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Sarah's blog

• 16/5/2013 - Come Dance The 'Rite Of Spring' With Us!

We're inviting you to create your own video using the last minute of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. Dance it, animate it, improvise it, whatever you like ? and then upload your creation to YouTube before May 28th. We'll be featuring some of the best videos on NPR Music in the weeks ahead.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/05/08/182348399/come-dance-the-rite-of-spring-with-us?ft=1&f=10003
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• 14/5/2013 - What Do You Get Valery Gergiev For His 60th Birthday?

Today marks the superstar conductor's birthday. So what do you get for the man with plum posts the world over? In the case of Russian president Vladimir Putin, you give him a newly resuscitated Soviet prize ? and a brand-new theater.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/05/02/180539523/what-do-you-get-valery-gergiev-for-his-60th-birthday?ft=1&f=10003
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• 5/5/2013 - Remembering Janos Starker, The Cellist 'Born To Be A Teacher'

Although renowned as a soloist and Grammy winner, the famed cellist devoted much of his life to teaching students at Indiana University. Starker died Sunday at age 88.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/04/29/179863431/remembering-janos-starker-the-cellist-born-to-be-a-teacher?ft=1&f=10003
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• 2/5/2013 - The Art Of The Centri-Fugue

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/04/19/177930164/the-art-of-the-centri-fugue?ft=1&f=10003
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• 30/4/2013 - The Ultimate Soloist

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/04/26/179209300/the-ultimate-soloist?ft=1&f=10003
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• 23/4/2013 - Morton Subotnick And Joan La Barbara On Q2 Music's 'Spaces'

The pioneering electronic composer responsible for Silver Apples of the Moon turned 80 years old this week. Q2 Music visited with Subotnick and his wife, vocalist Joan La Barbara, in the couple's Greenwich Village apartment for this installment of their web series Spaces.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/event/music/177368280/morton-subotnick-and-joan-la-barbara-on-q2-musics-spaces?ft=1&f=10003
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• 15/4/2013 - Rocking Horse

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon, from Deceptive Cadence.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/04/05/176322814/rocking-horse?ft=1&f=10003
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• 11/4/2013 - Remembering Pulitzer Prize-Winning Composer Robert Ward

The composer is best remembered for his operatic retelling of Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, which debuted at New York City Opera in 1961 and has since been staged all over the globe. Ward died Tuesday morning at age 95.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/04/03/176141445/remembering-pulitzer-prize-winning-composer-robert-ward?ft=1&f=10003
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• 26/3/2013 - Breaking: Pope Francis Loves Opera

Pretty much the first thing that New York's Cardinal Egan shared about the new pointiff, the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires? That he loves opera.

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Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/03/13/174219726/breaking-pope-francis-i-loves-opera?ft=1&f=10003
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• 20/3/2013 - Marches Madness: Patriotic Pandemonium

The son of a Civil War bandmaster wrote a march as raucous as two parades colliding. See a performance of Charles Ives' "Putnam's Camp" from Three Places in New England. It's a giddy fantasy about a small-town Fourth of July.
Read article: http://www.npr.org/blogs/deceptivecadence/2013/03/13/174185708/marches-madness-patriotic-pandemonium?ft=1&f=10003
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• 18/3/2013 - 6 Essential Tips on Buying a Piano

Actively playing the piano is among the most special things a musician can learn how to manipulate. It really is one of the simplest instruments one can ever enjoy. It may blend with each instrument or can stand on its own. Pianos are also marvelous when performed just by its own. A band cannot be complete with out a piano.
So you ask, how will you purchase the best piano? All it takes is choosing the best equipment to fit the job. Here are some offers you can ponder upon.
1. Check your spending budget
Over everything else, you always have to consider the amount of money you have to invest in buying one. A well-crafted piano created by popular brand names is much too costly. So you have to be very specific of your choice. If you could walk around town in order to canvass for a low-cost yet tough piano, that would likely be best.
2. Brand-new or a second-hand piano?
A piano's life worth may last for a long time, specifically 40-50 years when handled well. And also you cannot deny the reality that pianos are incredibly durable over periods of time and use. And because of the well-known durability, you understand a lifetime investment would not be wasted. If your finances are fixed, get the one that fits the money at hand. If you have settled upon getting something that has already been used, inspect it to ascertain if it is in very good functioning condition.
3. Look at the location where you can place the piano
Alright, you now should have this section of your house that will support the dimensions of your piano. You should be extremely particular within purchasing a piano concerning its inches and width. If you have a large space in your own home, you can think about investing in a grand piano. A spinet is well-liked for its humble size. Research for the kinds of piano to figure out which one you are going to buy.
4. Quality and Style
A long lasting piano can come in distinct varieties. When looking for an instrument to play piano sheet music, you must set your thoughts that top quality is a crucial issue. Check out the kind of wood utilized, style of the cabinet, leg style and the general impact of the whole thing. Additionally, you can purchase a piano based on how it enhances on your household furniture.
5. Get an expert's view
In case you are new at this, find a person who knows the tidbits of deciding on a piano. Drag along somebody who can provide you with tips on how to be aware that you're getting a great deal out of a fine investment. You ask that person to accompany you into that shop where you laid eyes on your particular piano.
6. Ask
You'll rue the moment you never did. Asking a few valid questions associated with the piano is appropriate enough to know exactly where all that money is going. Inquire about the performance, the entire construction as well as the different parts so you would not get lost any time repairs occur. This is exactly what defines the entire purchase.
To be able to inquire about the maintenance and warranty is essential to minimize your expenses facing a serious problem regarding your piano. If possible, make them explain how it's all likely to be. The tuning. The flaws. Or if delivery's out of the list. Components such as this should not be compromised.
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