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The Halloween Bit Home | Profile | Archives | Friends
A fun blog that looks into some very weird but fun Halloween ideas.

Boo Activitys20/10/2012
Should you need to get your neighbors in the Halloween spirit, be sure to engage them inside a little game known as "Boo!" It's a popular game in certain parts of the country, while in others, nobody has heard of it. You may live in the neighborhood in which you think nobody will participate inside a round robin form of event as this, nevertheless, you might be surprised. Sometimes during the holidays people will step up and get involved where before they wouldn't. It's possible, anyway. The game goes something similar to this, then is going to be described in more detail later. You print up a few poems and instructions on colorful paper (likely, orange). You obtain a treat bucket, or bowl or something and fill it with candy. You can also "Boo" people with candles, Halloween socks, and really whatever your imagination comes up with. You "Boo" a couple at any given time, leaving the items anonymously on their own doorstep. You leave it with the instructions as well as the poem and hope they "Boo" other neighbors. When you are done, you tape up a large "Boo!" on your door so neighbors know not to hit you up again. Specifically, here's the way it's done. Start this game across the very end of September or very beginning of October. If you want until everyone is decorated for Halloween, you're probably too late. You need this to spread around the neighborhood and that takes time, which means you want to begin it right as the season starts (or a little before, perhaps) and just as people are starting to think about Halloween. In the event you start too early, however, you might be out of luck as far as being able to buy items goes. So, it's the right time of the year and also you're prepared to go. Locate a "Boo" poem and photocopy it. There are lots of variations of the poem. Here is a sampling: maquillaje para halloween
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