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  It’s a time-honored tradition for high school dramas to be populated with actors well out of their teens. Here, then, is a tribute of sorts, assembled by examining each big teen show on the air, then isolating its oldest cast member. Their characters may flirt at parties to the sounds of Lady Gaga and dance at the high school prom to Taylor Swift, but in real life, some of these actors haven’t been in school since Kurt Cobain was alive. Who are they?
  Oldest Cast Member: Trevor Donovan, 30
  Until this season, the oldest high schooler on 90210 was the 29-year-old Michael Steger (Navid),wholesale oil painting, who’s actually several years older than the cast member playing his teacher, Ryan Eggold (25 in real life). Then 90210 had to go and add Trevor Donovan, who’ll be turning 31 next month. Gabrielle Carteris would be proud!
  Gossip Girl
  Oldest Cast Member: Jessica Szohr,led high power, 24
  On most teen dramas, it’s usually a male cast member who’s the elder statesman. Not so Gossip Girl, where Jessica Szohr holds that title, outranking next-oldest actor Chace Crawford by almost 16 months.
  Oldest Cast Member: Cory Monteith, 27
  For a high school show, Glee has an unusually young cast � 18-year-old actor Chris Colfer (Kurt) could even be a senior in real life. And then there’s Cory Monteith,Laptop Batteries, who plays the school’s male lead,led light, Finn,oil painting, and turned 27 before Glee’s spring premiere.
  The Vampire Diaries
  Oldest Cast Member: Paul Wesley, 27
  There’s always been something unsettling about hundred-year-old vampires entering into romantic relationships with teenage girls,led street light, but at least it makes the real age of Paul Wesley (as Vampire Diaries’ high-school-enrolled bloodsucker) seem like small potatoes.
  The Secret Life of the American Teenager
  Oldest Cast Member: Greg Finley,led tube, 24
  ABC Family hit The Secret Life of the American Teenager has a provocative title, and it’s one that may prove educational for Greg Finley (Jack); when he turns 25 next month, it’ll have been six years since he was a teenager.
  Friday Night Lights
  Oldest Cast Member: Zach Gilford, 27
  It’s a good thing Zach Gilford is wrapping up his stint on Friday Night Lights this season, since the actor’s way past graduation age at 27. Still,led spotlight, he wasn’t always the wise old man of the group � until 2008, that was an honor held by actor Scott Porter, who turned the big 3-0 this year.

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  In the past week,led tube, I’ve seen the absolute worst in modern horror (I watched the new Friday the 13th remake on DVD) and I’ve seen a preview of what hopefully will be one of the best (Scorsese’s Shutter Island trailer). Both got me thinking as to what the horror genre has evolved (or devolved into) and I set out to find the best this decade has to offer (we’ll look at the worst another time).
  Most universally recognized horror classics are from years ago, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St, Carrie, The Exorcist, Evil Dead, are all antiques by today’s standards, though they were revolutionary at the time and heavily influenced modern horror. But what has been released recently that can compare to such classics? I’ve assembled the ten best selections below, see if you agree. I’m sure you won’t.
  10) The Hills Have Eyes (2006)
  The Hills Have Eyes is one of those rare horror remakes that actually turned out to be worthwhile. Alexandre Aja is a modern day horror master and you’ll see another project of his higher up on the list, but his crack at Wes Craven’s original tale of hillside mutants is a distinctly memorable experience.
  What makes Hills great is that it defies nearly every cliche of the tired horror genre. The victims aren’t teenagers, they’re a family of all shapes and sizes. The aggressors aren’t immortal, mute killing machines, but fragile (albeit deformed) humans with personalities all their own. And most notably, the movie takes place mostly in the day time in wide open spaces, rather than dark cramped houses or log cabins.
  The film has all the gore and scares of a traditional horror flick, but it’s anything but formulaic. It’s good to be different, especially in this genre, and Aja can be proud of a remake that actually seemed like something new.
  9) 28 Days Later (2002)
  It was a toss up between putting this or Dawn of the Dead at this spot on the list, but ultimately Danny Boyle won out over Zack Snyder. Both films were excellent, but 28 Days came first, and should be credited with sparking the revival of the zombie genre.
  Boyle employed the use of “fast zombies” as opposed to the slow, plodding ones that populated George A. Romero’s classic films. This added a new sense of terror to the proceedings, as zombies sprinting at you are much more fearsome than ones power walking toward you.
  The film also explored the human side to the zombie apocalypse, showing how mankind can degrade under the physical and mental toll of such an ordeal. The final scene at the makeshift military base remains one of modern horror’s most frightening sequences.
  8 ) Saw (2004)
  It is unfortunate that those behind this franchise got the idea in their head to churn out a new installment every year since the original, no matter what the quality. The series has gone up and down in it’s five installments to date, but more often than not, they’re still smarter than the average horror flick, and that all started with the original.
  Saw may have ushered in a briefly dumb era of “torture porn” type movies (Hostel, Captivity, etc.), but the original premise for the film was rock solid, and two men in a rotting bathroom armed only with hacksaws was a chilling setting for a film, and the ending left everyone absolutely floored. The film has close to the lowest budget of anything on this list, and what the writers managed to do with pretty much nothing is simply stunning.
  Jigsaw has become a horror icon just as prominent as Freddy,led spotlight, Jason or Michael Myers, but he turned a new page on the horror genre, using mind instead of muscle to rain retribution down on his victims.
  7) The Descent (2005)
  Women are understandably frustrated with horror films, as they usually portray them as large chested sorority girls who don’t know enough to not walk into dark rooms alone and unarmed. That’s why The Descent’s cast made up entirely of badass chicks was a welcome change for the genre, and the film had the story, writing and directing to back them up.
  Taking place entirely in an underground cave system, The Descent is extremely claustrophobic and so tense you’ll be sore afterwards. It’s scary enough facing the prospect of being buried alive for eternity, but once the “creatures” show up? Shit gets crazy.
  The ending defies the genre as well, and it’s haunting, depressing and strangely satisfying all at the same time.
  6) High Tension (2003)
  Alexadre Aja is back on the list with his critically acclaimed slasher, High Tension. On first glance, the film seems like a well-shot, well-written French take on the slasher film, but as the plot unravels, it’s revealed that the film is anything but typical, and does much to set itself apart from a sea of similar premises.
  Americans enjoyed the film slightly less than their European counterparts, and were quick to point out plot holes with the film’s twist, but in any case, High Tension is a welcome change for the slasher genre, which features an endless parade of the same movie reworked slightly different ways.
  Also, lesbians. Nice.

  5) Audition (1999)
  You didn’t think I’d make this list without a Takeshi Miike film right? Well, Audition has to be one of the most ****ed up movies ever made, and if you can get through the absurdity of it,oil painting, it’s a damn good horror flick as well.
  The burlap sack reveal remains one of the most disturbing thoughts ever put into film, and the movie even provoked one woman so much at a screening with Miike, she stood up and yelled “You’re evil!” at him. How’s that for a screen test?
  If you haven’t seen Audition, you should, but approach with caution. You might not be the same afterwards.
  4) The Sixth Sense (1999)
  We must ignore the laughing stock that M. Night Shyamalan has become in recent years in order to appreciate his original masterpiece, The Sixth Sense. It’s the film that got him nominated for an Oscar, and which made giddy critics start hailing him as the next Alfred Hitchcock. But as we all know, Hitchcock went on to make more than two and a half good horror movies, where Shyamalan, so far, has not.
  Horror films are often noted for their twists, and some bend over backwards to try and surprise the audience (see Hide and Seek for a prime example),oil painting wholesale, but The Sixth Sense had the twist to end all twists, and if your asshole buddies didn’t ruin it for you, you were probably blown away like the rest of us.
  Shyamalan made a great movie here because he didn’t rely on blood or gore, but rather atmosphere and tension more than anything else,led Bulbs, something modern day horror directors should definitely learn from.
  Also, this just in: Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.
  Sorry, but it’s been 10 years, you’ve lost the right to be surprised.
  3) The Blair Witch Project (1999)
  To the layman, The Blair Witch Project is “just a bunch of people running around the woods yelling,” but to those of us with half a brain, the movie is a master class in low budget film making, and should be treated as such.
  Part of the appeal of Blair Witch is that it feels real, and to capitalize on this, it was marketed as such. I remember upon its release that some people were buzzing this was actually a true story, and it was all real. That may sound stupid now, but at the time, even a hint of that going into the film made the experience all the more unnerving.
  And if you’re upset because they didn’t show the witch at the end,wholesale oil painting, you’re missing the entire point. Go watch Freddy vs. Jason or something.
  2) The Ring (2002)
  I know I’ll get a lot of flack for putting The Ring so high up on the list, and leaving the Japanese movie it was based off of, Ringu, off completely. Well, guess what? This is one of the only time where the American’s actually did it better. That’s right,Buy Laptop Battery, I said it.
  The original Ring may have started the concept of the video cassette that kills you via creepy, vengeful long-haired girl, but frankly, it’s just not that great of a movie. The ideas presented are all half formed and unfinished, and in the American adaptation, Gore Verbinski stepped in to take the project from more than merely a solid idea to an excellent film.
  I have no regrets about placing The Ring this high, it’s a near perfect blend of classic horror and commercial appeal, and it deserves to be recognized for the modern horror classic that it is. But do NOT mention the sequel, alright?
  1) The Orphanage (2007)
  The Orphanage is the best horror film of the last decade because it’s just so damn smart. The entire movie can be read two different ways, depending on how you’d like to interpret it. It can either be a ghost story, full of long-dead children running around the halls of a creepy orphanage, or it can be a psychological thriller, where all the ghosts turn out to be either real or imagined,led light, and I’ve had many people miss this aspect of the film completely.
  The movie is absolutely terrifying despite lacking any real gore and only a handful of jump moments. It’s an exercise in what can happen when intelligent people actually get their hands on a horror script, and the reigns are handed to a director who knows that real horror is more about the prelude to the kill than the kill itself. And sometimes there doesn’t even need to be a kill at all.
  Runners up that I know you’ll tell me I missed:
  Dawn of the Dead - Zack Snyder’s remake of George A. Romero’s classic exceeded everyone’s expectations.
  The Midnight Meat Train - A very WTF cast (Vinnie Jones and Bradley Cooper?), but a brilliant horror concept that hopefully gains a cult following someday.
  Session 9 - Many proclaim this as an unspoken legend of horror, but honestly I wasn’t that impressed.
  Suicide Club - A great concept to be sure, but the film is about three stops past crazytown, and it’s almost too nonsensical for its own good.
  Shaun of the Dead - One of my favorite films to be sure, but I didn’t want to include horror-comedy here. Also in this category would be Slither, and some would argue The Host, though I don’t view that as a horror film. Don’t even get me started on Drag Me to Hell.
  Battle Royale - Horror? Ehh, maybe. Is “Gore” its own movie category? This gives me an idea for a “10 best movies to play drinking games to” list.
  Twilight - Horrifying, but only because of the acting and writing.

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  It's not just bad beer. It can make you do bad things when you drink way,Painting From Photo, way too much of it.
  40-year-old Oselio Otero was heavily pounding the Bud Lights in Houston with family and friends,Laptop Batteries, celebrating one of his kids' birthdays. But as drunks tend to do,led interior light, he decided this would be a good moment to raise hell over a missing video game.
  He grabbed a loaded gun and began to argue with his 17-year-old son, Ignacio. The son tried to knock it away,Taobao Agent, then flee. But as Ignacio ran away,led spotlight, Dad shot him once in the neck,oil painting wholesale, killing him. A dozen friends and family witnessed the murder.
  Otero mumbled that he "messed up" as he left the scene. He was found hours later hiding in the closet of a friend's apartment. Tragically,oil painting reproductions, Ignacio's girlfriend was pregnant,led high power, and he was about to become a father himself.

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  Thousands of postal workers will go on strike this Friday, threatening widespread disruption to mail services.
  Some 12,led street light,000 staff are expected to take part in walk-outs organised across Britain by the Communication Workers Union in protest over job cuts and workloads.
  The union said that the activity could escalate to a national strike and accused Royal Mail of “sulking” since plans to part-privatise the group were shelved by Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary.
  Royal Mail claim that 90 per cent of offices would not be affected. The union and Royal Mail are accusing each other of abandoning the pay and modernisation programme agreed in 2007.
  Dave Ward, deputy general secretary of the CWU,oil painting reproductions, said: “There are serious and growing problems in the postal sector which urgently need resolving. We have renewed our offer of a three-month no-strike deal to Royal Mail in return for meaningful talks over modernisation.
  “The current cuts,led interior light, bullying managers and ever increasing workloads on a shrinking workforce cannot continue. Pressure and stress is at breaking point for postal workers so we urgently need a fresh start for a modern Royal Mail.”
  Workers in London went on strike for three days last week. This strike includes London, as well as staff in Edinburgh,Rosetta Stone, Bristol,Taobao Agent, Darlington,led spotlight, Stoke, Plymouth, Leamington Spa,led high power, Norfolk and Essex.
  Mr Ward added: “Without progress this could effectively turn into a national strike.”
  Last week,Buy Laptop Battery, it emerged that the chairman of Royal Mail’s pension trustees is thought to be considering closing its final salary scheme.

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This is the third in a series of articles highlighting reasons why we need a new model for anti-virus and security solutions.

Reason #2: the Desktop Security Software Risks

The risks of placing software on the desktop are such that I will be breaking this article into two parts.

There are many advantages to putting security and anti-virus software on the desktop. They range from efficiency to money. Under previous ways of thinking if I can capture security and virus problems at the desktop I can prevent them from going any farther. That works well in a non-connected environment. In the connected environment it makes more sense to centralize the software and monitor connections in and out. Basically "firewall" all the appliances from each other.

In a previous article we discussed the security risks inherent with desktop software designed to be the protection layer between you and all those bad people out there on the Internet. Here now we will discuss some more mundane issues regarding the risks of putting security software on the desktop:


Drag steals clock-cycles from your processes so that it can run in a higher priority mode. Anti-virus software especially places a drag on your computer. Depending on your settings (and the default settings are usually very aggressive),led Bulbs, every time you run a program or open a file, real-time file scanning takes place and your files are scanned for viruses. This slows down your processing. Accessing larger files takes longer. You can see a discernible lag time between when you start a program/open a file and when you can actually access it.


After the obvious issue of "drag" is compatibility. Often security and anti-virus rules get in the way of your doing business on your computer. While you may get away with using older versions of such packages as Word,Painting From Photo, Sims, Photoshop, etc. on your computer with the new XP operating system,led interior light, it's unlikely your security software will be completely compatible. Why? Many packages rely on very low-level functionality to be able to do the tasks they set out to do. Anti-virus packages have to be able to operate at a level closer to the hardware than most packages. They need to do this to prevent virus software from taking precedence from them. While many packages offer backward-compatibility the opposite is not true: forward-compatibility. There are several reasons for this: a package written for Windows 98 will not anticipate all the changes to the operating system that are implemented for Windows XP. While your Win98 anti-virus program may work under XP,led lighting, it won't work at its peak performance. It can't. It's just another reason for centralizing your security. By siphoning all your traffic through a security screen at your ISP, for instance, you offload the need for updates and staying up-to-date on your security software. This then becomes the job of the service provider.


Having the software on your desktop means you are responsible for maintaining that software. In the case of office productivity software or image editing software, if new versions come out with features you're not interested in, you don't update. With new viruses appearing on the landscape every day, you can't afford not to continually update your software. If you don't update for a month or two, you run severe risks of infection. You also will incur potential long update cycles as your software has to be upgraded to handle all the new threats.

This makes the desktop these days a somewhat ineffective solution. Nearly two-thirds of all the PCs that have anti-virus protection installed do not update their definitions regularly. These PCs might as well uninstall the software for all the good it's doing them.

Lost Time

As mentioned in the above discussion, you can lose considerable time if you don't update regularly. Long intervals between updates can translate into long update cycles. If you have a slow connection to a vendor,led street light, your down time is much longer as you have to wait for the files to be downloaded and then you have to wait for your software to update itself.


The better solution is to move to a centralized solution in which all the software,oil painting, all the updates are the responsibility of the service provider. You pay for the service of having your email cleaned before you receive it. When email arrives at your service provider's mailbox,Laptop Battery, it is checked for malicious tendencies and stripped if bad. You notice no long waiting,led light, no downtime, no drag, no incompatibilities.

About The Author

Tim Klemmer
CEO, OnceRed LLC

Tim Klemmer has spent the better part of 12 years designing and perfecting the first true patented behavior-based solution to malicious software.



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The vast majority of us will have, at some point, had freeware games or applications installed on our systems. If you've played an online Java or Flash based game,led spotlight, you've used freeware. In a very real way the Internet itself is freeware, a massive collections of scripts, information,led street light, tools and resources that are, for the most part,Laptop Battery, totally free. But what is it that motivates so many people to put so much work into a project,led Components, and then release it totally free of charge? There are a few misconceptions about freeware that I would like to clear up.

1.) "Freeware programs are loaded with spy ware and Trojan horses" - not true. While it is true that some programs contain these types of malicious software, they are a vanishingly small percentage of the whole. The type of people who release programs like this are identical to spam mailers - criminal and beneath contempt. If you are worried about this then I suggest you only download software from large, well known freeware sites. These almost always check to ensure their programs are free of any malicious code.

2.) "Freeware only works for X amount of days,oil painting reproductions, or is crippled in some way". Again, not true. Programs that work in this way are classified as Shareware, and are designed so that if you like the programs function you can pay the author for a full version. Freeware is never crippled in any way, and comes with no charge whatsoever - although donations are always appreciated!

3.) "The only reason this is freeware is because no-one in their right mind would pay money for it". This, unfortunately, is often a valid point. There are some truly abysmal programs out there. And even if the program is a good, helpful little tool, it doesn't mean you would be prepared to spend 10 on it in a shop. However there are some absolute gems out there, like 7-zip for example. All I can say is,led Bulbs, again, look for the big directories where the submissions are ranked. Look especially for the sites where users can leave their own feedback on a product, for example www.gamehippo.com is a superb site for freeware games.

So what is the reason people make programs for free? The points above could explain it,handmade oil paintings, to some extent. But that is not what freeware is really about. Freeware is about programmers wanting to share what they've created with the world at large, be it a useful tool,wholesale oil painting, a kick-ass game or even a simple script. People who write freeware like to share what they've made, and maybe get some credit from the wider community for making something useful. So next time you find a useful piece of free software why not look through the about box to find out who made it. If they have a site then go visit, maybe leave a note in the guest book to encourage them to keep up the good work, to create more superb software. And you never know, the site may even contain that perfect piece of software you've been looking for.

Daniel Robson runs where he offers his own freeware, as well hosting freeware for Symbian UIQ 7.0 phones, especially the Sony Ericsson Px00 series.


led lighting The major processor manufacturers

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A recent Tech Tip covered the basics of selecting a computer case and made mention of the various sizes that correspond to motherboards of different form factors. A few people wrote in expressing interest in understanding more about the basics of motherboards, and that's exactly what this Tech Tip intends to address.

A motherboard, also known as a main board, is the primary circuit board inside of a computer,Painting From Photo, and is where the central processing unit (CPU), memory, expansion slots, drives, and other peripheral devices are connected. The circuitry on a motherboard facilitates the communication between all of the devices in the computer, making them as critical to a system's performance as items such as the CPU or memory.

The core circuitry of a motherboard is referred to as its chipset, and generally the manufacturer of the motherboard is not the manufacturer of the chipset. Intel does produce motherboards with their own chipsets, but buying a motherboard brand such as Gigabyte, Biostar, and ASUS means getting a board with either a VIA, Nvidia, SIS, or Intel brand chipset.

1. Form Factor

The different basic shapes and sizes of motherboards are categorized as form factors. There are several standard form factors available, but some of the more common ones found in desktop computers include: ( ATX ( Micro ATX (mATX) ( FlexATX ( and Mini-ITX

The basic sizes of each are as follows:

* ATX: 12" x 9.6" (305mm x 244mm)

* Micro ATX: 9.6" x 9.6" (244mm x 244mm)

* FlexATX: 9.0" x 7.5" (229mm x 191mm)

* Mini ITX: 6.7" x 6.7" (170mm x 170mm)

ATX and mATX are by far the most popular motherboard sizes for desktop computers, and as seen in the list above, are also some of the largest. More real estate on a motherboard allows for greater expansion possibilities and extra features, which make the use of these boards more flexible. A Mini-ITX board may feature just one slot for memory and one slot for an expansion card, while a typical ATX board may feature 4 memory slots and six slots for expansion cards.

Each form factor has its own niche that it fits into, from workstations and gaming systems for larger boards to media centers and in-car computers for smaller boards. There is definitely overlap between the potential applications of each form factor, and other features and capabilities will also influence the targeted use.

2. CPU Socket

The major processor manufacturers, AMD and Intel, are constantly waging a battle to offer the fastest, most powerful processors available. Getting more speed and performance out of a relatively small chip generally requires a change to the physical dimensions as each new generation of processor is released. Therefore,oil painting, motherboards need to evolve at the same pace in order to accept the new CPUs.

Back in the day, AMD and Intel processors shared a common CPU socket, but those days were short lived. AMD and Intel have since been traveling down their own, relatively parallel, paths of performance and speed increases, while using different designs. Selecting a motherboard for a modern AMD processor eliminates the use of any Intel processor, and vice versa.

AMD's current offering for desktop processors includes the Athlon 64, which is available in Socket 939 and Socket 754 formats. The number in the names represents the number of pins present on the backside of the CPU that connect to the motherboard's socket. The Socket 939 Athlon 64 therefore has a staggering array of nine hundred and thirty nine tiny pins to match up with the motherboard's socket. The Chaintech VNF4 Ultra is an example of a Socket 939 motherboard based on Nvidia's NForce4 Ultra chipset technology. In addition to these two sockets, many AMD processors, including Athlon XPs, Semprons,led tube, and Durons,P90X, share the Socket A format, also known as Socket 462 thanks to it having 462 pins for connecting to a motherboard.Socket adapters

Intel's latest offering for their Pentium 4 and Celeron processors, LGA 775,Taobao Agent, doesn't have pins at all and basically swaps the pins to the motherboard for the socket. Perhaps this design move puts the burden of bent pin warranty claims on someone else, but it is fairly unique. The Biostar P4M80-M7 is an example of an LGA 775 motherboard based on the VIA P4M800 chipset. Other Intel processors still on the market utilize the Socket 478 format for Pentium 4 and Celeron processors.

Although most motherboards support just one CPU socket, some applications benefit from having more than one processor to tackle the tasks at hand. Servers and high end workstations are two examples where a dual processor system, such as could be run on the Tyan Thunder i7500 motherboard, might make light work of more advanced applications.

3. Components

'Components' is a fairly vague term to describe this section, but the items to be covered are fairly diverse. Computer systems all use memory, storage devices, and power supplies, but among the many differences motherboards have is the type and quantity of connections for these components.

Most modern systems use DDR memory, but DDR-2 memory is becoming more common and will eventually become the standard. Although some boards provide slots for both types of memory, it is generally the case that either one or the other technology is supported. Besides operating differently, the physical difference of DDR having 184 pins and DDR-2 having 240 pins prevents them from being interchangeable. Going forward, users will have to decide whether they want to jump on the new technology bandwagon when selecting a motherboard,led lighting, or to try to continue using their existing DDR for as long as possible. Regardless of technology, most motherboards come with 2 to 4 slots for memory, although as mentioned, Mini-ITX boards may just offer 1 slot.

Hard drive technology is changing too, as mentioned in the Tech Tip comparing SATA to ATA hard drives. Most motherboards over the past few years have offered two ATA connections, which could support up to 4 drives. With SATA becoming more popular, some boards now offer a mix of ATA and SATA connections, while others have abandoned ATA all together, and instead offer multiple SATA connections which only support one drive each. In addition to type and quantity, motherboards can also offer choices in hard drive capabilities by integrating RAID controllers onboard, as found on the ASUS K8V SE Deluxe.

As systems become more advanced, they many times impose special power requirements to keep them running smoothly. Most motherboards feature the typical 20 pin ATX power connector, while some server boards may have a 24 pin connection in its place. Motherboards for AMD Athlon 64 and Pentium 4 processors will have a second power connection located in close proximity to the CPU socket for providing the extra power that today's high end processors demand. This special 4 pin connection isn't found on every AMD Socket A motherboard, but it will most definitely be located on an AMD Socket 939 motherboard. Power supplies have been including this special connection for years, but for those upgrading an old system with a new motherboard, the power supply may be just one more item that has to be upgraded as well.

4. Extra Features

Many motherboards now include features onboard that were once only available as expansion cards to be purchased separately. A typical motherboard will now include stereo sound capabilities, a 10/100 LAN connection, and a few USB 2.0 ports on the back panel connection. Depending on the budget and needs of the end user, many motherboards may also include other convenient features such as integrated Firewire ports, VGA connections, and onboard RAID controllers.

Motherboards Extra Features

Although many of these items may be added later with expansion cards, if you know you want them upfront, a bit of installation hassle and expense can be eliminated by finding a board with just about everything you want included. That said, there aren't many choices of onboard components, so it's a case of take it or leave it. For example, you may want stereo sound included, but find most motherboards offer 5 channel, where you would prefer 8 channel. In that case, it may be a good thing that motherboards include expansion slots to add the sound card of your choice.

5. Expansion Slots

A motherboard typically provides at least one slot for the installation of a graphics card and a few slots for expanding the capabilities of the system in other areas.

Graphics cards are available in PCI, AGP, and now PCI Express formats, and matching a motherboard to the appropriate card is a key step. Most motherboards released over the past few years include an AGP slot, and the new wave of motherboards are now starting to feature PCI Express slots for graphics card installation.

PCI slots are found on most motherboards, but are much slower than AGP and PCI Express slots, so they are not the optimal choice for graphics. ATX motherboards may typically feature four to five PCI slots, and although they could be used for secondary display graphics cards, more common applications include sound cards, network cards,led ceiling light, RAID controllers, TV tuners, modems, and USB/Firewire controllers. Considering that many of these items are now included onboard, having multiple PCI slots isn't quite as important as it used to be.

6. Style

With enthusiasts adding windows and special lighting effects to just about every feature of a computer, why should the motherboard be left out of the action? Long gone are the days of the stereotypical green PCB with white connectors, and now most boards feature a vibrantly colored PCB and a rainbow of colors on expansion slots, memory slots, drive connectors, and so on.

For example, if someone was undecided on a mATX board for their Socket 754 AMD Athlon 64, style might be the deciding factor. The Chaintech MK8M800 and the Biostar K8VGA-M-N are similar boards featuring the VIA K8M800 chipset and prices under $70. The golden PCB with black and white features of the Chaintech board may appeal to some, while the red, white, blue, and yellow of the Biostar may sway others.

In general,wholesale oil painting, a particular model is only available in one color scheme, and many manufacturers use the same theme across their entire current line up. As an example, the Biostar board for AMD Athlon 64 processors above features the same basic style as this Biostar board for the new Pentium LGA 775 processors. In addition to coloring, some manufacturers will include LED lighting on chipset cooling fans, or accessorize motherboards with matching cables to complete the unique looks of the board.

Some people may scoff at colors being included in the list of key features on motherboards, but there will be some that shop for style first, and then performance.

Final Words

There are many factors to address in selecting a motherboard, and this Tech Tip really just scratched the surface of the basic choices that may need to be considered. Much more technical decisions may need to be made by the advanced user, but covering the six basic areas discussed above is a good start for users of any level.

Computer tech tips and computer advice


china oil painting Science or Speculation&quot

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m a strong believer in Cetyl Myristoleate for the treatment of arthritis. For the last three years I have been researching and writing about Cetyl Myristoleate. I am constantly searching for new research and contact and interview every doctor I can find that works with it. The purpose of the article is to evaluate the claims made about Cetyl Myristoleate on the myriad of web sites that sell it. It you want more information on the research that documents the effectiveness of Cetyl Myristoleate then do a search for my article,china oil painting, "Cetyl Myristoleate: Science or Speculation".

Cetyl Myristoleate is an Immune Modulator. This is a tough question. We do not have any medical research yet that documents that it is an immune modulator. Many doctors believe that it is based on observations of their patients. Some people respond so well it appears that the benefits go beyond joint lubrication and a decreases in inflammation. Base on these results some doctors theorize that it is helping to correct some peoples immune systems. While this sounds wonderful it is a bold statement to make. I am not ready to call it an immune modulator.

Cetyl Myristoleate is a cure for arthritis. This is not only a bogus claim it is a lie. Not only is it a lie it is illegal to make that claim. If you are at a web site that makes this claim,oil painting reproductions, leave,Painting From Photo, this person is not the kind of person you want to do business with. They need to be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.

All you need is one 15 or 20 day protocol. There are several companies that make this type of claim. You will notice that the companies that make this claim are among the most expensive. I believe that they use this to justify their high prices. Who would pay this price on a regular bases. While the double blind studies show that many people start finding relief in this amount of time,wholesale oil painting, they were all short term studies and did not evaluate how long the results lasted. Every doctor I have talked to has disagreed with this statement. The people who find relief from Cetyl Myristoleate usually start seeing good results by the two week mark. But they continue to improve for the next two to four weeks. Almost everyone who discontinues use finds that with in a couple of weeks their symptoms begin to return. But they also find that once they max out their benefit they need much less to maintain that level of relief.

Cetyl Myristoleate helps 97% if the people who use it. I have seen this claim several times. It is simply not true. The research does not back it up and neither do those doctors who use it in practice. The percentage is closer to 70%. Of course the percentage changes depending on the type of arthritis you have. With nearly 100 types of arthritis nothing is going to work well on every type.

Cetyl Myristoleate is an anti aging agent. This is a powerful marketing tool. Every one wants to look and stay young. There is no research to back up this claim. Some of the doctors I have talked to believe it base on their observations. I have over a dozen family members and friends who take CM faithfully and none of us look younger. Yet almost all of us feel younger because we can now do things again that we had to give up because of our arthritis. If this is what they are talking about I concur. But if they are claiming it will make you younger or keep you from aging I think they are stretching it.

It is necessary to take digestive enzymes with Cetyl Myristoleate. This is a hard one. I personally do not think everyone does. Some people have a hard time digesting fats. If taking CM causes you stomach upset then you need to take a digestive enzyme. Make sure it has lipase because it is the enzyme that digests fat.

Cetyl Myristoleate will help you grow new cartilage. This is another unfounded claim. There is nothing in CM to help you grow cartilage. Once the inflammation is down then your body may find it easier to replace the cartilage damaged by the inflammation.

Will Cetyl Myristoleate help me with my arthritis? I would like to end the article with the question most ask of me. The answer is I do not know. All I can say is the research and my experience and the experience of the doctors I have talked to says that there is a 60% to 70% chance. Be reasonable about your expectations. CM is not going to repair bone damage,led ceiling light, remove calcium deposits or repair other types of damage created by your arthritis. If you decide to try it do not pay too much. There is no need to pay $50,Taobao Agent, $80,P90X, $100 dollars or more. There are several good products in the $20 to $50 range. If the first bottle does not work for you do not waste your money on a second.

About The Author

I am a two time survivor of cancer. The first cancer took a kidney. Therefore I cannot take any arthritis medication. I began to research alternative options of treating arthritis. I found a natural supplement called cetyl myristoleate that has kept me pain free for 4 years now. I have been researching,led tube, publishing and speaking on cetyl myristoleate ever since.



ACER Laptop Batteries fixed&quot

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  An economy built on bubbles looks healthy until all that froth disappears,ACER Laptop Batteries, exposing the rotten framework. A structural repair is needed,Sport oil painting, and it won't be quick or easy.
  Vice President Joe Biden recently acknowledged the administration's misreading of the weak economy.
  In view of his comments, I would like to update readers on my three-baseball-game analogy (introduced Nov. 3, 2008,led ceiling light exporters, in "Economy sinks as we save bankers") and note where we are now:
  Although we've managed to put the financial crisis behind us, the reality of the economic crisis is slowly becoming clearer to more and more people.
  A bubble gave jobs, then took 'em away
  As an example of the fact that more people are starting to understand the root problem: The Financial Times recently carried an article by Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian titled "American jobs data are worse than we think" (subscription required).
  He notes that "there are rare occasions,BENQ Laptop Batteries, such as today (July 2, when the June employment report was released), when we should think of the unemployment rate as much more than a lagging indicator; it has the potential to influence future economic behaviors and outlooks."
  Of course, the reason we have such a problem creating jobs is because the country spent 10 to 12 years engulfed in financial bubbles. They created a vast misallocation of capital and gave the economy the appearance of health -- when all we were doing was creating more risk.
  Now we've got a broken economy and will experience serious difficulty creating real jobs. One of the shocking developments, El-Erian points out, is the speed with which jobs have been lost and how fast unemployment has screamed higher. He notes (in terms not far from what I've written): "The unemployment rate will increasingly disrupt an economy that, hitherto, has been influenced mainly by large-scale dislocations in the financial system."
  That's El-Erian's way of saying: The big issue now is not the financial mess but the economic crisis.
  A mania couldn't sustain an economy
  Slowly but surely,SIEMENS Laptop Batteries, I think that as "green shoots" come and go without really yielding a lot (read "Will economy's 'green shoots' wither?"), more folks will start to grasp that we have an enormous hole to dig ourselves out of.
  What landed us there was Federal Reserve money printing, which created the bubbles -- aided and abetted by greed on Wall Street and Main Street, and by authorities' abdication of responsibility. All of that allowed us to experience a decade-plus of bubblenomics. Until folks fully process those facts,LG Laptop Battery, I believe that they will find it virtually impossible to navigate this post-bubble period.
  At some point,led street light suppliers, the economic crisis may feed back into the financial system, creating another financial crisis as we discover that the stress tests done on banks were way too lenient and that some financial institutions are back on the disabled list.
  Ultimately, we will endure the real nightmare of the funding crisis, the third part of my three-baseball-game analogy. (Read "The next crisis has already begun.") Thus far, the risk of a dollar meltdown from all the Fed's money printing doesn't seem to have attracted much attention outside the occasional maneuver by China (to express its concerns about the dollar,Religion oil painting, to ever-so-slightly rejigger the rules for settling trades in renminbi or to set up currency swaps).
  A bright spot for savers
  Though it may be quite a ways off, higher interest rates caused by both our own massive borrowing needs and a weak currency will not be "fixed" via stimulation. Once we get to that point, only austerity and intelligent policies will extricate the country from that quagmire.
  The one bright spot? In that environment, the financially prudent may actually get a fair return for saving money.

led interior light you&rsquo

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  Men are pretty simple creatures, really. If a woman is attractive, we want to meet her. If she turns out to be interesting,led interior light, intelligent or funny, we want to get to know her better. Women, by contrast, are a little more complicated. They often have grocery lists of prioritized criteria that they use to determine whether or not a guy is datable. And female criteria are significantly more nuanced than the monosyllabic qualities men tend to look for: “nice,” “hot” and “smart.”
  Recognizing that some guys could use some help understanding the female wish list, we’ve put together this list of the top 10 things women want.
  10 Independence
  Women want to know that a man can take care of himself. They want a guy who is capable and independent, able to make his own decisions, pay his rent, and cook himself dinner. Despite what you might think, no woman wants to be your mother (besides, of course, your mother). One of the top 10 things women want is to know that you are capable of carrying your own weight in a relationship. A guy who is in constant need of reassurance, companionship, help, motivation, and advice is a turnoff.
  9 Looks
  Women are called the fairer sex for a reason. They’re much, much better looking than we are, what with our sharp angles, our hairy backs and our doughy centers. It is truly one of their great virtues that women are willing to spend so much time in our company despite our undeniably simian appearance.
  Still, despite their good nature, women care about looks too (if not quite as much as men do). Thus, it wouldn’t hurt to at least try and minimize the degree to which you remind them of a monkey. Women aren’t asking for much. Try to keep yourself well-groomed. Wear clothes that fit, and at least make an effort to keep yourself in shape.
  8 Positivity
  Positivity is the next item on our list of the top 10 things women want. Cynicism and sarcasm have their place, but nobody wants to be with someone who is sarcastic and cynical all of the time. It’s exhausting. By contrast, being in the presence of someone with a positive outlook on life can actually be energizing. An optimistic person makes others feel good; his optimism can be contagious, even inspiring. That’s why it’s one of the top 10 things women want.
  7 Communication skills
  We often tease women about their capacity for conversation. However, men ignore the female inclination to talk at their peril. Women place a priority on guys they can talk to, who can express themselves and who are at least willing to listen to them when they talk about their concerns, hopes and desires.
  You should also know that the communication skill that trumps all others is the ability to be attentive. Sometimes, all a woman needs you to do is listen. This is hard for us guys, because we’re very “action-oriented.” We think of every conversation as a prelude to some necessary action (otherwise, why talk?), but that’s not always the case. If you can show a woman you have the capacity to pay attention to her,Streetscape oil painting, it will radically improve your chances.
  6 Sociability
  A woman wants a guy who can carry on a conversation with her coworkers at a dinner party and also has the good sense not to swear in front of her mother.
  Women want a guy with a high social IQ. They don’t want a wallflower or the strong silent type. Perhaps, most of all, they just want to know you won’t go catatonic when faced with a group of people you don’t know.
  5 Intelligence
  Many women find smarts as sexy as physical appearance. For some of us, this can be frustrating,MITAC Laptop Battery, because, let’s face it, we’d all like to be smarter, and at one time or another we’ve all felt like the dumbest guy in the room. Avoid running your mouth on subjects you know nothing about. Better to be suspected a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
  4 Passion
  Passion is another one of the top 10 things women want. The reasons should be pretty obvious. If a woman is thinking about spending any time with you, she’d like to know that she can look forward to adventure,led Bulbs wholesalers, excitement, commitment, devotion, and great sex. Thus,HP Laptop Batteries, if a guy wants to be wanted, he has to show a woman he’s passionate.
  Enthusiastically extolling the virtues of your fantasy baseball team is OK,led spotlight wholesale, but it’s much better to be passionate about something a little more serious, like your job or a humanitarian cause. Women love to see that you’re passionate, because in their minds passion in one sphere of life that can be transferred into another sphere of life, namely the bedroom.
  3 Sense of humor
  A good sense of humor is one of the qualities women almost always mention when listing off the things they look for in a man. We all know how much more fun funny people are than dull, grumpy people. Now this does not mean you need to be “the life of the party.” Women typically don’t gravitate toward drunken buffoons. A good sense of humor just means you know how to tell and take a joke.
  2 Ambition
  Men too often think that all women care about is money,led components, but that’s nonsense. Sure it may be true of some women, just as it’s true of some men, but women aren’t characteristically attracted to rich guys. The reason women gravitate toward men with successful careers isn’t because of the size of their paychecks,led flood light distributors, but rather because their success at work is indicative of certain attractive personality traits: commitment, discipline, strong work ethic -- all of which are things that will likely make a guy a good partner.
  1 Confidence
  As you’ve read over this list of the top 10 things women want, you’ve probably noted some areas in which you excel and others you could work on. Maybe you’re a smart, sociable guy with a great sense of humor, but you could use some help in the ambition department. Maybe you’re a great-looking guy with expert communication skills, but you’ve yet to find the one thing you’re really passionate about. Here’s the good news: Confidence is the one thing women consistently say they want in a man.
  Confidence is king. That means even if you can’t categorize yourself as “the total package,” as long as you feel good about what you have to offer, and as long as you’re comfortable with yourself, you have a shot.

Rosetta Stone here's where you convert it to Flas

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,Rosetta Stone

The intentions of this short tutorial are not to teach you how to use Open Office, but rather to show you a quick and dirty way to create presentations and tutorials that can be exported as a Macromedai Flash file.

What is Open Office? It is a free,led tube manufacturers, open source, cross platform office suite that has a lot of the same features as popular commercial suites.

Being that it's cross platform means it can be compiled for just about anything,American oil painting, Windows, Linux / Unix, Mac, etc..

Using Open Office presentation -

Basically, if you've ever used Microsoft Powerpoint,oil paintings, you've pretty much used Presentation. It's a slide show (or presentation) creator that lets you create any style slide show you want.

You can have text, graphics, charts,COMPAQ Laptop Battery, etc... or any combination

It does not take much to figure out presentation. You can add text or picture boxes, add designs,Dance oil painting, add tables and pretty much anything you can think of.

After you have created the presentation,led spotlight wholesale, here's where you convert it to Flash:

You simply go in to the 'file' menu and select 'Export'.

A 'save as' dialog box will come up where you can choose the file name,led tube exporters, location and the format you want.

From the pull down box you will see the 'Macromedia Flash (SWF)' option, that's the one you want.

Select the format, pick your location, name the file and press the Save button.

That's it.. you now have a Macromedia Flash version of your presentation that you can include on your website.

Why whould you want this?

Macromedia Flash is pretty much a standard for multimedia on the web, as a result there is a plug-in for almost every browser and most people already have this plug-in.

This gives you the chance to put Flash content on your site without having to play for the Macromedia Suite.

About The Author

Steve Howson is the Webmaster for SG network Technologies web hosting company.


MSI Laptop Batteries   宝贝

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       Come Back To Me
  The rain falls on my windows
  And a coldness runs through my soul
  And the rain falls,MSI Laptop Batteries, oh the rain falls
  I don't want to be alone
  I wish that I could photoshop all our bad memories
  Cause the flashbacks,
  oh the flashbacks won't leave me alone
  If you come back to me
  I'll be all that you need
  Baby, come back to me
  Let me make up for what happened in the past
  (Come back) Baby come back to me
  (Come back) I'll be everything you need
  (Come back) Baby come back to me
  (Come back) Boy,Low Cost Laptop Battery, you're one in a million
  (回来)亲爱的,LED high power,你就是万里挑一的唯一
  (Come back) Baby come back to me
  (Come back) I'll be everything you need
  (Come back) Baby come back to me
  (回来)宝贝,HP Laptop Batteries,回到我身边
  (Come back) You're one in a million(One in a million)
  Lower East Side of Manhattan
  She goes shopping for new clothes
  And she buys this, and she buys that
  Just leave her alone.
  I wish that he would listen to her side of the story
  It isn't that bad, it isn't that bad
  And she's wiser for it now.
  I admit I cheated ('mit I cheated)
  Don't know why I did it (why I did it)
  But I do regret it (do regret it)
  Nothing I can do or say can change the past
  Everything I ever did
  Heaven knows I'm sorry babe
  宝贝,LG Laptop Battery,上帝懂得我的歉意
  I was too young to see
  我当时太年青,NOKIA Laptop Batteries,以致无法看到
  You were always there for me
  And my curiosity got the better of me
  Baby take it easy on me
  Anything from A to Z
  Call me what you wanna babe
  宝贝,MITAC Laptop Battery,只要你愿意,随意你怎样称呼我
  I open my heart to thee
  You are my priority
  Can't you see you've punished me
  More than enough already
  Baby take it easy on me
  宝贝,Dance oil painting,沉住气,谅解我
  Baby take it easy on me
  Baby come back to me
  Baby come back to me

led ceiling light manufacturers .&quot

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  If you say you never lie to your kids, you're probably not telling the truth.
  From the Easter Bunny to spinach to death,led ceiling light manufacturers, we lie about all sorts of things to give our kids a sense of wonder,PANASONIC Laptop Batteries, encourage them to try different foods and protect them from harsh reality.
  I am no exception. Although I avoid some of the whoppers my parents told me - "If you swallow gum it will stick in your stomach," and "If you make a face it will get stuck and stay that way" - I still find little white lies slipping out of my mouth.
  Some lies we justify as being for our kid's own good. Food lies fall in this category. I'm the queen of the food lie.
  "Eating carrots will make you see better." "Those aren't mushrooms, those are noodles." "We're all out of candy."
  I got my son to eat cauliflower by telling him it was "white broccoli" and I can get him to try just about any light colored meat if I tell him it's chicken or turkey.
  There are the lies I tell to avoid an unpleasant situation.
  Anyone who's been to McDonalds knows how those junky little Happy Meal toys pile up. Periodically I clean out the toy box and toss the older ones. Every once in a while he decides to dig one out.
  "It's around here somewhere,led street light, I'm sure we'll find it later," I say without missing a beat.
  "It broke" is the fib I tell after tossing an old toy he stopped playing with or the balloon that lingered too long in the corner.
  Some lies are to protect your child or avoid topics you're not ready to deal with.
  When I took my son to a play about a troupe of teenage actors,led interior light wholesalers, to my surprise,ASUS Laptop Batteries, there was a scene in which the older woman director got amorous with one of the teenagers. Frowning my son turned to me and asked "Are they married?" "Yes" I said without a second thought.
  And then there are the harmless lies we tell to make kids feel good and encourage them.
  "That song sounded beautiful." "Your drawing looks just like a (fill in the blank)." "You did better than you did last time."
  One lie has even become such a standard,led lighting, that it's more of a joke than a real lie. I've said it to my son, but always with tongue-in-cheek.
  "When I was kid I used to walk to school through six feet of snow,led spotlight wholesale, uphill,Rosetta Stone, both ways!"
  What are your white lies?

led light lighter

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,led light

A Good Notebook Bag

Forget those that are bundled with your notebook computer. Get yourself a good notebook bag that is well-padded both on its load-bearing straps, and 100% around the notebook itself.

Aren't all notebook bags built the same? The answer is NO. There are countless bag types and variations. Not all of them have your comfort and protection of the notebook itself in mind. Most of them sacrifice style for substance, which is worse than not having a notebook bag in the first place.

The best way to determine which notebook bag is the one for you is to bring along your notebook while shopping. Put it in the bag and ensure that it doesn't slip and slide around. Generous spaces do not mean better protection! You want it to be snug.

Carry the bag with your notebook in it. Simulate a light jog. Why? Experience tells me that's how you'll most likely travel through the gates of airport hell. If the straps start digging in those shoulders,SONY Laptop Batteries, start looking for alternatives. A good strap should cushion those shocks as the bag bounces off your shoulders while doing your airport jog.

Note also how the notebook bag opens up for main access. Again, if you're a frequent traveler you'll want to have one that's easy to retrieve and store your notebook for security checkpoint purposes. The best are usually top-loading ones secured by either a zipper or a flap. We recommend the flap versions because they usually have an additional layer of cushioning right around the top for the notebook,Streetscape oil painting, and secure well but open fast with magnetic snaps/buttons.

The zipper types have none, and your poor notebook will get whacked full-force if the bag topples head-long off an airport luggage cart. Trust me on this bit: I've had enough times my notebook took a tumble that way, and seen many other helpless souls literally spill their notebook's guts across airport gates.

A good alternative to those shoulder-loading bags are the rolling pilot cases. They are typically bigger than any shoulder-bearing bags including backpacks, but offer solid protection with a padded hinge-top opening similar to actual pilot cases. Roller bags are also less taxing physically,led high power, and the generous compartments in the bag means less luggage pieces to carry while traveling.

A Heat Dissipating Cooler Or Pad

Heat is the number one notebook computer killer. Today's notebooks are little thermal generators, with internal temperatures that rise up to 150 degrees even with built-in cooling fans.

Those internal fans and heat-dissipating systems work full time more often than you think. That's why they are usually the first components in a notebook to die on you. When that happens, you'd better not fire up that notebook,SIEMENS Laptop Batteries, as it'll fry even before you see the start screen.

So help out your hardest working notebook component and extend its lifespan. Invest in a notebook cooler or a cooling pad. Notebook coolers typically are low-rise, plastic or metal-faced pedestals on which your notebook sits. They are equipped with a fan or two inside, which serves to draw hot air away from under your notebook, and thus promote a cooler operating environment. Usually efficient enough to drop up to 15 degrees the operating temperature,led street light suppliers, notebook coolers however require power for its fans and would typically draw its power off your notebook's USB ports. This could somewhat decrease your notebook's battery operating time, but so far have proven to be negligible for many users.

Cooling pads normally do not have the fans, and are constructed from some type of heat-dissipating material or designed a way that your notebook would have extra clearance at the bottom to promote natural air circulation. Despite the lack of fans,BENQ Laptop Battery, these cooling pads do a surprisingly good job of cooling your notebook. They are also much easier to carry with your notebook because they are slimmer, lighter, and do not require power to do its job therefore highly recommended.

Lynn Chan helps new owners learn about proper notebook care and use. To learn more, visit For a limited time,Impressionism oil painting, get the free tutorial "5 Days To A Healthier Notebook Computer" at


Pop art oil painting

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t because of acne? Do you feel like a vampire who shies away at your mirror? Are you afraid of your own reflection?

Chances are there are also about 60 million people feeling the way you do.

For most of us humans, acne seems to be the bane of our existence. And it is not totally unfounded. Acne, nowadays, is the most prevalent and most common medical condition affecting more than 60 million people in the United States alone.

What exactly are the causes of acne that so many people suffer from it? Here are the most common causes of acne that we have gathered for you.

Hormones- the number one cause of acne is the production of sex hormones called androgen that begins at puberty. This is why majority of acne sufferers are adolescents and teens. Hormones are responsible for then acne flare-ups during menstruation and pregnancy.

When the sebaceous gland is stimulated by androgens,Pop art oil painting, it produces extra sebum. In its journey up the follicle toward the surface,china oil painting, the sebum mixes with common skin bacteria and dead skin cells that have been shed from the lining of the follicle. While this process is normal,APPLE Laptop Batteries, the presence of extra sebum in the follicle increases the chances of clogging - and acne.

Stress- Stress can also cause the production of hormones, such as cortisol, which can aggravate acne. Stress brings upon different hormone levels. With hormone changes the body prompts the skins oil glands to enlarge, secreting more oil. Which causes white heads,led distributors, black heads and pimples.

Oily or heavy make up- Heavy make-up clogs the pores and oily make-ups add more oil, this only adds to the problem if oily skin already exists. Cosmetics especially certain moisturizers,led high power, foundation and pomades (watch out for lanolin, petrolatum, vegetable oils,led droplight exporters, butyl stearate, lauryl alcohol and oleic acid).

Certain medications and steroids. Vitamins are good for your body,LENOVO Laptop Battery, But an excess of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 can cause acne flare-ups. These vitamins are good for the skin,Angel oil painting, but avoid overuse.

Acne Cure Remedy -


 The changing world

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 The changing world
  The world into which we all come have been left to us by our father and their father before them. It is composed more of the past than present. The cities and villages in which we all live were built by hands of their lives and the railway they carry us from place to place were planned and constructed by man that probably dead. Everything around us is due in whole or in part to the skill labor and energy of those who went before us along the road of life. As each of us grows up and becomes acquainted to the world that other man had built, he explored with interest and sometime with anxiety and even fear. Our surroundings are complicated and astonishing ,kind and cruel ,varied and vast, they also constantly changing. No generation leaves the world as they found. They shall change our cities and villages just as men have done before. Cities like people grow and die. They increase or decrease in importance. All such changes are the results of restless energies of man. The generation now grown up will has the same energy and will not be satisfied with what he has found in the world. Some of us will invent new machines or instruments. Some of us will suggest new scientific theories. Some will explore new places or new regions of thoughts. Every fresh mind may have contribution to make to the new progress of mankind and so the changes continue for better or for the worse. The increase rate of advancement of science is in some way more than surprising, it is alarming.
  In the next century we maybe sure that the speed of discovery and invention will increase further and indeed it is difficult to picture of the world as it will be in the year of 2050. the change of the scientific world are mostly in the direction of progress. In medicine for example operations are performed in human brains and hearts and we accept such wonders as normal events. Yet even in modern viewer maybe rather astonished when he watches on the TV screen the heart of fish still beating and alive in the liquid contained in the glass vessel. The structure of society is changing too. But all changes are not necessarily for the better. Where in our modern world is Beethoven Bark or Browns. Modern music is vary but none of it reaches the stands said by those great composers of the past. Is a play of today a great advance on Shakespeare’s place. Are the film we see at the cinema always of great artistic merits. Has a sculpture of ancient Greece ever been surpassed. Such thoughts lead not to depress us. We have much of the past with us and no one can expect completely progress in every field of mans activity. Mistakes will always be made for the only man who never made mistake is the man who never does anything and we can learn from our mistakes.

china oil painting 2. for filling space

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,china oil painting

colors play an important part in your home decor process. colors are what give life and personality to your room.

here are some quickies to keep in mind when deciding over colors.

1. if you are using many colors in one single room,Find Laptop Batteries, make sure you use a color at least three times in the same room. you could use shades and tints of that color. for eg. your curtains, pillows and tablecloth can be of the same color. this gives a look of harmony and help avoid the 'too much' and 'confused' look.

2. for filling space, use warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges. they tend to grab the eye and fill the space and are soothing and warm.

3. for giving an illusion of more and open space,Laptop Battery, use cool colors like blues, greens and violets.

4. for a serene and comforting look,led Components, use pale pinks. the closer pink gets to red,Rosetta Stone, the more energetic it becomes.

5. use vertical stripes on walls and curtains for an illusion of height.

6. light colored walls and ceilings make the room look larger and more spacious.

7. try to avoid contradicting colors and themes. if you want your room to look larger and need to use cool colors to achieve it,led high power, choose a theme which goes with cool colors.

8. if same-colored sofa,oil painting reproductions, carpet and other upholstery give a monotonous look,Low Cost Laptop Battery, use colorful cushions and wall-hangings to break the monotony.

about the author

lata budhrani is the founder/editor of dot com women, a premier women's website and online community. visit her at



Buy Laptop Battery perhaps

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if you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom and redoing or adding showers to them,Buy Laptop Battery, consider all of your choices. the age we live in has allowed us many choices in what we want in our homes. we can choose from high end, high quality items to comfortable old favorites. when looking to redo or install a shower in your bathroom,oil painting wholesale, you have many things to consider.

start by knowing the size of the area you wish to install the shower. or,Painting From Photo, if you have a previous shower already installed,led high power, removing the old will tell you whether any of the existing elements there will need to be repaired or replaced. consider where the drains are located and how stable the flooring is. once this information is obtained,led tube, you can move onto the design stages.

taking a trip to the nearest home improvement store will give you many ideas. don't want to leave the house? check online stores and even specialty stores that can give you many, many choices. bathroom showers come in many shapes and sizes and are made from different qualities of materials. consider whether you want to have an open area surrounded by walls or more of a bathroom shower stall which is more enclosed with a door. some very nice ones can be made out of stone and ceramics. others,china oil painting, more commonly used, are made from steal or plastics. finding what suits you needs and tastes is important. remember to keep in mind the costs and the installation fees if you will not be installing it yourself.

now you have the bathroom shower installed. looks great right? did you consider shower curtains to match the bathroom? you can find many designs at a department store of your choice. bathroom shower curtains are easy to find and in most cases an inexpensive way to provide privacy. or,led spotlight, perhaps, you shower has shower doors? doors can be a great way to keep the water in the shower itself. doors made of glass will be much heavier then those made of plastics, but either choice will come with a film like surface to allow some privacy.

got it put together? do you like the outcome of your project? remodeling or installing can be a great way to add value and comfort to your home. finding things that you not can use, but that you like as well, makes the project an enjoyable experience.

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Low Cost Laptop Battery and women

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,Low Cost Laptop Battery

the g-spot is a highly erogenous zone inside the vagina. it is located behind the pubic bone within the front wall of the vagina,Rosetta Stone, about two to three inches deep. when your lover is sexually-excited it becomes more pronounced. hence it is essential that your lover is well aroused before attempting to find her g-spot.

have your lover lie down on her back with her legs apart. ensure that your fingernails are cut short and your hands are clean. with palm facing upwards push your middle finger into your lover's vagina up to the first knuckle,oil painting wholesale, moving your finger in small circles. needless to say, your lover's vagina should be well lubricated.

push your finger in deeper,Find Laptop Batteries, about three inches,oil paintings, continuing the circular motions. just behind the pubic bone you should find a soft,led high power, almost "mushy" area. press your finger firmly upwards against this area, not too hard but not too soft either. ask your lover how it feels. if she says she doesn't feel anything move your finger slightly,led spotlight, either deeper,Laptop Battery, or less deep. if she still doesn't feel anything try pressing harder.

one of the reasons a lot of men (and women) can't find the g-spot is because they only touch it or don't press hard enough. the g-spot responds to pressure, not just touch. it lies deep within the vaginal wall so firm pressure is often needed.

once you've found the g-spot she'll know, and you'll know too!

kevin davies is webmaster of eroshummingbird.com and is author of "the eros hummingbird" ebook. in this ebook you'll learn essential information about the female g-spot and how to work her g spot for her maximum pleasure. to buy "the eros hummingbird" please visit


led light liquors

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want to shed that beer belly? why not try the low-carbohydrate approach? following the philosophy of today's most popular low-carbohydrate books, dieters gradually increase the early restrictions of their daily carbohydrate intake while excess weight continues to come off, once again enjoying starchy foods like potatoes,led light, rice and pasta ... in moderation, of course.

but what about beer? is it possible to include moderate amounts of regular brewed beer in a low-carbohydrate diet? one stumbling block that some beer drinkers find when trying to shed weight on a low-carbohydrate regime is the reliance on light beer with its minimal carbohydrate content (and some might say taste). is it possible to move beyond the restrictions of light beer and on to one of your full-bodied favorites?

don't bother looking for the answer to this beer drinker's quandary in the many low-carbohydrate diet books that can be found on store shelves today. not one of these books addresses the possibility of moving on from light beers to regular brewed beers while the pounds continue to melt away.

why not? if you're a beer drinker, the answer might be obvious. there are no carbohydrate listings on the cans or bottles of regular brewed beer because the government feels that "... nutrition information on labels [of regular beers] is unnecessary and unwarranted." brewers of light beers, however, have to not only prove that their products are lower in carbohydrates and calories than their big brothers by listing the carbohydrate and calorie count on beer containers,wholesale oil painting, they must also include the nutritional values of the lighter brew.

is it right to know the carbohydrate and calorie content of what's in your twinkie but not in that bottle of czechvar imported beer sitting in front of you? not if you're a beer drinker on a low-carbohydrate diet!

for the benefit of anyone who's considering using the low-carbohydrate approach to shedding unwanted pounds, here's a list of some popular beers with their carbohydrate contents. all carb values are for twelve-ounce servings:

anchor steam 16.00,
bitburger pils 9.05,
boston beer summer ale 15.85,
budejovicky budwar (czechvar) 13.49,
cooper's genuine draught 7.02,
coors blue moon belgian white 12.87,
corona extra 13.99,
grant's scottish ale 12.70,
harpoon ipa 12.00,
leinenkugel original 13.90,
new belgium fat tire 13.66,
pete's strawberry blonde 13.70,
pilsner urquell 14.70,
warsteiner premium fresh 12.78,
spoetzl's shiner summer stock 10.50.

for more information on the carbohydrate count of more than 350 worldwide brands of beer, go to www.drinkbeergetthindiet.com.

bob skilnik is a chicagoland freelance writer who has written for the chicago tribune, the collector magazine, the american breweriana association's journal and the national association breweriana advertising's breweriana collector on the subjects of beer,Rosetta Stone, brewery history and breweriana. he is a 1991 graduate of the chicago-based siebel institute of technology, the oldest brewing school in the united states,led street light, with a degree in brewing technology.

his interests in beer and brewing were cultivated while serving as a german translator in west germany for the united states army. skilnik is the associate editor for the aba journal and the tap newspaper,led Components, and a member of the society of midland authors and the culinary historians of chicago. he has appeared in the chicagoland area on media one's television program,oil painting reproductions, the buzz,china oil painting, wttw's chicago tonight with bob sirott and phil ponce, chicago's public radio station, wbez , springfield, il's wuis radio and the wor morning show with ed walsh in new york. skilnik's national television appearances have been on the cold pizza morning show on espn2 and fox news live.

skilnik's latest effort is the low-carb bartender, published by adams media. this reference book of hundreds of beers, wines, liquors, and liqueurs with their carbohydrate counts and a collection of over two hundred low carb mixed-drink recipes will be available in bookstores in the fall of 2004. his first book, the history of beer and brewing in chicago,oil paintings, 1833-1978 was published in 1999. the book was awarded the quill & tankard award by the north american beer writers guild (nabwg) as "best beer book" of 1999. the follow up to this work, the history of beer and brewing in chicago, volume ii, is now available at infinity publishing, www.buybooksontheweb.com, the author's website at www.chicagolandbeerhistory.com, and www.amazon.com.


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