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binary options broker ceo about the swedish market - Posted at 04:06 on 8/11/2013 by Max

Interview with a binary options broker ceo about the swedish market    on  2013 interview with   Our goal of binary options broker is to simplify and improve the performance and increase the speed of trading of derivatives to. we also want to increase the profitability of customers by offering tehm a good solution. Binary options are absolutely no gambling. Traders take calculated risks and know the potential profit / loss before making the purchase. And unlike gambling , so traders have the opportunity to make further selections during the purchase , as “early closure” , “roll over” , etc. , enabling them to complete , postpone , or altering specific trades after the purchase and before the expiration . Can you explain a little about Binary Options , then this is a new way to sepculate for many small traders ? A Binary option is simply a share ( like Apple ) , a commodity ( such as bitcoins ) , a currency (like Dollars ) or index ( NASDAQ )  Posted on binaryoptionssverige 

Online Casinos Guide - Posted at 04:03 on 8/11/2013 by Max

On q678p  we are dedicated to offer you everything that you need for your perfect experience in a casino online.q678p   presents a lot of information for every aspect of the casino game. We all know bonus. We keep track of each Jackpot. We are familiar with each and every casino providers below. We have the largest assortment of reviews of games available online. All this information is at your disposal and only a few clicks away. For those of you who are new to casino gaming, CasinoShark is definitely an important resource for understanding how the casino. We can show you everything that is positive and the negative in the world of casino games, so you do not need to learn all these things through mistakes! We assure you the possibility to get the most from entertainment that can be offered through the experience of online game from the beginning. For the more experienced players q678p   is an indispensable tool for information with respect to the choices available. We offer all the news about the casinos, promotions, the best deals and reviews you may need for making the best choices on where to play. No matter what your level or what you will want to get out of your experience in a casino, q678p   is to ensure the best entertainment at all times to play in the casinos.

a leading binary option broker - Posted at 03:54 on 8/11/2013 by Max

Topoptions  is a leading binary option broker and it is using the world's most powerful trading  platform. the platform is available in different languages and now it also offers a new sverige version  

of its binary options trading platform.

: The trading platform of Anyoptions is completely web-based.

this broker is one of the few regulated binary options companies. regulated binary option brokers are catering to traders worldwide including America Italy and Germany.

For US residents, we advise you to choose the regulated broker EZTrader (but only stock and index will be available)

Binary brokers start to Offer Bitcoin Options Trading - Posted at 03:10 on 8/11/2013 by Max

Binary brokers start to Offer   Bitcoin Options Trading  thanks the soaring   demand for the digital coin the leading binary options brokers have reacted to this demand fast and brokers as  anyoption and other who are listed in bitcoinsmaster began  to offer Bitcoin derivative trading  Bitcoin’s volume has increased rapidly since the begining of this year , reaching a peak price of $316 high in leading Bitcoin exchange mt.gox in November  High demand of the digital asset led options nrokers  to venture into Bitcoin options trading product to the custmers who , enabling traders to choose whether the Bitcoin exchange rate VS the US Dollar will be above or below certain price at set dates  . Upon option expiry the traders can gain up to 120% profit. Taking into account the simplicity of   binary option trading, it will definitely attract enourmous   traders who struggle to find a way to trade the actual Bitcoins.This asset joins a portfolio of over 140 assets traded in brokrs around the world  . “ 

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