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lose weight

18/11/2010 - Members package wrapped skillfully "marriage" This greatly sought after girls

26-year-old member of a single shop package, through "his position" in nearly a thousand copies of the parcel secretly stuffed his marriage card, so that buyers receive a surprise package, attracting hundreds of girls responded positively. The guy said that this is purely personal conduct, a busy day, he has not had time to chat with the girls.

Cosmetics containing mystery

Mr. Huang to his mother the day before yesterday to buy cosmetics online, get the goods found in the package with a young man's picture, looked up the words "marriage" word, followed by 10 describes his own phrase: "Beijing. 10000. Beas . home. 176/150. MOVIE (Film). pet. A A ... ... "the bottom of the contact there is a network guy.

"At first I thought someone made a mistake." Huang said, the day of receipt of the package while other colleagues have also found the same marriage cards, they are bought from a cosmetics store with Taobao.

Yesterday, the same card, users will receive a marriage made in the online experience, traffic is over 120,000. "His sister was a touch of sexy little Hu Zimeng to! This marriage consent of the really creative!" Post of the friends said, she was very curious about this guy can put themselves "married" out.

Target rarity in north Canton

Yesterday, the reporter linked to the parties to Shin, he said, did not think it get so big, because this is a personal act. Shin was born in 1984, a shop in Taobao package delivery work to do, her friends are already married, some even have children, the constant urging of his family, Shin began to worry, "want to fight for their look . "

Single Day (November 11th) day, at a friend's encouragement, Shin designed and printed the 1000 marriage cards, work through it, secretly inserted into the package delivery in the shop, "because usually buy cosmetics girls. "But what Shin is not free to put parcels are" usually pick address is broad north. "when he said a bit embarrassed.

Shop staff knowledge

Because the amount of printing is large enough, Shin will be the price of 1.5 yuan per Kandao 1 yuan. As of yesterday, remaining on hand are not handed out more than two sheets. With most of the clients receive the package on Monday, Shin yesterday by hundreds of girls online to chat, he also built a more than 20 people, "Lang marriage," the group. As busy packing work, with the sign before he could talk to the girls.

Since this is a matter Shin their planning, shop owner also did not know this. All day yesterday, Shop customer service inquiries to face customers are confused in this area until about 8:00 last night, the shop customer service staff still do not know Shin stopper marriage card matter secretly, when the reporter called the inquiry, the other said: "There is no let such a card ah, you make me play with you?"Mens Suits laser marking machine SEO Services Interactive Whiteboard Replica Cartier Watches Juniors Dresses | Party Dresses| Juniors Clothing| Cheap Clothes Juniors Clothing Electronic Cigarette Aluminium Powder jewelry wholesale LED Light
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28/10/2009 - Stagnation period of weight loss exercise weight loss breakthrough

The eyes of a woman would dream of becoming the most dazzling star of all, when you have a fascinating figure, every angle is looked perfect, of course, became the focus of everyone's attention. Life at home Xiaobian 360-degree specially designed for you to create the perfect weight-loss plan, healthy weight-loss diet will be all kinds of information together, to help you have a perfect body!

Movement is a good weight-loss methods. Come more and more people to join the ranks of sports to lose weight; a healthy diet, with most people lose weight through exercise to obtain and had a little bit of success, but the true success criteria to achieve weight loss through exercise, not many people, this does not exclude some of them who do not continue to adhere to, but the exercise has remained among the people there are the majority of weight loss can not be successful.

Some people each day to lose weight exercise weight-loss effect, but do not do so? Some people start the campaign, there will be some small results, and in over this period, the body weight remain intact and can not fall. Has caused many people have said, the movement can not lose weight. In fact, this is your method of movement problems.

At the outset, thanks to your little exercise before, your body state and can only maintain a daily intake of energy needs, after exercise, your daily intake of energy, does not meet your exercise needs, This will require pre-stored in the body with the energy to maintain the existence of movement, resulting in weight loss. This is like a draw from the bank reason, but the draw is the physical energy:

For example: In the absence of participation in sports until one day need to intake 1500kcal (thermal units calories) to maintain your life needs (such as household chores, upstairs and downstairs, talking, breathing, cooking, shopping ... ... ... ...), then you exercise to lose weight, you still maintain a daily intake of 1500kcal when, then the energy is only enough to maintain their daily routine mentioned earlier, is not enough to do now exercise the necessary heat, which need to use before you enter early in order to is stored in the body's energy to exercise, so that to form a weight loss. So when the campaign has just begun, you can not do to maintain the existing changes in dietary

After a period of time, you find that your weight intact and did not continue to decline. The main problem this time, your body has adapted to your current campaign.

For example: In the beginning you are running 30 minutes a day, at the initial stage, your body does not immediately accept this strength, this strength you need to attack the body and the exercise intensity gap between the great need to put a lot of effort to complete, but as one of your physical exercise every day after this will start after the progress of their movement and exercise strong test methods have not changed, so that the body's ability to narrow the gap with the exercise intensity, getting smaller and smaller, like You just run into feeling very tired, exercise time, found that the intensity of running, you can complete the deal, and do not feel tired, this time, indicating the sport for you, the energy consumption reduces the number of , because your body is progressing, the effect of weight loss a lot more backward.

So how to solve this problem?

Exercise to lose weight for a period of time, weight is not the main reason for decline is the ability of your body and your movement pattern and intensity have not changed.

In that which your body ability, we can not change them at any time, only in form from the movement to make a fuss to resolve this issue!

From the two major aspects:

First, the change in movement form (skillfully taking): This is the best option, and the first method than that, it is clever to take advantage of, for example, your previous way of running, you adapt to running after exercise, you can change the way do not do, or do less of this movement, the main efforts on a movement in another form.

You can replace the bike. Swimming, etc., in people new to a new movement, the ability of your body is a stranger to the movement will take some time to conquer it, the conquest of the stage, they are physically able to pay the biggest stage, you can consume more calories to achieve weight loss.

Second, the increasing exercise intensity (hard power): After the growth of the body, it is necessary to increase your exercise intensity, in order to make your physical ability and exercise remain the same distance between the so-called water-vessel, also rose up, with a total keep it within a certain distance and can not let the body adapt to the exercise intensity, otherwise we would not achieve the purpose of calories to consume to lose weight slower.

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23/9/2009 - A big star thin exposure of a variety of tricks

Renee - Zellweger: repeated cycle of weight loss fertilization

Tricks to lose weight by: Sport

Renee - Zellweger: repeated cycle of weight loss fertilization

1996, "Jerry Maguire" where ordinary girls, played by Renee - Zellweger, and Tom - Cruise has a wonderful rival show, then definitely Zhang tiny face. However, in the tremendously popular "BJ's Diary" series of years, Renee - Zellweger in particular for the role of fertilization, so that we see a chubby, there is still a beautiful dream woman. However, "BJ's Diary" to the sequel, Renee has experienced weight loss fertilization, but also a period of weight loss fertilization. Her biggest weight-loss method is exercise.

Comments: fattening so repeatedly to lose weight is very large for the body damage. Said beautiful and money sometimes can not be on a par

Sammi Cheng: hungry out of the beautiful

The weight loss pattern: Half-off food

Sammi Cheng: hungry out of the beautiful

Sammi Cheng cheeks when the business for some "baby fat" and weighing over 130 pounds. In order to get a "face on the mirror," she started to actively lose weight.

Now she is recognized as a "slender days." However, as the daily work is very busy, Sammi no time for exercise, so take a "semi-starvation diet" approach to stay in shape. Rice should first quit, then skip them entirely of starch, breakfast eat 2 protein, a small amount of skimmed milk; lunch, eat fruit, eat dinner and the water boiled vegetables, drip does not stick. Sometimes, survive on a little bit of lettuce salad, even if the thin paste to the back of the chest and never eat.

The weight-loss method for her within one month of reduced 90 pounds from 110 pounds. Saw copy someone else's lavish meals only Yan Koushui. She had felt inspired and expressed that if the wrong artist, and she must eat enjoyable.

Comments: hungry out of thin is actually very unhealthy. Sammi Cheng This method of semi-starvation diet is not desirable.

Cecilia Cheung: a two-month lean 10 kg

Tricks to lose weight by: Diuretics a face-lift

Cecilia Cheung: a two-month lean 10 kg

In addition to her weight-loss schemes and do not eat snacks, rice and Coca-Cola, the most the most important thing is taking diuretics face-lift.

Comments: experts point out that diuretics short period of time can indeed play a significant weight loss effect, but the danger is tantamount to quenching thirst with poison. Diuretics are generally used in clinical practice in patients with edema or uremia. Healthy people serving diuretic, it will speed up the body of water excretion, resulting in dehydration (due to face the most vulnerable cells in the water lost, and it could soon "face-lift"), but also make the body electrolysis, metabolic disorders, eventually leading to organ dysfunction, is very dangerous.

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