight of food, and learn to reasonable snacking, so you can even be added the lack of nutritional meals. But following some snacks, you'll pay attention to a misunderstanding.
9, the noon meal the way to eat lose weight, drink a box of skim milk, eating an egg, an apple. Early, normal eating supper seven principles of satiety, and eating sweets ban.

Breakfast every day so easy to lose weight successfully eat eggs!

07:44, 16/3/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Briefly the contents of: Breakfast eat eggs because help lose weight, than other foods because it will enable people to maintain a more permanent, "full" feeling. So after a breakfast of eggs eaten, people coming to eat the food will be reduced. Obesity experts Ligier Dean said, "a breakfast of eggs, at least 24 hours to reduce energy demand." 
     Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|Electronic CigaretteTaiwan City|benz star|Peach spring after another opened, you do not want to want to stretch the tendons and bones, the most beautiful clothes, put on a good Show is this? Spring in order to lose weight but the height of summer courses to meet Oh, how we can find a food in the enjoyment of thin lose weight at the same time, the way to do that? Living at home now for your intimate recommend a series of recipes to lose weight lose weight from the Ways of useful information. Let you in this spring with the most light and the flower dance posture! 
     No longer need to calculate calories, but also no longer fasting carbohydrates, only two eggs every day to eat breakfast can lose weight easily. This is a scientific study concluded. 
     According to "Daily Mail" reported that scientists found that those who poached, soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs for breakfast and many other people compared to be able to about two-thirds less weight. 
     Louisiana State University in the United States against a group of researchers of overweight and obese women conducted a pilot. They can select two eggs or bagels for breakfast, the two Breakfast contain the same calories, the weight is also roughly equal. After eight weeks, researchers found that many people to eat eggs minus 65% of the weight at the same time, narrow waist size is also the person to eat bagels twice. 
The reason why eating breakfast eggs helps weight loss, than other foods because it will enable people to maintain a more permanent, "full" feeling. So after a breakfast of eggs eaten, people coming to eat the food will be reduced. Obesity experts Ligier Dean said, "a breakfast of eggs, at least 24 hours to reduce energy demand." 
     As for why to eat eggs easily enough, there is no clear conclusion, as far as to speculate that it contains large quantities of protein. 
     Dean believe that these findings have significance. At a lot of cultural tradition, eggs are part of a breakfast that is, perhaps, because it can help people reduce energy intake to lose weight purpose. 
     UK Food Standards Agency said that even though eggs contain cholesterol, but by contrast, cakes, cookies and pies in the saturated fat is more detrimental to the human body. They also reminded that eggs are healthy, as part of a balanced diet should be to maintain the diversity of food.

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