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Louis restaurant serves plenty of comfort food at

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love breakfast at Loui’s. I love breakfast at Louis Family Restaurant. Most of all I love breakfast at Louis, just Louis.

I don’t care if there are different names assigned the place depending on whether you look at the sign that juts out over the sidewalk, the awning that provides sun protection from the few tables on the street, or the paper menu. It all spells comfort food.

Last summer I met “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” host Guy Fieri there when he filmed a segment for his Food Network show. Now this College Hill institution is my go-to spot in Providence for some of the best pancakes you never had at Mom’s.

Since 1946, this tiny diner at 286 Brook St. has been enjoyed by college students, local workmen taking a coffee break and indeed anyone looking for a home-cooked meal, and a bargain. The prices are ridiculous. A short stack of pancakes costs $3.80; a full, $5.10. A side of bacon or sausage is $2.25. A half order of Shepherd’s Pie is $3.25, and a full, $5.55. When ordering, go for the smaller portion every time because it’s more than enough.

Louis Gianfrancesco was a cook in the Army and when he got out, he opened the place up. Today, his children run the place, including John and Albert there cooking up a storm.

“As long as they come, I don’t care what they call it,” said John in the low key manner that is his signature there behind the counter.

Nor do I, as long as they keep making the granola, pumpkin or fruit pancakes. I’ve had all three and I love them all. These are pancakes that don’t even need butter. And to put syrup on them would be a travesty. All the pancakes start with the batter from Louis’ Army cookbook, John told Fieri. But how could turmeric and rum be in that book? Whatever that recipe calls for, it’s got it right. The granola ones add in old fashioned oats, raisins, wheat germ, sesame seeds and bran that is baked with fruit, honey and maple syrup. How can they not be amazing? The pumpkin ones are so full of all those great fall spices, you long to rake leaves. I can’t decide which I like better so I order one of each ($1.90 each). The fruit ones, currently strawberries, are drenched and delicious.

Of course there are omelets and hash, egg breakfast specials, with home fries, and breakfast sandwiches, too.

It took me three visits before I was ready to try lunch. Chicken barbecued ravioli is a specialty. They are an interesting blend that starts with marinated chicken shredded and paired with ricotta cheese and stuffed into homemade ravs. The marinara sauce is simple but it completes the ravioli dish.

On Tuesday, the Shepherd’s Pie special is a wonderful version of mashed potatoes, gravy and ground beef paired with peas, spinach and corn. It now rivals breakfast as my favorite dish at Louis. But I like the griddle hamburger and fries, too.

Always, the coffee flows.

Eating alone? There is a counter where you can watch the cooking or you can sit along the wall where photos will occupy you for the very few minutes it takes to get the food hot from kitchen to you.

There are daily board specials and it’s hard to believe this small place offers so many different dishes from sandwiches to Italian specialties to fried scallops.

But everyone loves breakfast and there are as many versions of that as there names for this place. John Gianfrancesco surprised me by telling me about the Brown University students who appear at the door when they open at 5 a.m. If they’ve been up studying all night, they love an order of fish and chips to start the day.

Louis Family Restaurant, 286 Brook St., Providence, (401) 861-5225, louisrestaurant.org. Diner. Street parking. Not wheelchair accessible. Highchairs. Wifi. Open 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. AE, D, MC, V. Menu items from 50 cents for toast to $8.50 for a veal Parmigiano plate. Wine and beer.

A breakfast for two at Louis might look like this:

he Gucci girl never strays far from her sexy

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he Gucci girl never strays far from her sexy, urban roots – even when she is on holiday. Frida Giannini’s Resort collection included plenty of leather motorcycle jackets, military references and animal prints, but the fabrics were mostly comfortable and functional: washed silk, cotton and linen. The best look was a brown jacket with a swing back and a black horizontal stripe paired with an easy burnt red canvas skirt and, as the dress code in the Gucci world demands, a pair of towering heels.

Gucci web developer builds working nuclear reactor

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Here at TG Daily, we consider it quite an achievement to put together a flat-pack table. We've obviously got to hone our DIY skills just a little more, though, if we're to compete with New Yorker Mark Suppes.

In a rented corner of a Brooklyn warehouse, Suppes is working on his very own nuclear reactor, and has already achieved fusion.

"I was inspired because I believed I was looking at a technology that could actually work to solve our energy problems, and I believed it was something that I could at least begin to build," Suppes told the BBC.

Nuclear fusion involves forcing atomic nuclei together, releasing energy. Currently, though, no fusion reactor has ever managed to create more energy than it uses in operation.

Because the device doesn't contain any radioactive materials - it uses boron and deuterium, a form of hydrogen - it's perfectly legal in the US.

Suppes has been working on his reactor for about two years, and has spent nearly $40,000 so far - mostly his own money, although he has raised a few thousand through donations.

The device doesn't bear Gucci's trademark entwined 'G's, and many of the parts were purchased second-hand on eBay.

Suppes is working from plans created by physicist Robert Bussard; the US Navy, as it happens, is working to the same model, albeit with a slightly larger budget.

Suppes is the 38th amateur to have achieved fusion with a home-made reactor - indeed, the one in our picture was built by a high school student. There's even a special website - fusor.net - devoted to hints and tips. Suppes is, naturally, a member.

The site's creators are at pains to stress that nuclear fusion is perfectly safe - unlike fossil fuels, they point out, given the current devastation in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Louis restaurant serves plenty of comfort food at
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